Polish Court Rejects Motion by Leftists to Remove Christian Cross From Parliament

The left wants to destroy Christianity in Poland, too.

The Sejm cross is a Roman Catholic cross in the building of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, the dominant house of the Polish parliament.

A Polish court rejected a motion by secularists to remove a cross from parliament’s debating chamber.
Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

A Polish court has rejected a motion calling for the removal of a crucifix from parliament’s debating chamber in a case pitting Poland’s traditional Catholicism against a younger generation who think the church is too strong.

Warsaw’s district court late on Monday argued that since the cross had not been met with any objections in the past it was accepted by most Poles and did not violate their rights.

The crucifix was placed in the chamber one night by two conservative politicians in 1997.

The court also chastised the anti-clerical Palikot’s Movement party led by former vodka tycoon Janusz Palikot which brought the court case, accusing it of calling for tolerance yet failing to show acceptance of religious symbols.

The party has tapped Poland’s growing secularization to become the country’s third-largest political force. It said it would appeal the decision.

“The court failed to show objectivity in its decision,” said Andrzej Rozenek, one of the party’s parliamentary deputies.

“We will appeal this and then seek to have any unfavorable decision overturned. We are determined, so the path should take us all the way to Strasbourg,” he said, referring to the European Court of Human Rights.

Poland’s rightist politicians hailed the court’s decision, saying it reflected the feelings of most Poles.

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  • Lim Lynn

    I don’t think it will have the same outrage when they remove bible, prayer and remembrance LORD Supper.

  • Paz

    Under Communist rule, the state would beat you senseless (or worse) if you mentioned any religion (but it was pretty much 99% Catholic anyway).

    After Poland purged the Commies, things were great, and they have been much improved. However, those pesky activist atheists always find away to annoy everyone again.

  • Ghost

    pesky, activist LEFTISTS!

    it was Strong Catholics who rid Poland of Communist aggression

  • dwdude

    don’t back down, they hate-theists are in the minority

  • Patty

    It has been a while since I have seen such a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. God Bless them.

  • John21

    The Sepreme couort of the United States would never have that much courage, they would just play surrender monkey to the liberal elitist.

    The once great United States in decline because of the lack of a pair.

  • SeniorD

    At least one set of Jurists have the guts to deny leftists even the smallist victory.

    Here in Untied States, no elected jurist would ever permit this and the Ninth Circus would blow a gasket at such sacrilege to the Unholy Church of the State.

  • Good for them! Now the U.S. needs to follow their example.

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  • American Woman

    They put our Supreme Court to shame.

  • American Woman

    The Polish Court just out-classedt our Supremes

  • dedicated tooth brusher

    Cross is an expression of judeo-christian tradition, so more cultural symbol than a religious one. It should stay. Good for Poland, at least one country with some balls left.