Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives Have No Credibility With Low-Info Crowd Because We Don’t Defend Our Own

Since the reelection of failed President Barack Obama conservatives have been asking what we can do to compete with the Obama-media complex. How do we compete with a left-wing media that has declared war on conservatism?

Today Rush offered a bit of advice on this important subject.
Rush’s advice – Unite!
From The Rush Limbaugh Show, via Free Republic:

Last night at the Golden Globes, Kathryn and I watched this HBO movie Game Change, the movie adaptation of the book. I told you we watched it and if it weren’t for the fact that we were working, we’da walked out. It was a cartoon. The book was not primarily about Palin, but the movie was all about Palin, and it mischaracterized her, it insulted her, it told things that were not true about her, from the standpoint of McCain campaign consultants. People like Steve Schmidt.

** Video Here.

The critics of Sarah Palin in this movie were other Republicans. How embarrassed of her they were. How ashamed of her they were. How they couldn’t even vote for McCain because they were so afraid that she might someday be president. Well, this show last night won three Golden Globes, and you know why? It won three Golden Globes so that everybody involved could walk up to the stage and once again bash Sarah Palin, knowing full well there wouldn’t be anybody there to defend her, knowing full well there isn’t gonna be anybody today defending her. And once the left targets anybody for destruction, there’s nothing standing in their way. So this is the procedure, this is how it happens. But even last night, awarding this movie three Golden Globes, and Julianne Moore, the actress that played Palin, I don’t know if she won a Golden Globe or not.

Tina Fey, the last year that I was on the list of Barbara Walters’ top Ten Most Fascinating Americans, the last time was two or three years ago, Tina Fey was in it for impersonating Sarah Palin, one of the Ten Most Fascinating People. She didn’t make it as Tina Fey, she made it as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. She ended up being one of Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating because of her impersonation of Palin. Meanwhile, Palin is not in the list, and yet an impersonator is. So it’s clear as a bell to me why it’s tough to find a conservative in the media with any credibility with low-information voters. Every one of them has been taken out. There are other reasons why conservatives aren’t defended. The conservative movement is in a constant battle for people in it who want to be seen as the leader, who want to be seen as the smartest person in the room, who want to be seen as the go-to person.

And so somebody getting a lot of media attention is a threat, just in a high school jealousy sense, is a threat. So you take ’em out, you help take ’em out. It keeps the pathway cleared for you, whoever you are, if you want to be the go-to conservative for the media or the leader of the conservative movement or what have you, if you want to be perceived as such. So competition, lack of unity, fear of the left and a desire to be accepted by them all combine to result in conservative after conservative after conservative being tarred and feathered. And if they’re Tea Party conservatives, it’s even worse. They are universally panned, and they are never spoken up for by other Republicans.

Okay, I’m told Julianne Moore did win a Golden Globe. Well, even if she hadn’t won, they woulda sent her up there to accept the award for one of the other three so that she could once again bash Palin, ’cause they never let up. All right, that’s that. I wanted to get that out there because everybody calls here, and they have ever since I’ve been doing the show, “Rush, what can Republicans do?” The first thing they can do is unite. The first thing they can do is unite and start defending each other and not letting this character assassination succeed every time the left tries it.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Wrong Rush Limbaugh we have credibility only difference is Low Info illogical crowd Socialist Democrat Commie will shut their ears from logical informative information after we defend ourselves in debate.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Good counter-example: Bill Clinton campaigned for Obama in 2012 even though he likely dislikes him personally because of the rough treatment Obama gave Hillary in the 2008 primaries.

    But Clinton the politician knew that electing a Democrat was more important that defeating a personal enemy.

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  • Sasja

    We do have a problem with too many in the GOP who can’t seem to wait to be the first to criticize whomever has offended their sensibilities. The dems circle the wagons no matter what. We throw our people to the wolves.


    How can the GOP come together when those in charge, the establishment, are progressives.

    Conservatives need to come together and delete the GOP.

  • Leave it to Rush to tell it like it is-he’s right. I may not agree with him 100, but he is right on this point! Bravo, Rush!

  • jainphx

    Look as far back as like, and you will find that Demoncraps get caught with their pants down, and the party and rank and file support them. A Republican gets caught in an indiscretion and both sides crucify him or her. What the D’S and The elite R’S did to Palin was a pity, but lets check who really killed Palins chances, not the D’S, every thing they tried backfired. No my friends it was our own so called friends. You all saw it here, with any Palin thread a herd of Romneyites and elitist came and bad mouthed her with lies and the repeat of rumors. I myself think that every candidate the tea party nominated the elites helped the left to defeat them and then called them out as weak candidates. Over and over this was played out. We must cleanse our own or we will perish.

  • sparkey308

    The silence from Rush, Levin, and Hannity concerning the forged BC. , the stolen SS number , the forged selective service application etc,etc…… well I have to say leaves me speechless. their silence betrays their fear of this government.

  • jainphx

    Rove proved that the “elites” would rather a Dem win than a Tea party candidate. Just look at O’Donnoll she recieved enough indy votes to win, but some how not enough Republican votes. Just enough Republicans voted for the Demoncrap to swing the election, and then Rove, who campaigned against her said she was a poor candidate. How many times have we seen this before. Specter vs Toomy, Nevada, North Dakota. over and over again and yet most refuse to wake up to the game. Palin was the worst example. This group of Elitist would rather see the left win than a conservative. Live the truth and it will set you free.

  • Mitch Rapp

    What is a golden Globe? an enema?

  • jainphx

    Yes Rush gets me mad some times. he will go right up to the line and then back off. His refusal to endorse a candidate and then the flimsy excuse he uses makes me mad. all the time he say’s how much he loves this country and then refuses to really say what needs to be said and done, instead he pulls his punches. And Hannity: well I just can’t listen to him anymore for the same reasons.

  • marcus tullius cicero


  • George G.

    I have to agree with Rush. I’ve dealt with the party leaders and they are just a bunch of power-mongers who save the worst criticisms for other party members who dare disagree with them. If they used the same tactics and vitriol against the democrats as they use against party members who slightly disagree with them, then we would have a majority today.

    I remember party elite accusing other party members of being disloyal and then going on to ruin their business because they thought they were disloyal. Of course, when it comes to battling democrats, that same party member folded like a spineless idiot.

  • Conservative Ken

    Can’t argue with Rush on this one. Just watch Karl Rove open his mouth during an election season.

    Remember the Buckley rule.

  • Trevor (@tjexcite)

    One out of place word and the whole right (both neo-right and establishment right) toss the person out the door and you get a communist Senator for 6 years and a commie president for 4. Just because Romney did not defend himself on the 47% ect. the rest of the right gave up in it came out and did not “unite” against the really enemy to freedom and defend against the lies.

  • Fu#k Obama

    time to get rid of the GOP….

    they are no different than Imam Obama

  • Mad Hatter

    Since we have a free preview of HBO for three days, I got done watching Game Change, it’s right out of the Alinsky book of Rules for Radicals. They did to Palin in this movie, what they did to her during the 08′ Election.

    Thanks Tom Hanks for showing what a slime machine you are.

  • donh

    Rush can take being hated…most can’t …and become manila folders. …but he STILL doesn’t get it….

    THERE WILL NEVER BE UNITY… 70% of the Republicans in DC are DEMOCRATS….they exist TO CANNIBALIZE opposition to FASCISM on behalf of their brothers in crime in the D party… …They pretend to have conservative values because that was the only pathway to hold a seat in R land…and the nearest D seat in Urban land was unavailable to them being seated by a powerful incumbent…. So they hawk the gospel speak like some Televangelist when they don’t intend to put a damn word of it into practice…..

    The party couldn’t even muster 15 votes to FIRE CAVE MAN Boner after 2 years LOSING every battle big and small…The R’s are PATHETIC…Nobody wants to be associated with such FRAUDS…impotent LOSERS….. who would see their own child being RAPED and just stand their WRINGING THEIR HANDS…Woe is me…Nothing I can do to stop it..,…..Better I join in smacking my child across the face and be BI PARTISAN about the whole thing.

  • shadow

    the forged BC. , the stolen SS number , the forged selective service application etc,etc…… well I have to say leaves me speechless.

    If you believe Obama’s SS number was stolen, and his BC and selective service application were forged, remaining speechless might be the smartest move you can make.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives Have No Credibility With Low-Info Crowd Because We Don’t Defend Our Own

    Actually, we do. The problem stems from Republicans failing to defend conservatives, probably because a large number of Republicans aren’t exactly conservatives themselves.

    Remember, to the “low-information” crowd, conservative == Republican, always, even if that’s obviously false.

  • Jack

    Today’s press conference is a perfect example of how the party of “stuck on stupid” (SoS) let obama and the dems frame the debates. Today obama accused the SoSers of hating kids and the elderly putting them on defense…again. Instead of getting out there first they let the dems do it first. How can anybody support these idiots anymore?

  • American Woman

    Sorry, but RINOs are not Conservative and yet they run the show, which means there is no truly Conservative Party in our Two Party system.

  • DecentAmerican

    I can’t remember if it was Stalin or Hitler or Orwell who said something like….”he who controls the news controls history”

    In Orwells 1984, the Ministry of Truth had a basic function of creating a fictional narrative of govt, but also changing history. Just by erasing a persons name from all aspects of records, that person became nonexistent. It was all lies.

    With few exceptions, the racist liberals control the media. They have created lies about conservatives, such as Palin is stupid, or conservatives are racists. All of which is false…..Palin is well more intelligent than the demon buffoon in the whitehouse, and liberals have a long extensicve history of racism. But, the left has won with the low info voters. How can the truth win when the stupid lefties only watch liberal racist morons such as Schultz, Matthews, Maddow, Odonnell, O’Brien, Maher, and Stewart?

    We can only fight with what we have. I take every opportunity to remind everyone that it is the Dems who brought the most vicious hate group in our history, the KKK, into existence. It was a Dem governor who refused to let blacks into Alabama schools. It was Dem white women spitting ino the faces of black high school girls in the south. It is the Dems calling Cain and Thomas “monkeys”.

    We have no one giving voice to truth. If only the GOP politicians would remind everyone on every interview about the Dem KKK history, it would help educate the truly ignorant lib voter.

    All they hear is Powell spouting lies and race cards. Is there anyone who will give voice to truth about racist liberals in our party?

  • Lim Lynn
    America you aren’t alone in this Socialist Democrat Commie Traitor In Chief. Malaysia too will have the worst effect where we are currently fighting against.

  • Patty

    Can I hear and Amen. I haven’t seen less care, thought, truth, character and honor among the Conservative and republican party. They cannot stand up like Sarah, Nikki and others.

    And it is a dangerous game our schools are playing by making our little boys into little girls.

    Where are the men? It seems there have been more women fighting the good fight. Telling the truth, speaking with calm and yet, getting their point across with cool and calm and character.

    There does need to be change and we must not get down and out and let the Obama types or any liberals roll all over us. Lately we feel our rights have been trampled on again and again and no one seems to be taking a REAL stand except for a very few. Really this is sinful when we allow our Constitution to be Questioned or changed by any President in any way. His duties are to protect it not try to wiggle his way around it. If we allow ourselves to cave into tearing the work of our forefathers down then we are nothing. And we are much more then this. Lives have been sacrificed for the protection of it. It is killing us to see a PRESIDENT of all people dismantled on purpose this great nation.

  • mary

    You know what they say about whoever controls the media. Opinions are against us because that’s all they hear. They hear it in the press. They hear it all the time in all types of social media, from facebook, twitter, popular websites like salon, huffpost, aol, jezebel, gawker, buzzfeed, youtube, forums and board, etc. People visit these places daily and believe what they read, especially because it’s so constant. Democrats are good. Republicans are dumb and bad. Unless we have the same type of representation in the media, our opinions are lost. Obama and his PR advisors area also using very well the army of thousands of obamabots that live multiposting daily on those same medias. If you raise you answer with a correction, they come in to shut you up. Government is not being run by elections or even politicians. It’s being run by PR firms, marketers, social media experts and interest groups that know well how to “brand” someone evil or a saint.

  • Jim,

    Thanks. This is exactly the way to quote Rush Limbaugh.

    As for his recommendation for Republicans at the national level to unite and therefore be willing to defend their compatriots, I will offer the following observations:

    The George W. Bush campaign made very good use of John F’n Kerry’s willingness to shoot from the lip, and others can do it, too.

    What our media like to do is take some incident, mischaracterize it in a question to a politician, and then ask for comment. The key part here is the mischaracterization. John F’n Kerry fell for it every time, and then Dick Cheney or maybe George Bush would calmly correct him. Kerrry looked like a fool several times over.

    Other Republicans can put this insight to good use, provided they aren’t too busy getting rid of “the competition” within their own party.

    Remember that the media gets it wrong, and their questions are always skewed. Find out first what the hell they are really talking about, and THEN do go ahead and comment. Just as a side note, Sarah Palin is good at this. For one thing, she reads, and it shows.

  • FMB42

    Sorry Rush, but you know darn well that the term “credibility” has absolutely no meaning to the “low-info” crowd. Never has, and never will. The “low-info” crowd will never ever vote for a conservative. Low-info voters only vote for those that either promise them more free stuff, or tell them what they want to hear (regardless of the truth).

    The correct statement would be that “the GOP has no credibility with both Independent and conservative voters because they don’t defend their conservative beliefs.

    The GOP has, in reality, been “Giving Out to Progressives” for well over 20 years now. This so-called political party couldn’t hardly do worse if they tried.

    The question is why would anyone, Republican or Independent, vote for the GOP when:

    The GOP gives out to those who aid and abet illegal immigration.

    The GOP gives out to those who are against voter identification efforts.

    The GOP gives out to the likes of RINO SCJ John Roberts.

    The GOP gives out to opponents who do/say anything to win.

    The above facts should be enough to convince people that the GOP is, indeed, “throwing the game” intentionally). This is not to mention that voting for the GOP is like rooting for a team that never makes a concerted and well planned effort to win (which, unfortunately, is why so many conservatives don’t bother to vote these days). It’s hard to like, let alone vote for, a party of milk-toast losers.

    The bottom line is this:

    GOP = Give Out to Progressives

    This is what the GOP does best.

  • jainphx

    We look on as Boehner cleanses the committee’s of Tea party or “real” conservatives making them second class reps, and yet even the ones cleansed could not see clear to vote against him. The power these party leaders hold is astounding. They preach and sing from the conservative hymnal until elected, then they go left. When our own “conservative” news people and advisers are as left as Obama, what chance do we have. I remember that right after the R’S took back the house, they had an chance to stop the initial funding for Obama care. What was Boehner’s responce? We can’t do that the rules wont allow it, but who makes the rules? The D’S make new rules every day and Boehner falls in line. No friends we are being destroyed from within our own team. Only answer? Term limits.


    As Rush would say ‘right on right on!

  • Julianne Moore and Golden Globe Awards = Classless, self-centered, egomaniacs

  • Amjean

    I agree with Rush, however, think that it is not just republicans bashing republicans; it goes
    deeper than that.

    Rino Repubs are pretty much the same as dems. The dems are against republicans in
    general and conservatives in particular. The rinos are against conservatives. Republicans
    don’t eat their own. Rinos try and destroy conservatives. It is mostly all conservative bashing
    no matter which side of the aisle they are on.

    The biggest disappoints, and there are two, that I have had recently with the weak willed
    and weak kneed repubs is:

    1) When the Arizona shooting happened and repubs either bashed Palin or said nothing.
    Especially the ones she helped get elected who stood silent – Nikki whats her name anyone?

    2) When Romney lost (I supported him against Obama only) and the repubs came out and
    bashed him. All trying to save their own skin. All rinos as far as I know. I didn’t hear any
    conservatives bash him after the loss and they were the ones he snubbed during his campaign.

  • Always Right

    I find it terribly ironic that Rush would write this when he himself is AS GUILTY as any of the other so called “conservatives” on air.