Hurricane Sandy victim Scott McGrath from Staten Island blasted Barack Obama today on FOX News.

Shame on you. You went away to Hawaii while I, my neighbors and the middle class were freezing, had no place to go for the holidays. But you used our tax dollars to take your family away, to go play ball and have a good time while my family did not get to spend Christmas here.”

Via Your World:




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  1. It was a terrific dress down of the Washington crowd!

    Instead of vacationing they should have been physically helping with the clean-up.

  2. Shame on your state, and possibly yourself and all those people you talked about for voting for it.

  3. Well, I only have one question … who did you vote for? If it was Obama, then you only have yourself to blame. I can certainly understand the frustration though … nothing like false promises and blatant arrogance to ruin your opinion of a politician, whether you voted for him or not …

  4. “…But you used our tax dollars to take your family away, to go play ball and have a good time while my family did not get to spend Christmas here.”

    Mr McGrath, I would like an honest answer to one question first: Who did you vote for last November?

  5. The millions of taxpayer dollars the Obama’s blew going to Hawaii sure would have gone a long way toward helping those people wouldn’t it? Hilarious … he actually said he would “axe” Obama … LOL … Freudian slip?


    When you think of Presidents, who gave up their free time, got their hands dirty and dug in to help real people — who DON’T you think of?

    (yeah; I know. — It’s an easy test.)

  7. Did you notice how uncomfortable the ‘anchor’ was as the anger increased? He was actually shifting around in his chair trying to find a way to shut the man down. The news person was not at all interested in hearing the truth about his precious Obama. I can’t stand the media! So heartless. So despicable.

  8. Ahhhh….Scott, in case you haven’t noticed, O has been screwing the ENTIRE COUNTRY for going on five years now. Welcome to the party, pal. Why should you be any different?

  9. ++

    hey Scott ~

    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama (by
    any other factual, fictional, or ‘composite’ names) :twisted:


  10. So what? New York City went for Obama 82% to 17%! There will be plenty of more photo ops to come, and they’ll go 80% plus for Hillary in 2016.

  11. These fools need to stop complaining, even cousin Eddy stayed in a RV, and it was snowing! Sorry for the hurtful words dear leader.

  12. Arrest that person. You are one of the little people, one of those to be ruled. You are not allowed to criticize your betters who are also your rulers.

    New Yawkers really deserve this however. For how long have NY voters been sending sh_t senators and reps, plus one really really sh_tty president (FDR), to Washington who when they get to DC seek to impose their nanny state ideas on all the other states.

  13. I love when blue states start griping about their president…..

  14. Obviously Mr. McGrath is a racist.

  15. Yeah and you probably voted for your american idol super heir hitler didn’t you…so STFU… with it your savior didn’t save you

  16. Face it, McGrath, you clearly have the wrong skin color to get OBOZO’s attention. And the fact that you speak English instead of spanish means he’ll never hear a word you say.

  17. …got their hands dirty and…

    Obie strikes me as someone who’s rarely done actual physical work that involves a lot of sweat and exertion over an extended period of time.

  18. ++

    uhm newsflash:

    NEW YORK is huge.. it just happens to be Prog-Dem Libage (lib garbage)
    in densely populated cities.. and still believe someone/thing else did the
    for a majority of those dispossessed by Hurricane Sandy.. :-(


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