Tens of Thousands Flock to Hobby Lobby on National Appreciation Day

Thousands Sign Up to Support Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day Over HHS Mandate Fight

On Saturday, January 5th, all Americans who value freedom of religion and oppose the HHS Mandate’s unfair impositions upon religious individuals and corporate entities were called upon to show their support for Hobby Lobby by shopping either at their local retail Hobby Lobby store or online.

Over 60,000 signed up to support Hobby Lobby on national appreciation day,

The parking lot at Hobby Lobby in west St. Louis was packed today.

Inside the west St. Louis location the workers said, “It was like Christmas” and that business was booming today.

Aquilla King holds a sign supporting Hobby Lobby during “Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day” Saturday in Mississippi. (WDAM)

The story until now:
• September 12, 2012: Hobby Lobby files suit against Kathleen Sabelius and the US Department of Health and Human Services in US District Court for Western District of Oklahoma. They are represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
• November 19, 2012: District Judge Joe Heaton rules that privately owned companies such as Hobby Lobby are not exempt from the HHS Mandate on religious grounds because these enterprises do not possess the same religious rights as individuals and religious organizations do.
• December 20, 2012: The US Court of Appeals in Denver rules against Hobby Lobby on the same grounds as the lower court; the Green family vows to appeal to the US Supreme Court.
• December 26, 2012: Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejects an emergency request for injunction that would allow Hobby Lobby temporary exemption from the HHS Mandate pending the hearing of their full case before the high court.
• December 27, 2012: Hobby Lobby’s attorneys announce that the chain plans to defy the Mandate which will take effect January 1st, potentially costing the chain (which employs 13,000) hundreds of millions of dollars in fines by the time their case is finally decided.

** If you made it out to Hobby Lobby today please comment or send in pictures.

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  • Jan

    Was very busy in Spokane Valley, WA when I was there. Sought out two different people in management to tell them how much I appreciate that their company stands up to the government and their beliefs! Another great Christian Company!

  • http://HTML Annie J

    I shopped Hobby Lobby online today. I shop there quite a bit. It is a great store. I support their right to stand by their religious beliefs whether anybody has the same beliefs or not. The government has no moral right to interfere.

  • Gina

    I went to the Hobby Lobby in Huntington Beach, CA. It was later in the day, but still crowded; the parking lot was full. The cashier said that was nothing! Earlier in the day, it was so busy they had every single checkout lane open with long lines in each. They were so appreciative of the support from around the country. I asked the cashier what kind of company Hobby Lobby was to work for. She said it was a wonderful company, very accepting of everyone, no age discrimination (she was 61), all the employees got along amazingly well, and management on all levels – from store to district office – were to notch. I will definitely continue to shop there!

  • http://www.opaobie.com/ Opaobie

    My wife just called to say she just bought a beautiful Ten Commandments wall hanging at Hobby Lobby on one side of town and is headed to the one on the other side of town with her Tahoe loaded with friends to buy more stuff. I hope the message gets through to the politicians and judges that we don’t like tyranny.

  • http://www.ncobrief.com Sgt. Mom

    I went to the Hobby Lobby in the Forum shopping center in north San Antonio Texas – to get a matt cut for a poster that I wanted to frame, and a piece of foam-core board. They were moderatly busy when I went, although the assistant in the frame department and the cashier where I checked out said that it had been busy all the day. Don’t know if it was any busier over any other Saturday – but it is a good place to get matts cut for doing framed pictures. They beat the competition all hollow. I always go to Hobby Lobby for them, rather than Michaels’ or any other place.

  • AlwaysRight

    Shopped at my Hobby Lobby in Maryville TN today. I actually needed some things but also stocked up on some items on sale, for next Christmas. The store was busy, but This Hobby Lobby is always busy. Great store with great background music as a bonus. Hope they sock it to Obamacare.

  • Beth

    I went to the Morgan Hill CA Hobby Lobby store today and the parking lot was full and the store was very busy. I will continue to support them and will pray for them in their fight for their God Given right to religious freedom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittykatnip1970 Karina

    I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, unfortunately. However I purchased some nice things on their website today! May God be with them every step of the way and may he pour out his blessings upon the Green family for their faithfulness towards Him. :)

  • Elizabeth

    I went to the one in Joliet, IL today. I’ve been there on a Saturday before…..there was definitely a lot more cars in the lot today than usual. Bought some books and a magazine to give me more ideas for my many hobbies. I fully support HL’s stand that they are taking and am incensed that the government is trying to take away our 1st Amendment rights. Americans need to take a stand and seeing so many people support HL today shows that they’re not afraid to do so.

  • DavidD

    I made some purchases at Hobby Lobby this morning. I had no idea they had so much great stuff.

  • Sandra Castillo

    It will serve Obama right if they moved their business out of the country !! Hobby lobby we hold your back !!

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    ” District Judge Joe Heaton rules that privately owned companies such as Hobby Lobby are not exempt from the HHS Mandate on religious grounds because these enterprises do not possess the same religious rights as individuals and religious organizations do. ”
    = = = = = =

    Ummm, I thought that Citizens United proved to us that corporations have freedom of speech…?

    And, if such an organization has First Amendment speech protections, shouldn’t it also have First Amendment religious protections????

    I don’t see how courts could affirm ONE of the First Amendment guarantees for a corporation, and then deny them protections guaranteed under another clause of the same amendment.

  • Kathy

    Shopped at the Stockton, CA store this morning to show my support. The store was fairly quiet. Went back in the afternoon so my nephew Stephen could show his support. The store was very busy. Great store! I support the Green’s 100%.

  • Debbie Knight

    I shopped at the Carbondale, IL Hobby Lobby today and it seemed busier than it has usually been when I have been there. I wasn’t in need of much from there, but stocked up on some items to show my support today. God Bless Hobby Lobby and the Green family. Hopefully, more American businesses and individuals will follow the example of this wonderful business and follow the leading of God.

  • Janet

    I had to shop online, as we don’t live near a Hobby Lobby. Quite a few of the things I wanted were sold out. I’m proud to support a company that stands by its values.

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  • Tricia

    My daughter and I stopped in at Hobby Lobby in Lee’s Summit, MO. I wish more people had been there when we were. As we were perusing the aisles, I heard someone say, “I LOVE Hobby Lobby!” We love it, too!

  • Jim Thiem

    Drove 70 miles from Canada to nearest Hobby Lobby today.
    The place was jumping and so were we at making a statement against Obamunism.
    Bravo to the Green family and their team.

  • Sarah

    Went to Hobby Lobby in Columbus, Ohio about an hour before closing. For the time of night business seemed brisk. This is the first time I’d shopped there and really loved it. What a great store!

  • Texas Mom

    I shopped in the Longview, Texas store today. The store was very crowded but everyone seemed unusually happy just being there. I was going to purchase a clock that I had been looking at for quite some time but hadn’t due to the $199 price tag. I was willing to pay full price today, knowing that I was supporting a great company! However, thanks to the great clerk who offered me her 40% coupon, I didn’t have to!

    I then went back in the store and bought another item with the money I had saved!

    Thank you Hobby Lobby for taking a stand!