Rep. Paul Ryan was on Meet the Press this morning for his first live interview since the November elections. Ryan told David Gregory,

“If we had a Clinton presidency, if we had an Erskine Bowles, chief staff at the White House or President, I think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now.”

Many Republicans today believe that Hillary Clinton would not have been as radical a Commander in Chief as Barack Obama. No one knows for sure. But we all know this country has never seen such destructive partisan leadership as what we see coming from the Obama White House these past four years.



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  1. I guess a “McCain presidency” is unimaginable to Mr. Ryan.

  2. Mr. Ryan, please do not prop Hillary Clinton up for a 2016 run.

  3. Anyone, and I mean anyone who says anything Clinton would be alright for our country is a giant illumination of what’s wrong with these political whores. Ryan is a joke. Fools Gold.

  4. Wow – what a huge political mistake. The Clintons were a nightmare, a leftist disaster. They tried to do everything Obama has, even attempting to Nationalize Health Care. Clinton even vetoed Welfare Reform twice, trying unsuccessful to stop the sound effort. Basically all the Clinton budgets called for massive deficit spending, but they were blocked by the GOP. The Clinton tax increases helped lead to the 2000 Clinton recession – even Clinton himself admitted to raising taxes too high. Don’t forget the Clinton’s Enron cronyism is very similar to the Obama Solyndra flop.

    Mr. Ryan was terribly weak in his debate with the ugly Biden. Perhaps his political ability is rather poor, even if he is sound. He really should be better prepared, have a far more effective political strategy.

  5. I agree with Ryan. Clinton would not do this to the country. Clinton would line her pockets but would not have happily burrowed 50k per-household.

    If we had Newt as speaker this would not have happened ether.

  6. PS: Ryan should also remember, Hillary Rodham Clinton was being praised by Democrats for having the near identical political platform as Barack Obama in the Dem Primary of 2008. Also, Hillary and Bill both lobbied for a vast number of dreadful Obama efforts including Obamacare, the failed Stimulus package, higher Taxation, etc. Hillary’s tenure at the State Department is a train wreck. The 1990’s were loaded with endless negligence, including selling pardons the likes of Marc Rich. Mr. Ryan should know better. The foolish effort to divide and triangulate the Democrats during that last General election was a terrible failure.

  7. Guys, chill. Finally, the Republicans is doing something smart. They are doing what Obama and the Democratic party has been doing to them for the last 13 years. Divide and conquer. Let the Obamabots and Clintonistas fight it out with the Republicans adding fuel to the fire. Let the fight between the Clintons and the Obama Administration be personal and dirty. It will drive the media crazy and finally, we will learn the truth on what happened in Benghazi. It’s a win-win situation especially when the GOP do it right(hopefully).

  8. The ONLY difference between Clinton and Obama, and it’s a big one, is that Hillary doesn’t hate white people. That’s it. Everything else is the same, and saying that she would have been any better for the country when it comes to the economy, health care, the deficit, or gun control is laughable, and a huge political mistake.

    All those brain dead “moderates” and left-wing morons out there who voted for Obama don’t need any encouragement to vote for that skank. They’re already lining up to lick her boots as we speak …

  9. Charles Manson might have been a better President than Fidel Milhous Subprime Hussein NOBama Ben Ghazi GimmeDatDhimmitude, but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to promote his candidacy. Couldn’t Ryan think of a single REPUBLICAN to use as an example?

  10. It’s really quite simple…

    When you elect a Marxist ghetto-dweller to run the country, your country will turn into a ghetto.

  11. Not smart Ryan, this soundbite will appear in a 2016 ad and played over and over again. Make no mistake, Hillary is just a radical. Read The Shadow Party, the Clintons are joined at the hip to Soros and they believe in global government, the pander to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Clintons never disclosed donors for the Clinton Global Initiative, they are not out for the best interests of the US. Hillary supports redistribution of wealth, would she have been better than O, yes but would our fiscal mess be fixed, no way. Alinsky tactics would not allow solutions, they are designed to gain and expand power for the elites.

  12. A little ” behind the curtain ” glimpse as to just how buddy buddy the Clintons are with their progressive PLANT Ryan who keeps getting pushed and peddles as some kind of promising R leader…>

    .His job is TO TAKE A DIVE…and it looks like Bill Clinton is handing Paul an envelope with cash with the left hand while the right gives a pat on the back for a job well done…. sinking the Tea Party tide…….and if you are ever in town Paul……stop by the local CVS…there is skinny 17 year old boy working the cash register that has your exact same hair do.

  13. I think Hillary would have been just as bad. She was always worse than Bill and further left. Plus she is unbelievably inept. Hillary certainly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the military and our people in trouble in foreign countries. She has no soul or compassion.

  14. the sparkle has worn off paul ryan

  15. Read Andersons book on Hillary “The American Evita”: she is a nutcase.

  16. Idiots, or quislings?

    McCain said yesterday that the Republicans would have to pass amnesty in order to get the Hispanic vote. The Hispanic vote did not cost Romney the election:

    The vast majority of people in this country oppose mass open immigration. If Romney had got tough enough on immigration to pick up 8 percentage points from whites he would have won the electoral college 318 to 220, despite losing 8 percent from minorities.

  17. So, the GOP is now backing the Alinskyite Hillary? The GOP is committing suicide.

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