Albuquerque Police Department Detectives issued a warrant for the arrest of Gary Smith after reviewing surveillance video showing the former Congressional District 1 Republican primary candidate slashing the tires of at least four fellow Republicans, including his primary opponent, Janice Arnold-Jones.
Via The Santa Fe Reporter:

What a nut.

Gary Smith was arrested yesterday on stalking charges:
ABQ Journal reported:

Gary Smith was arrested slightly more than an hour ago and booked into MDC on a felony aggravated stalking charge, according to APD.

The charge comes after John Jones, husband of eventual Republican nominee Janice Arnold-Jones, spotted Smith at his house New Year’s Day. The visit was also captured on surveillance footage.

Det. Lorenzo Garcia said Smith was compliant upon being arrested and told officers he was at Arnold-Jones’ house only to see what it looked like. He was booked on a $50,000 cash/surety bond.

Smith was arrested last week after police said the Jones family caught Smith puncturing tires on surveillance footage. He was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property over $1,000.




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  1. Welcome to the politics of northern New Mexico.

  2. ”[Gary Smith] was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property over $1,000.”

    He also damaged his character and reputation whatever they are worth.

  3. More proof Republicans are just DEMOCRATS assuming false identity.

  4. #4 donh: Excellent comment!

  5. If he were a Democrat they’d circle the wagons and punish him by a severe finger wagging – if he’d slashed Republican tires. If they were Democrat tires, then the DNC would unfund him and simultaneously hire him a good lawyer to avoid jail time. A week from now, you’d never know it happened.

    As he’s a Republican, they’ll first link him to the Tea Party, determine he’s a gun owner, find a quote where he’s against illegal aliens, talk about it all for three weeks, then go on about how he’s a typical Republican. Finally they’ll let the law deal with him. Then he’ll be put on the media list of corrupt Republicans to be waved around whenever the topic of ethics comes up.

  6. Gary Smith is likely a paid operative of D congressional candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham who won the seat. News clip states Smith was ” selling electronics on Craigslist ” That puts him in the the anonymous occupy wall street crowd of borderline street vagrants. Democrat politicians never do this kind of dirty work with their own hands. They are very good at insulating themselves with plausible deniability . Democrats have a vast network expert at finding and training mentally ill brown shirts to do their fascist thuggery. Stalking after the election is designed to make sure Jones never gets involved again at seeking higher office. The left depends on making quitters of those who would represent us.

  7. What you have here is another Democrat running the Republican primary. This is how the party was destroyed.

  8. What you have here is another Democrat running the Republican primary.

    I figured someone would make that claim, and you didn’t disappoint.

  9. I’d like to catch this co*ksucker trying to slash my tires…. he’d be getting one hell of a beat down that he would never forget.


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