RAND PAUL Shocker: I’m Not Sure There Was Ever a Bill! I Was Told It Was Online at 1:36 AM. We Voted at 1:39 AM” (Video)

It’s worse than we thought…
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Sean Hannity tonight,

“You know we have ten years notice on this fiscal deadline. And you know when they decided to address it? Ten years, one hour, and thirty-six minutes is when they finally decided to come up with a bill. They bring the bill to the floor. Which, I never saw the bill. I’m not sure there was ever a bill printed. But, I was told it was somewhere online at 1:36 AM and we voted at 1:39 AM. This is no way to run a government.

The senate never saw the bill and only had three minutes to make up their mind to vote on a bill they never saw!

Rand Paul was one of five Republicans to vote against the bill.

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  • Multitude

    So let’s return John Boehner for two more years of this extreme incompetence. That’ll definitely ensure in 2014, what little is left of the Republican party will be obliterated.

    As Obama has almost certainly said to Boehner: “This is the image of a boot stomping on your face forever.”

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  • bigkahuna

    These bastards need to be put in jail for this reckless behavior. We puit these SOB’s in office to be responsible. They are worse than 3rd graders.

    This shiite should be illegal. I also say every day they dont balance a budget they dont get paid and lose a month of pension.

  • American Woman

    Both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are dead. Progressives and wannabes are working overtime to destrouy us.

    Ron Paul should have stepped aside 4 years ago and allowed his son the limelight, because Rand Paul has taken a stand on everything from airplane security to fiscal solvency and never steps down.

    People are beginning to mention Rubio, Ryan, and Jeb Bush for 2016. Same old, same old, but Rand Paul would change the whole dynamic.

  • lynno

    Its time to visit the WE THE PEOPLE capital, it is time this administration and congress meet the 53% of the great U.S.A. We are not their servants, our hand is not open to receive what you sharltons have to give. Our hands will be closed around signs,banners and the American Flag.Obama’s bantor about how he wants to save the middle class is all BS. We are the 53% with money and jobs that have been working our a$$ off making and playing the game of life in a honest way. When you are watching their dishonest gaming playing with smug faces makes me want to puke. The liar,bait and switch Obama is a teflon man,everything just slides off him.

  • Oliver

    Breaking News: Obama Warned To Prepare For Hillary Clinton Death

    A startling Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Obama was informed by White House medical personal shortly after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s [photo top right] return to the United States that her health prognosis was “grim” as her likelihood of survival was “diminishing by the hour.”

    As we had previously reported in our 30 December report, Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran, Secretary Clinton was severely injured over a fortnight ago when her US military C-12 Huron aircraft crash landed at Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport during a US secret mission to that Persian Gulf nation where she was reported to be “unconscious” and “bleeding profusely.”

    US mainstream propaganda news sources have, so far, denied the truth of this incident and as late as 28 December were reporting that Secretary Clinton would be returning to work this past week after her having suffered a bout of the flu and a concussion.

    Within hours of the GRU releasing their information on the Iranian air crash of the US military C-12 Huron, however, these same American media propaganda news sources began reporting that Secretary Clinton was hospitalized for what they described as a blood clot on her brain near her skull.

    Further confirmation of true facts relating to Secretary Clinton were, also, released by the Israeli MOSSAD linked news site DEBKA, who in their 31 December article titled, Hillary Clinton In Hospital Amid Speculation Of Plane Accident In Iran, wrote:

    “…around Tehran and the Gulf Emirates, debkafile was already picking up insistent rumors claiming that Clinton was seriously injured while on a secret mission in the region in the first week of December. Some claimed that in the same incident, Americans in her party – advisers and security personnel – were either injured or killed. Those rumors did not say what her secret mission was. However, the episode described occurred shortly after Dec. 1, when, as debkafile reported at the time, Obama administration officials and senior representatives of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei launched secret talks on Iran’s nuclear program.”

    Curious to note, GRU analysts say in this report, is that Obama has not acknowledged to the American people the grave nature of Secretary Clinton’s condition, despite his appearing before the American propaganda press establishment at least three times since these events occurred.

    Obama’s failure to acknowledge Secretary Clinton’s grave health situation was brought into stark relieve the other day when her daughter, Chelsea, was spotted leaving the hospital where her mother is being cared for and described as “visibly anguished”.

    Russian medical experts quoted in this GRU report state that Secretary Clinton has “more than likely” suffered what they call a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of the plane crash and that they say is the “only reasonable explanation” for a blood clot appearing in the location between the skull and the brain.

    Interesting to note is that Obama has already selected Secretary Clinton’s replacement, and who is reported to be the present US Senator to Massachusetts, John Kerry.

    Critical to note, Russian medical experts further state in this report, is that the timeline from when Secretary Clinton was first severely injured, to when the news of her true condition was first released, suggest a “planned effort” on the part of the Obama regime to manage the true facts surrounding her health, and here eventual death, or recovery.

    To if Secretary Clinton is able to fully recover, the GRU says, is “within the realm of possibility” as modern medical advances treating TBI’s has advanced significantly, and no better care for such head injuries exists in the world outside of the US military medical establishment who have treated hundreds of thousands of similar cases over that nations over decade of war.

    What remains unknown, and which this report does not speculate upon, is to why the American people are still not allowed to know why Secretary Clinton was sent to Iran to begin with, and why the true state of her health is still being kept secret?


  • Fu#k Obama

    What’s Rand going to say next…..

    That next. Is Rand is going to ask if the Illinois gun ban bill that immediately started working its way through the Senate after Sandy Hook is just a coincidence?

    So you think that Obama is using Illinois to cause ‘A Reich Stag Event’ with his union thugs to ban all firearms under a declared national emergency?

    Nah….. neither do I

  • http://www.traditionalamericanmovement.com Ron8072

    Those idiots will not listen until we march on them en masse. The longer we wait, the worse it will become. Traditional Americans need to rise up in protest. Protesting the actions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of our representative republic. Traditional America has had enough!

  • Adi

    Just like stimulus 1, Obamacare and nuke treaty. Let’s face it: there’s no Congress anymore.

  • egd

    Sounds like the bill failed to meet the Bicameralism and Presentment requirement.

    Good grounds to challenge whether it is constitutionally enacted.

  • Jack

    Don’t expect the repubics to vote against any anti-gun bills that are sure to be making their way to our esteemed leaders who deserve our undying respect and admiration. The repubics make me almost as sick as the dems.

  • shadow

    it is time this administration and congress meet the 53% of the great U.S.A.

    Sorry, that ship sailed two months ago. Your side lost. Better luck next time.

  • shadow

    I’m Not Sure There Was Ever a Bill!

    Kentucky needs to find itself a senator who knows what is going on.

  • Sam Stone

    Taxes due by the American worker must be paid into an escrow account of your choice. Whether a bank, credit union or Simmons Bank, deposit all taxes due in lieu of payment to the IRS. No more spending.

    ObamaCare was passed in the exact same manner. Exactly. Enough is enough.

    No more.

  • Sam Stone

    Reading the first few comments, I agree but look at it this way. As an alcoholic or drug addict, these legislooters need their fix. And as any addict they need to hit rock bottom to begin to see the light. Until we hit rock bottom, which is not far, will ‘the people’ wake the hell up.

    If I am wrong, I will be glad I am prepared.

  • lynno

    Hey Mr. Shadow,you are one those 47%ers sitting in your moms basement on disability due to your unemployment ran out, isn’ your hand tired when it is held out open for so long. Your Mom is calling your dinner is ready,moocher. Oh wait you probalbly bought dinner tonght with yoour food stamp card.. Your welcome from a taxpayer.

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  • obaMAO

    “…had three minutes to make up their mind to vote on a bill they never saw…”

    The answer would seem simple to those who understand some really basic shiite – do you agree/disagree with this? I haven’t had a chance to read it yet…

    No time for that, do you agree/disagree with this?

    Well, then the answer is not no, but ef no.

  • dudley

    Listen to shadow. “Your side lost.” There’s only one side, pal.

  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    #5 & #8 … Most of the people who would want to march on washington, are too busy working two jobs. However, I’m in the St. Louis area and I have a vehicle that I would be willing to load to the max with people all sharing in the cost to go. This needs to be done, but it needs to be national with big names behind it…