Obama & Senate Republicans Reach Fiscal Cliff Deal: New Tax Hikes & No Cuts in Record Spending

Since the President took office, annual government spending has increased by 25%, with the federal government spending $3.6 trillion this past year. As a share of the economy – Federal spending has averaged over 24% of gross domestic product – the highest level as a share of the economy since World War II. (Budget House)

Obama and Senate Republicans reached a fiscal cliff deal late Monday. The deal will include new tax hikes on wealthy Americans and no cuts in Obama’s record spending.
The Washington Post reported:

President Obama and Senate leaders struck a bipartisan agreement late Monday to let income taxes rise sharply for the first time in two decades, fulfilling Obama’s promise to raise taxes on the rich and avoiding the worst effects of the “fiscal cliff.”

The agreement, brokered by Vice President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), primarily targets taxpayers who earn more than $450,000 per year, raising their rates for wages and investment profits. At the same time, the deal would protect more than 100 million households earning less than $250,000 a year from income tax increases scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.

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  • Ben

    To be fair, all the tax increases were already automatically going to occur. Obama had all the leverage.

    Spending cuts will automatically happen if the House doesn’t appropriate money or if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. The House has all the leverage 2 months from now. They should let Obama’s government burn.

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  • platypus

    It will never pass both houses. Might not even pass the Senate. Look at which senators are up in 2014 and you’ll see which ones will not vote for it.

  • FurryGuy

    Gee, a very last minute deal that gives Barry everything he wanted, without ANY compromise on his part.

    Why am I not surprised. The GOP elites in Congress have truly tyrannized us into serfdom, or worse.

  • Patty

    Pray for Our Country, as it never has changed so drastically in
    4 years and not in a good way.

  • Ghost

    this ‘Deal’ means nothing.
    how are the conspirators gonna get this passed into Law?

    old vaudeville joke:
    A man jumps off the top of the Empire State Building and as he passes the 47th floor, a man looks out his office window and asks, “Hey Bud, how’s it going?”
    The jumper replies, “So far, so good.”

    they teach you in parachute school, “It ain’t the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”
    -get it?

    I remember a Kevin Costner epic box office failure was the apocalyptic vision of a futuristic, dystopian society, set in America, in the year 2013. hmmmm, what did he know?

  • http://themoneygoround.com muckdog

    Not a shocker. This has all been a bunch of Kabuki Theater. We all knew there’d be a last minute deal, and the end result would be tax hikes and promises to cut spending somewhere down the road.

    We’ve seen it all before. The cuts never happen. Cutting spending is against the government’s nature. They spend money to buy votes. They need to get re-elected.

  • jorgen

    No problem. Congress should now start to defund and cut spending to make up for the deal.

  • Oliver

    #9 – let’s hope they have the balls to do that. Was astounded to see they passed the Sandy relief bill with all the extra pork, and the piece de resistance — passing a bill to give themselves a raise.

  • Redwine

    I’m finished with the Republicans. No principles. No spine.
    Even if this non-deal goes down in flames, the whole cursed bunch need a solid thrashing. They work for us, not for their own self-interest.
    We’re going to need a Restoration of the Constitutional Republic – and we don’t have a moment to lose.

  • Multitude

    Let it burn to the ground.

    If the United States is going to be obliterated, let us at least agree that it will not happen on the timetable of the progressive wolves who intend to feast upon our nation’s sheep as they scatter.

    Even the Russian peasantry understood the nobility of abject resistance: Burn it all. Burn the fields, Burn our homes. Starve the wolves so future generations will at least be able to grow without their presence.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Toldja, toldja, toldja.

    There is absolutely no reason for Obie and the Democrats to give up anything at all, because given a little bit of time, the weak-willed Republican “leadership” will cave and give them what they want.

    And for those that say that the final bill won’t pass both houses, that may turn out to be true, but the fact is that the Republican “leadership” has once again demonstrated for all to see just what their supposed principles mean to them – nothing. They’re willing to negotiate it all away, in the name of doing something, anything. Had they proposed hefty tax hikes aimed at the wealthy in blue states or in those areas where Obie enjoyed clear and strong support from the wealthy and middle-class, then I can see getting behind that (and I would have), but that is not what they did.

    McConnell and his like are beyond useless.

  • Rose

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on the FEDERAL GOVT. They have SHREDDED a Gracious Nation to DEATH – and spent everything on wanton splurges like drunken sailors and the drunken Harlot Babylon, dizzy with the euphoria to blind staggering, SPRAYING the stolen goods of the Peoples’ VITAL NECESSITIES OF LIFE on pure TRASH.

    If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth. Said Ronald Reagan

    When the FEDS destroy the NATION AND CITIZENS of AMERICA, then when they find themselves in need of Mercy and Grace, they will find NONE for themselves in their own hour of need – BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES have destroyed so much of it.

    Those who come through will NOT BE AS STUPID as SUICIDALLY NAIVE American idiots who stand there and pour out to THIEVES, to their own death, telling themselves they do good, when they expend what GOD gave them TO DO GOOD WITH, but NOT ON WHAT GOD TOLD THEM to do with it, but by INVITING THEFT of themselves so they had nothing LEFT to do HIS CHOSEN works with. They used God’s Blessings to ENABLE EVIL.

    When Gracious People survive this horrendous mess, they will have been FORCED TO STUDY GOD and His Ways, not human vain imaginations, and there will be no one who will WASTE GOD’S BLESSINGS on UNREPENTANT THIEVES when there are many others GOD desires to spend Blessings on, AND DEMANDS THOSE WHO FOLLOW HIM IN TRUTH to STOP ENABLING EVIL, any longer. AND LYING TO THEMSELVES and telling themselves that in ENABLING EVIL, that they have “SERVED OTHERS” and DONE WELL, knowing in their hearts, that JESUS would NEVER enable the ACTS they are enabling.

    Therefore, the FED GOVT public servants who wantonly destroy the United States of America, our Constitution, and the People, the LEGITIMATE CITIZENS – They have a HARVEST of SEED IN KIND that has to come on a Certain Time – They must PAY THE PIPER, and no people can stand between a PIPER and HIS DUE – no PEOPLE can save those who run up a bill with the Piper.

    The Piper cannot be cheated of his Hire, and PLANTED SEED cannot be denied its HARVEST.

    The Federal Govt has done a great evil to America from nothing but an EVIL heart of jealousy and envy and Malignancy. We’ve had 60 years of PURE JUDICIAL FAILURE in America, and all it has done is created worse and worse EVIL to run rampant – it has not SPARED – it has FANNED THE FLAMES.

    Now it is crashing around THEIR ears and they don’t see.
    They cannot hold their DUE at bay any longer.

    Now American Citizens have to decide LIKE QUEEN ESTHER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT – God raised you up for such a TIME as this.
    If you will not perform as you KNOW you ought and raise yourselves up and save this nation, as our Heroes have done before – AS MUCH AS IT TAKES, ALL that it TAKES – NO LESS THAN IT TAKES – TO GET IT DONE AND ACCOMPLISHED.

    NOW is the Hour and if you do it NOT, then GOD will NOT cover and protect YOU, but He will raise up ANOTHER IN YOUR PLACE WHO WILL DO WHAT HE CALLS US TO DO.

    But you who REFUSE HIM to answer to call to SAVE THE NATION, you will be counted BY GOD as HE HIMSELF TOLD EVEN ESTHER THAT SHE WOULD BE – among the enemy who would themselves be destroyed.

    And Esther was scared, I think it fair to say, EVEN TERRIFIED. But she withdrew to pray and gained Courage and Wisdom and Heard God’s Plan, and went home again and OBEYED THE LIVING GOD, and followed His Word for her and His Plan worked well. NOT IN AND OF HERSELF did she move and do to help her people BUT AS SHE LISTENED TO GOD IN PRAYER!

    Now, there are many in DC who are also at this time withdrawn in PRAYER to the LIVING GOD and we know NOT the names of most of them, but those of us with EARS who have listened know the reports that the CHAPELS in Congress were so filled with BELIEVERS that they were WARNED very RECENTLY to STOP GOING to the CHAPELS and ALLOWING THEMSELVES to be counted in the number of those being seen to be PRAYING TO THE HOLY GOD OF ISRAEL.

    So we have those who as in the days of Elijah, THAT ELIJAH KNEW NOT OF, whom OBADIAH was taking bread and water to in caves under AHAB’S VERY FEET, and protecting, who were in FERVENT PRAYER AT ALL TIMES to the HOLY GOD of HEAVEN even our SAVIOUR.

    NOW we must rise up and SEARCH THE LORD for HIS WISDOM of what should be our part, OUR ACTIONS to help Save This Nation He Gave Us, as we ought to do, IN HIS WISDOM, and no more picking EVIL FOOLS as OUR servants to do it for us, like idiots who hire GYPSY ROOFING CONTRACTORS, go back to sleep and are shocked to find their ROOF AND SAVINGS ALL GONE. God will HAVE NO MORE MERCY on that garbage when the evil one’s lying to you, should ever get by with it ON YOUR WATCH again. EVER!

    So when your brothers SHOW YOU great evil done by one or other of these THIEVES, and you PERSIST on INSISTING “THEY ALONE” are the ones to lead us now – It will land on you as NEVER IN ALL YOUR LIFE.

    So get you Wisdom while it may be found, and drop the support of SHYSTERS! EVEN WITH (R) by their name.

    The Wisdom of SNAKES should NOT be your desire at this time!


  • Ghost

    Restoration? – ain’t gonna happen, we’ll never persuade them- We Lost that Battle
    Burn? – what?! in Hell? uhhh, got any other alternatives? I don’t like losing

    how ’bout DIVORCE? while we still can Win the War. Separate. Build Anew. Renew.
    re-read the Declaration of Independence, it is our License, “…it is (our) Right…Duty…”

    We can be the Free States of America, The Happy New America
    or, you’d rather wait for the Crash? and sob when it’s too late?

  • Rose


    TO BE VERY FAIR – McCain imposed the EXPIRATION DATES without NEED and WITHOUT CAUSE except his JEALOUSY of Bush, and with FRED THOMPSON’S ASSISTANCE, got it done AS HE WILLED, because of his own priority for CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM and SHAMNESTY.

    So let’s be VERY FAIR if we mean to FIX and NOT MERELY PILE ON one more and one more and one more LAYERS of ADDITIONAL MESSES we TRY to “CALL” FIXES but were ALWAYS DESIGNED to be MORE MULTIPLICATION of PROBLEMS in a POLITICAL GAME of Rube Goldberg’s MOUSETRAP.

    If you REFUSE to assess blame AND TRUE MOTIVE where it belongs, you olnly CAUSE the EXPONENTIAL MULTIPLICATION of GRIEF.
    ONCE is a mistake – MAYBE – MAYBE NOT!
    After that, we see what you are – and tis is 60 YEARS of exponential DESTRUCTION.

    So drop the FALSE SELF-EFFACING and SUICIDAL desires to lay your own head on your enemies’ DINNER PLATES.


    We didn’t get here by any ACCIDENTS.

  • Look-Out
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  • squeaky

    [Republican Sen. Rob Portman on Monday called on President Barack Obama to rescind government pay raises — including his own — saying they are out of line at a time the country is struggling to get its debt under control.] if the only thing to go through is a pay raise for these guys. when there’s no hand to mouth living in d.c. and the shared sacrifice comes at the expense of just one group…..

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    [Republican Sen. Rob Portman on Monday called on President Barack Obama to rescind government pay raises — including his own — saying they are out of line at a time the country is struggling to get its debt under control.]

    My God, come on now: Having been given what he wanted in the Senate negotiations for basically nothing, what reason does Obie have for humoring Sen. Portman? And since when has Obie and his Democrat handmaidens in Congress demonstrated that they actually give a sh!t about the massive government debt that’s being racked up with their tacit approval?