Do you remember the Ohio “Obama Phone” lady?
She said she was voting for Barack Obama because he was giving her a free Obama phone.

Yesterday, the Obama Phone Lady told Alex Jones she, “Darn sure won’t vote for Obama again!”
She also was rambling about going naked but it’s not clear what she was talking about.




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  1. Dont worry lady…being the brain surgeon you are I am sure you will try to vote for him again even though he is not eligible.

  2. Ok, Jim.

    Why do I get “waiting for (yada yada)”, some sort of data-mining service, when I come here.

    Then again, why do I get this when I search for loggly: (Note reference to OFA.)

    Read the twitter feed on the site.

    What is loggly, Jim, and why the hell are you using it? Am I being paranoid?

    Damn straight.

  3. From my link:

    @dnathe4th Dom, How can we help? Perhaps a deeper chat w/@scottvdp & @lucky33 from the OFA campaign to understand how they succeed with…

    Creepy, Jim.

  4. Of course the stupid scrunt won’t vote for him again … he won’t be on the ballot. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Terminally stupid is no way to go through life lady …

  5. Is there a 3rd term! :lol: hope not!

  6. Who cares what she thinks now? The One got what he wanted and doesn’t her anymore.

    As for us, we NEVER needed this one and her ilk. I;m gagging on the thought, but this one and her ilk are GP readers’ “fellow citizens.”

  7. “Darn sure won’t vote for Obama again!”

    Too late – you served your purpose.

    I don’t care who Traitor in Chief’s supporter but she has reptilian bad habit.

  9. She is useful idiot

  10. Too late you useless parasite.

  11. Who cares what she does–

  12. Yes she will….

  13. The women can’t speak proper english, how can we expect her to understand it…

  14. She probably already voted for him 3 times!

  15. Yes, she voted. She voted because she was given a cell phone. And now, ignorant of the fact that Obama cannot run again, she says she will not vote for Obama again.

    If you want me, I’ll be over in the corner quietly weeping for the republic.

  16. That didn’t take long.

  17. I know our dear leader is counting on each and every vote. Perhaps and Chevy Volt and another $2000 on the tax return. You all silly thinkin dear leader won’t run for a third term. Before you post Shadow, I now about the term limit, but dear leader doesn’t care

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