That didn’t take long…
Rep. Alan Grayson opened the new Congress by accusing Republicans of legislative terrorism. Grayson was on with Big Al Sharpton.
Townhall reported, via Free Republic.

“Well, they say it’s a device for them to extract concessions that they have otherwise be able to accomplish, that’s why it’s legislative terrorism. They’re using the debt ceiling as a means to cut Social Security benefits, cut Medicare benefits, cut unemployment insurance, cut anything of any use to any ordinary human being in this country simply because they want more money for tax cuts for the rich.”

He’s so proud of his attack that he posted it on this YouTube page:




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  1. Good God! Just how much Grecian formula did he put in his hair? It looks like he dumped the whole bottle.

  2. ++

    eff him and the party he rode in on..


  3. That’s what happens when someone drinks gasoline. Really.

  4. Huck Fim.

  5. What the F happened to our country??? When you have devastatingly ugly, dumb, sissy-boys such as this used car salesman in seats of “power”, you can only shake your head in disbelief.

  6. What does it say about the people of his District that voted this mentally ill bomb thrower back into office?

  7. Looks who’s terrorist supporter Fast Furious Muslim Brotherhood backer.

  8. They really voted to put this *stard back in office?

  9. Not worth the powder to blow his nose. Fruit doesn’t fall far from the family stick does it?

  10. the only party that has ever cut social security benefits is the democratic party. the pension windfall act and clinton taxed social security benefits.

  11. Is it ok to call him an a$$hole? He’s acting like one.

  12. Shadow appears to voice his undying support for this creep in
    three …
    two ….
    one …..

  13. Won’t even listen to this freak. But, from where I sit, Floridians are a pretty damn stupid group of people.

  14. He’s RIGHT about Boner being WEAK…Shame on the Republican party for re-electing such a miserable pathetic FAILURE to the Speakership….and he’s RIGHT about the Republicans constantly HARPING on the debt while seeking every opportunity to fail at doing anything about it…Your party acts like some crooked TV Televangelist preaching the gospel while bedding hookers with money donated by people foolish enough to believe all the grand deceptions. The half of what he says being TRUE makes his LIES effective.

    Truth is Madam Pelosi is back in charge and your going to get amnesty passed with 150+ Democrats and 80 Rs….Gun bans passed with 150+ Dems and 85 Rs….because you just re-elected a FAKER ..a flimflam HUMBUG bait and switch scammer …a DEMOCRAT puppet to be your speaker…worthless Fools all of you !

  15. Attention whore be jonesing, be jonesing real bad! He need his fix….

  16. Why, people, why?

  17. This has to be the worse leaders from top to bottom and in a time when great leaders are so desperately needed.

    I cannot imagine how long it will take to get rid of the trash that keeps stinking up Washington.

    The voters aren’t researching their candidates and there in lies the problem.

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