Your tax dollars at work.
Barack Obama’s high school pep rally/immigration speech yesterday in Las Vegas cost taxpayers $520 per word.

obama las vegas pep rally
U.S. President Barack Obama greets members of the audience after delivering remarks on immigration reform at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas, January 29, 2013. (Reuters)

Palin 4 America reported:

Yesterday, a study from the publicly funded University of Minnesota was released noting that Governor Sarah Palin was paid $15.85 per word during her time as a FoxNews contributor. Despite all of Governor Palin’s purported irrelevancy, this study generated stories at USA Today, the Washington Post, The New York TimesYahoo! News, and Politico, among numerous other outlets.

Meanwhile, just today, President Obama flew from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas to give a speech on immigration reform. Per the Weekly Standard, his trip cost taxpayers a $1.6 million or $182,000 per hour of flight on Air Force One. According to the transcript at the Chicago Sun Times, President Obama’s immigration speech was 3,079 words and applause instances, meaning that President Obama’s speech cost the taxpayers just under $520 per word and applause.

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  1. The Rockstar Cult of Worship sees it as money well spent. A bargain, in fact, for those able to engage in the thrilling and magical once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and hear teh One speak.

  2. Let’s play spot the secret service. By protecting Obama, they are committing treason themselves.

  3. “By protecting Obama, they are committing treason themselves.”

    No. They are doing their job by protecting the duly elected president. Check yourself, pal.

  4. How much per ILLEGAL ALIEN is the INVA$ION costing us?

  5. Don’t forget how many trees he killed flying there.

  6. This guy doesn’t care. He lives in his bubble of worship and believes he can spend/do anything he wants and the people will worship him and be thankful for his presence. We are seeing first-hand how a dictator comes into power in a free(once) country.

  7. GOP needs to start pointing out how many poor babies of illegals could be fed by using hat money for them if he just gave that speech at whitehouse. That way we can show he is anti illegal immigrant, anti Mexican and a rich elitist snob. Hit them like they do republicans.

  8. 1 Hospital + 2 ILLEGALS = $3,000,000


  9. Anchor Babie$ on U.$. $oil –

  10. I can’t help but notice the two Obamafone voters in the middle, since the Obama foto team wants them to be the focal point.

  11. Obama went to Las Vegas for something more than to just give a speech. He could have given the speech in D.C.

    He doesn’t travel alone, there is a plane load of staff, agents, political operatives, activists, surrogates traveling with him and they all have something to do. They will meet with counterparts. They will organize, conspire, plot, and scheme.

    A real journalist would be tracking those people to see with whom the meet, and try to find out what they are talking about.

    It could be something as simple as meeting with Senator Reid’s loyal support groups to inoculate Reid for an upcoming vote on gun control.

    Whatever it is, there could be a Pulitzer in it for an aggressive journalist. Of course, knowing Obama and the people who run Las Vegas, it could also mean cement shoes. So there’s that.

  12. He went to Vegas to hook up with the SEIU labor leaders. He needs them in the southwest for his gun takeway plan.

    Obama spells Vegas S-E-I-U.

  13. The #1 ILLEGAL ALIEN wants more ILLEGALS here. Classic.

    Think he’s not illegal? The FEDS own database says otherwise –

  14. Are these High School students?????????????? Sure they are!

  15. Getting away from hib beautiful wife, LT, and 9+ hours with Reggie Love…

  16. I thought Barry told us to avoid Las Vegas couple years ago. Oh, that was for the little people. Maybe has was looking for house foreclosures on the cheap. Plenty of ‘em in Vegas!

  17. How about challenging Hussein to a cerebral duel of sorts called whose the naturalized born citizen and we choose the process of elimination — a lie detector text.

  18. Gosh #12 Patriot, I can only wish that SEIU would come after the guns. Purple jackets make nice targets.

  19. It was as if I were watching a very scary documentary on the History Channel.

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