TWO RUSSIANS Plunge Off Cliff in Giant Plastic Zorb – One Dead (Video)

Don’t try this at home… Especially if you live on a mountain with cliffs.
One Russian man was killed and another severely injured when the zorb they were riding in plunged off a cliff at a ski slope in Russia.
Graphic Video—-

The inflatable zorb went off course and plunged off a cliff.
FOX News reported:

What was supposed to be a thrilling ride down a ski slope inside a giant inflatable ball ended in tragedy for the two Russian men inside.

The transparent plastic ball — called a zorb — veered off course and sailed over a precipice in the rugged Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. One man died and the other was badly injured. The terrifying ride was captured on video.

The man who died, 27-year-old Denis Burakov, was with friends at the Dombai ski resort, where they frequently went snowboarding, on Jan. 3 when he decided to take a ride in a zorb being operated next to a beginners’ slope. His friend Vladimir Shcherbakov joined him.

An eight-minute video taken on Burakov’s phone by one of his friends shows the two men being fitted into harnesses inside the zorb, which consists of two polyurethane balls with a layer of air between them. The zorb is then released to roll down the hill, the two men spinning inside.

But the zorb bounces off of the intended path, and a man waiting for it at the bottom of the hill tries in vain to catch the ball before it pops over a rocky ledge and disappears down a gorge below Mount Mussa-Achitara.

The Emergencies Ministry said both men were ejected from the zorb as it tumbled and they landed on the snow about 10 meters (30 feet) apart. They were rescued by two skiers, who then pulled both men up to the top of the hill. Burakov suffered serious spinal injuries and died on the way to the hospital. Shcherbakov suffered a concussion and other injuries and remains hospitalized.

The accident prompted the emergencies minister to demand on Wednesday that Russia address its lax enforcement of safety rules for winter sports.

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  • Tom Doniphon


    Now, what about coverage of the “Rally for Texas Independence”? I was just sure we would get an update today on the incredible turn-out down in Austin! You know courageous, fearless patriots doing something to resist federal tyranny! I’m sure I didn’t see any coverage of this important event down here in Texas because of the MSM, but thought for sure that Gateway would let us know how it went!

    How are plans for the “Show-Me State Rally for Independence” coming?

    Gotta admit though, Zorb tragedies are interesting, but ….!

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  • Remco Kimber

    Another entrant for the Darwin Award,

  • Pink Tie Republican

    This zorb accident is a great metaphor for our financial system, and Ben Bernanke is in the zorb along with the taxpayer.

  • Patty

    That was one of the dumbest things anyone could have done.

    Sorry, one is dead.

  • Bigkahuna

    What could possibly go wrong? Think before doing these things people

  • RedStateGal

    It actually looked pretty safe to me. And it seems these dudes weren’t the first to take the ride. More ice than snow the day these two men took their ride, and what a hard way to learn the difference a little extra speed makes. Or maybe the guys were rocking the zorb from side to side for a little extra umph; they got it!

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Law of Gravity, 1.

    Zorb, 0.

  • Winston Wolfe

    There’s nothing ‘graphic’ in that video.

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  • The Way, The Truth & The Life

    Ignorant, moronic stupidity! Don’t get me wrong. I have love for my fellowman. The source of that love is God. It is His desire that we all live in His love and reflect that in our thoughts and actions towards one another. The evil thoughts that concocted this idea for a thrilling experience were nothing but selfish and hateful toward anyone idiotic enough to try it. Doing this or being involved in this in any way shows that you do not love your neighbor or even yourself! You do not care about anything or anyone, not even yourself. This is not from God. It is only from a deceitful liar born of hatred of God and those he loves. Your God is the thrill of the experience setting aside the concern of those who love you. If you set aside God in your actions, He must allow the natural consequences of your actions to dominate. “Stupid is as stupid does.”
    (1 John 4:19-21) If you seek a thrilling and joyful experience, seek this out instead:
    1 Peter 1:3-25. In calling these people out for who they are, I am expressing the love of God to keep those who might consider doing this to stay away from it. You are a buffoon if you choose to ignore this. Rather consider the wisdom of God’s word: 1 John 4:1-17. Consider those who love you (especially yourself) before you do anything. Don’t be stupid but rather loving toward all. Love God and your fellow man and you will not stand in judgment (1 John 4:18) These men did not take this into consideration and now have suffered the consequences of God’s judgment. I pray for those who they have left behind. May they consider and learn from this wholeheartedly. May their comfort come in knowing that God is merciful and gracious. Amen.

  • stuart

    Isn’t amazing what sort off behavior a bottle or two of Stoly will inspire?

  • JPL17

    Obviously we must now ban snow.

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  • democraps suck

    Darwinism at it’s finest…I am just sorry they didn’t invite odumb$hit to join them in their adventure

  • dork lungfish

    They’re Russians. So what’s the big fuss? This is close to normal behavior for Russian men. No big deal. Please move along.

  • Paul in N. AL

    That was pretty comical, dumb guys you can drive the thing yourselves you know and had plenty of opportunity.