Thank you, Barack Obama.

Obama has generated more debt than was accumulated from 1791 through halfway through W’s 1st Term. (Third Base)

Obama will use a confrontational campaign style approach in future economic battles. The president plans on taking his big spending message on the road in order to convince Americans that his disastrous economic policies are moving the country in the right direction.
The Hill reported, via Free Republic:

President Obama intends to take a confrontational approach with Republicans in future economic battles by using the same campaign-style events the White House saw as effective in the “fiscal-cliff” fight.

Many in Obama’s party believe that he got the upper hand in the recent deal to avoid the mixture of across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts, and that the aggressive approach helped build his public case.

Sources close to Obama say he can fend off Republicans for several reasons: his successful reelection; polling suggesting public support for many of his positions; and division among Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Jen Psaki, who served as a press secretary during both of Obama’s presidential campaigns, said that the biggest lesson the president learned from his first term was “the power of the American people” and “the importance of having the will of the American people behind you.”

In practical terms, “that means taking the argument on the road, taking the time, as he did before the fiscal-cliff deal, to explain the stakes… and to use real-world examples of how certain fights impact the middle class,” she added…

… Obama aides justify his refusal to negotiate over raising the debt ceiling in a similar fashion. The president has twice in the last week issued unambiguous statements asserting that Congress needs to do what is required to increase the national debt limit, without any quid pro quo attached.

At a brief White House press conference after the fiscal-cliff accord was reached, Obama said: “I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed. Let me repeat: We can’t not pay bills that we’ve already incurred.”




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  1. Uh oh, Obama in campaign mode! Resistance is futile.

  2. I hate him. I just plain, f’n hate him.

  3. It is clear that Obama prefers being on the road than having to do his White House job. The only things he likes about being President is the power it gives him and his Progressive friends and the free vacations.

  4. ““I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed. Let me repeat: We can’t not pay bills that we’ve already incurred.”

    This is the meme they intend to use to push for an increase in the debt ceiling. Someone needs to explain to them that nobody is asking them to STOP paying our bills. We’re asking them to cut up their freaking credit cards, and START paying our bills …

    We get nothing but lies and disinformation from these people. We should be removing EACH AND EVERY ONE of them from office … NOW!!

  5. For one thing…welfare is not a bill. It is a promise/ priveledge of helping parasites and a few who truly need help. It is not a rights. So the first cuts should should cut wasteful spending, then cut welfare and tell people it’s time to help themselves and take responsibility for their own lives.

  6. Ahhhh, good old high school physics…what goes up, must come down. It ain’t the fall that will hurt as much as the sudden stop.

  7. OBAMA STOLE THE the 18 TRILLION DOLLARS–$40,000 of YOUR Money?

    Thanks for the great chart. Obama is the biggest thief. The Demogangsters in the left-wing media are making a big issue of the Govt. running out of money because it “spent” it all and want to raise the debt limit again. The media is lying that the public wants the debt limit raised and lying that all kinds of terrible things will happen if the limit is not raised? Why?

    The US debt was just a few trillion when Obama took office, but now it is 18 Trillion! Real govt. expenses are under 2T per year, but Barry aka illegal-alien-in-the-white-house Sotero has been stealing 2-3T additional per year and diverting it to his Demogangster owners and operators.

    That is $40,000 per man woman and child!

    Yes, the govt. borrowed this much money in your name and they claim they “spent” it. They “spent” it on who? Maybe you got a few food stamps and some welfare checks, etc. but did you get $40,000 from Obama in the last few years? But you will have to pay the 40K (almost 2 brand new cars) back!

    So who stole the 10-15 T under Obama? Who did he give it to?

    Obama gave most of this money to his campaign contributors and their groups and companies to pay them back. Democrats get almost 60% of their campaign contributions from the J*ish lobby. It is very openly known that Obama was installed with J*ish support. As reported in Chicago J*ish News, “Obama is the first J*ish President.” See:

    Also, see this at if American knew site in the domain for ORGanizations.

    Also see, “How the J…s took the White House” article on Brother Kapner’s website with the prefix www which is under real Zionist News in the domain com.

    Obama is an illegal alien and the cases against him have all been fixed by the J*ish lobby, which owns and operates the Judiciary.

    So their puppet Obama diverted much of the 18 Trillion dollars (say 10 to 15 T) to his owners and operators, the J*ish lobby, under the table, disguised as bailouts, grants and contracts. The stimulus and bailouts were just a tip of that iceberg.

    Israel, a banana republic, lives almost entirely on trillions in US Aid (see if Americans knew period org). Also, trillions are sent to Israel under the table by the J*ish Oligarchs, either in the form of bogus grants and contracts to their companies and charities, etc. who then transfer it there. Most Zionists aim is to fleece the American goyim and send to “their own” in Israel.

    Many Democrats, especially J*ish ones, have become super rich under Obama. The Judaists today are the richest ethnic group on earth today, thanks to the $40,000 from each you, just under Obama!! As a result of the govt. grants and contracts, they are more than ½ of the billionaires in the USA.

    The J*ish lobby is not satisfied with the theft of so many trillions of dollars and wants more, so they are brainwashing the public using their media (which they control 90%) that there is a “fiscal cliff” if the debt ceiling is not raised (so they can steal more). There is no fiscal cliff. The Republicans must stop this theft.

    If we raise the debt ceiling, which is already almost 18 Trillion, it would be like giving more drugs to a drug-addict and will only make the problem bigger down the road and lead to an even bigger fiscal cliff in the future.

    The Republicans must not cave in and raise the debt limit until and unless they include in the bill some serious solns to the problems that the Dems have caused to usurp power and steal the elections. These should be:

    a. A total ban on immigration for ever and a border fence. The Dems import aliens as most of them (70%) vote for Dems, to increase the number of democratic voters. So Repubs must ban immigration as this is the 3rd most populous country in the world already and there is a serious shortage of water, space and jobs, etc.

    b. No electronic voting machines unless and until a paper receipt is given.

    c. Only those who can prove US citizenship can vote.

    d. Obama must prove he was born in the USA first.

  8. “Sources close to Obama say he can fend off Republicans for several reasons: his successful reelection; polling suggesting public support for many of his positions; and division among Republicans on Capitol Hill…”
    Add to that list a slobbering fawning media that will never question this incompetent no matter how egregious his behavior, no matter how damaging his policies, no matter how arrogant his negotiating style. Instead of highlighting his shortfalls, the media embraces his actions, and takes sides against the Republicans. The media will slant every report on the situation as the obstinate Republicans are about to drive the country into default – and will ignore how the Republicans are just trying to do the right thing.

  9. If these imbeciles don’t wake up on the hill soon they will all be his servants. Only a few, the true backers will have any power and a seat at this mans table when all is said and done. The rest will have ficticious crimes created against them, hung out for all to see, then imprisoned. They will go down faster then a brick leaving a two story window. These who think they are just playing to get along, are sealing their own fate. This man and his backers are not there to make friends and are certainly not going to reward anyone that plays to get along. They are all sitting ducks in Washington. Just as he has charmingly turned every neck of society against each other he has turned almost all of America against congress. Hating them to their core, despising them for their greed, lies and not doing the will of the people. Causing this great mess we are in, creating the greatest crisis this nation has ever witnessed has all been manufactured by you guessed it. This was strategically planned, an agenda that was in the making for a very long time. These isolated ones in Washington need to wake the hell up and realize they are being played big time, used to advance their agenda, to over take the country, create chaos, start wars from within, from all fronts of this nation. If they continue to allow this to go on they themselves, their families are in grave danger as much as the rest of us.

  10. two comments –
    1)not another o road show;

    2) no. 8 above – charlie you are crazy, please get some help immediately

  11. “…I refuse to negotiate…” says Dictator Obama.

  12. ” We can’t not pay bills that we’ve already incurred.”

    These leftists aren’t talking about us paying current bills; they are talking about our great grand children trying to pay these bills that are being incurred now.

    Cut the spending-Look at the next article –Obama’s latest $7 million Hawaiian vacation.

    How much could have be saved by the Obamas going to Camp David for Christmas?
    How about the Obamas pay for their own vacation?

    STOP the Spending Now!

  13. I think the Republicans should start engaging in this same style of communication with the public, only explaining why Obama is financially bankrupting the country and must be stopped.

    Obama frames the debate to the public well in advance of every vote. Boehner is left holding the bag and the Republicans look totally stupid.

  14. I say, don’t confront the punk. Let him own it. All of it.

    And then?


  15. OH, of course he won’t be in Washington to work with the Rs on this! He’ll BE OUT OF TOWN…

    On FOX NewsSunday, or whatever its called, Brit Hume (and Nina) pointed out that we WON’T DEFAULT on our debt…there’s enough revenue coming in to cover it. And easily..I think it accounted for only 6% of what comes in. (The terms I’m using could be wrong..and only listened with half an ear..)

    But the decisions must then be made regarding what other things we continue to pay for…and those decisions aren’t in the hands of (Republican) Congress, but left to President (and his Treasury Secy, I think). Brit pointed out that BHO could choose those things that would hurt the Red States…(ya think?!)

    So Barry The Perennial Campaigner will be going on a SCARE CAMPAIGN. On the road to SCARE Americans that we’ll be DEFAULTING…Give him the script guys! It’s what he does best..and, bonus!, he chooses his audience and won’t be challenged by any questions!

    How lucky are we to have such a marvellous leader?!

    He can freely tell his lies, mislead as many as possible and blame big, bad Republicans for what’s gonna happen…how many times must this be played out..

  16. “I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed. Let me repeat: We can’t not pay bills that we’ve already incurred.”

    Had a Republican president said something like this after having drastically increased the national debt, it would have been picked apart almost immediately by the media.

  17. pray for his removal

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