CBS News Political Director John Dickerson says he’s not biased and even has conservatives in his family.

CBS News political director John Dickerson explained his offensive column from earlier this week where he encouraged Obama to “go for the throat” of Republicans. Dickerson says he’s not a biased journalist, in fact he even knows some Republicans and actually has family members who are conservative.
Here’s a great line from his non-apology today.

Some assume I hate Republicans. This latter charge will confuse my close relations, who are not only proud conservatives but among Fox News’ most ardent fans (the two groups not necessarily overlapping). Indeed, one of the many reactions I received on my reporting on the tensions within the Republican Party came from a family member…




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  1. Dickerson is right, I really hate him. As I do for all f*cking communists.

  2. Wow, what a whitebread cracker. Where is the diversity, CBS? Where is a director with some color, or a female?

  3. #2…people like you are the reason the democratic party gets away with oppressing white people.

    as for mister dickerson some of his best friends are republicans. and what does tension within the republican party have to do with obama continuing to go for their throat?

  4. huh. CBS must have found out that some Repubs buy advertising and some might even watch their shows. huh.

  5. You can always tell when reactions are driven partially or fully by a sense of guilt. Sort of like being caught with your hands in the cookie jar. When you spend as much effort striking out at those who call you out as you do in building a rational and believable case for your innocence, the situation becomes more clear. It’s almost a sign of anger at perhaps yourself and your ‘narcs’. At least to me.

  6. #4 – you are the reason why Democrats, like you, keep getting away with oppressing minorities under the guise of fairness.

    As for Mister Dickerson some all of his best friends are republicans communists.

    And what does tension within the Republican party have to do with obama continuing to go for their throat? the GOP continuing to destroy itself.

  7. AND Condaleeza Rice wants to work for this wannabee Chris Matthews look alike…….ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about these George W Bush era Colin Bowel black rino FRAUDS.

  8. Sounds a lot like, “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black.”

    No one bought that line either.

  9. He simply resurrected and edited to suit the old defense used by racist Demonrats exposed: “I don’t hate coloreds. Just ask my colored friends. Why, one of my cousins even married a colored.” What a douche bag.

  10. Alan @ #9: You and I heard the same thing in the douche bag’s defensive remarks.

  11. Let me be clear, I have been going for the throat for years. Just ask Barney Frank. Sure, it’s been an easy deep throat – but these Pubs are a different story.

    During this whole Benghazi massacre I went for the Throat… of Ambassador Stevens. Look how that turned out!

    Not, one single Freedom fighter was kill – just Ambassador Stevens and a few low level Americans! Who cares about them? I don’t!

    My limo is spewing smoke and Hillary and I will not be available to testify about the Benghazi massacre where my ban on use of automatic rifles against my Muslim Freedom Fighters was in force!

    Please give me your guns – or else you will be come another victim! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day


    This dick (er son) , as he likes to be called, is just a dog for his Jish masters who run CBS, a libbarbaric Jish hate group that hates mankind, civilization and culture. He could be Jish himself.

    The Judaists are deranged barbarians. For eg, they believe they are “Juice”, descendants of Avram, a Knee grow pim pa who sold his wife Sarai to a Knee Grow pharaoh, though they are mostly whites, whose ancestors converted to this barbaric criminal cult of Judaism in the middle ages. They worship an Egyptian and therefore Knee Grow mass murderer mythical Moshe as their prophet (who never existed). They installed the black Obama and got the cases against him fixed. That is why they call their puppet the “first Jish president”, in mags like Chicago Jish News, etc.

    Most Jish girls and even boys are ray paid by their rabbis and relatives and become more mentally deranged, as their Tore rah and Tall mood condones pedophilia and incest. See failed messiah period com and the book “Sex Lies and Rabbis”, both by Judaists. See Rev Ted Pike’s article about rampant pedophilia in Judaism. Their mohel’s sodomize young boys soon after birth in a barbaric penis sucking ritual (see failed messiah period com).

    This dic was ray paid by his Jish masters and ordered to spew their vitriol out of his mouth. His Jissh owners and operators call scum and dogs like that Shabbat goy.

  13. IMO, the worst part of this whole mess is that someone is actually paying Dickerson to spread his leftist BS.

  14. Why do CBS News Political Director John Dickerson have to apologize when he didn’t do something wrong? Though I hate CBS Big Brother symbol. He’s just a coward.

  15. John Dickerson is a pathetic liar.

    OF COURSE, he is BIASED. Everybody knows that he is biased, and that he could not possibly have the job he has, if he were not THOROUGHLY BIASED, AND BIASED JUST THE WAY HE IS.

    When he claims that he is not biased, anyone who actually believes him is a fool (and that goes for himself); Dickerson is just lying, which is part of what he is paid to do.

    It says here that Dickerson works for CBS. Pftt. Who cares. He could just as well be working for ABC, NBC, PBS, NPR, or CNN; there is not simple fib’s worth of difference among them all.

  16. @#3 Pink Tie Republican commented:

    Dickerson is a reverse oreo: white on the outside, black bigot on the inside.

  17. My previous statement is in response to Pink Tie Republican; i.e., my comment not his.

  18. That like saying I am NOT a racist because I havwe black friends or I dont HATE gays because I have gay friends.

    Welcome to the party pal!!

  19. Another Alinskyite is heard from.

    People are surprised….why?

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