Report: Iranian Regime Launches Pioneer Explorer Satellite Into Space

Earlier today the Iranian regime claimed it shot a monkey into space.
monkey space iran
Images of the monkey being prepared for lift-off were shown on Iranian television. (BBC)

Now the regime is reporting that it launched a “research” satellite into space.
iran satellite

IRNA reported:

Iran launched Pioneer Explorer Satellite and placed it into space, taking a giant stride in the field of space bio-research, Public Relations Department at Iran Aerospace Organization said on Monday.

Iran places Pioneer Explorer Satellite into space

The Explorer Satellite was launched concurrent with the auspicious birth anniversary of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The explorer was put in the orbit as per schedule and altitude.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent a monkey into space aboard an indigenous bio-capsule as a prelude to sending humans into space.

Iran launched its first indigenous satellite, Omid (Hope), in 2009. The country also sent its first bio-capsule containing living creatures into the space in February 2010, using the indigenous Kavoshgar-3 (Explorer-3) carrier.

In June 2011, Iran put the 15.3-kilogram Rasad (Observation) orbiter in space. Rasad’s mission was to take images of the Earth and transmit them along with telemetry information to the ground stations.

Iran launched Navid-e Elm-o Sanat (Harbinger of Science and Industry), another indigenous satellite, into the orbit on February 3, 2012.

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  • JDR-Taq

    I don’t remember correctly here, but did Intrade get shut down?

    Wasn’t that a site where you could bet on almost any occurrence?

    Okay folks:

    1. Chicago
    2. L.A.
    3. D.C.
    4. N.Y.C.
    5. Orlando

    Which will it be, folks?

    x3 Multiplier:

    A. Iran
    B. N.Korea
    C. Smuggled in across southern border.

  • Dabbobean

    That’s no monkey it’s an Ahmadinejad stunt double……..

  • ★FALCON★

    Anyone actually scrutinize the welds on the fins on that hunkajunk?

    If their nuke program is this efficient, they’ll blow themselves into outer-space.

  • Warren Peece

    “That’s no monkey it’s an Ahmadinejad stunt double……..”

    That’s better.

  • donh

    Love the lumpy welding on the 4 tail fins….and the duck tape fuel line. …SCARRY looking piece of sewer piping.

  • Wheres his members only jacket?

  • A-Hole Prophet Mohammad (Peaces of pig crap Be Upon Him).

  • Patty


    TOWER OF HATE: Racist and sexist slur-filled graffiti covers inside of new World Trade Center
    EXCLUSIVE: The soaring symbol of American resilience now bears the markings of lowlifes. The graffiti looms over the 16-acre site in lower Manhattan where more than 2,800 people of all colors and creeds died — victims of an attack directed at the heart of American ideals.

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  • Patty

    #8 January 28, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    Sorry pics. And they are so bad some a blocked out.

    What would I do to the scum bags, hang them by their feet.

  • JDR-Taq

    #8 Patty

    My God.

    It’s like a real life version of YouTube comments.

    Exactly like that, in fact.

  • Big Al

    Great minds think alike. First thing I noticed were those precision welds.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    At least I know where the spare parts of my ’72 Gremlin are at

    My fist real job,welder (Newport News,Va shipyard )..
    You wouldn’t get out of the welding school, with welding joints that look like that

    But I’m sure the guidance system works perfectly (sarc)
    Curious…how many twist of the rubber band to launch this thing ?
    Those ventilator hoses must get rid of the hasish smoke.

  • JDR-Taq

    #12 B.O.dnds

    Those ventilator hoses must get rid of the hasish smoke.

    That’s it, I’m done here tonight.

    😆 😆 😆

  • ★FALCON★

    I remember back during the Cold War when Washington decided to “allow” Moscow to “steal” some classified information – highly classified, infact.

    Turns out this was all a ruse and the “highly classified” information was meant to be stolen.

    Moscow then thought they had stolen the mother-lode and spent time, money and resources developing the “designs”.

    When the “designs” were assembled – they exploded in a shockwave felt around the world.

    If you would like to read about it – here it is.

    The moral of this story is Iran has no idea what they are doing with the Nuke program and if it won’t incinerate their entire country.

    When the original atomic bombs were tested – the scientists didn’t know if the chain reaction would continue, stop or spread around the world.

    Iran and fissile material is a combination that just doesn’t mix when you consider they can’t stop viruses, have to photoshop missiles to make it look like they have a successful launch of multiple missiles, and their “space program” consists of a cash for clunkers retread – they are not a technological giant, nor capable of messing around with these horribly deadly weapons.

  • Patty

    Fordo Underground Explosion Confirmed

    Reza Kahlili reported Friday 25 that there had been an underground explosion at the secret Fordo nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. The details included the closure of a major roadway nearby following the event. The report also mentioned many technicians trapped underground, perhaps more than 200. Reza Kahlili and I then discussed the report earlier in the week of an emergency meeting in Ahmadinejad’s office in Tehran. We reported on Wednesday evening 23 January that the meeting in Tehran was in anticipation of a covert operation by Israel or the US at Iranian nuke facilities. But then on Friday we reasoned that perhaps the meeting on Tuesday was to assess the damage of the explosion. We spoke at length at approximately 18:40 of the Friday 25 January podcast.

  • Exile1981

    Besides being poor quality welds those fins are fixed. The welding means they can not move, and since there is no nozzle sticking out the back end on gimbals it means no movable thrust so since those the only two ways to steer a rocket, then this is an unguided rocket. These are no different than what they give to hezbollah and other groups. Fire it and forget, it will land somewhere 200-250km down range unless a good wind knocks it off course or the engine burns eccentrically or any of dozens of other problems. They could stick a monkey in it but unless it had some sort of really good computer running the eject system there is a better than 50% chance the monkey isn’t going to survive the ride.

  • Lim Lynn

    From what I research it’s true Intrade was shut down in 2008 cite Wikipedia 2012 November 27 article.
    Answer: Traitor in Chief will choose A. Iran cause they did incredible improvement with missile launch just like North Korea.

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