Obama Nominates Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary – “The Leader Our Troops Deserve” (Video)

Barack Obama somehow managed to nominate a Republican who is further left than himself on foreign policy for Defense Secretary today. Hagel is well known for his anti-Israel and anti-gay statements. Hagel also believes when it comes to Iran, America is the problem.

So he’s a perfect fit for a position within the Obama Administration.

In introducing Hagel today, Barack Obama said he is, “The leader our troops deserve.”
And, you know he means it.

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  • ★FALCON★

    I caught the end of the presser with Brennan. Obama said in hopes of a quick confirmation – we don’t like to have holes regarding National security.

    Meanwhile back in reality – Obama is the biggest threat to National Security.

    Illegal, unvetted, stealth operator, usurper.

  • ★FALCON★

    Krugman Passes on Treasury Secretary Job; Wasn’t Offered It Anyway

    In a blog post on the New York Times website, columnist Paul Krugman says no to serving as treasury secretary. Which is funny because he was never offered the job anyway.


    Too bad – it would have been a treat to see Obama’s brother in Keynesian economics have a chance to put his money where his mouth is and have what’s left of the economy implode.

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  • cavt

    Not really familiar with Hagel or his views. Heard that Powell endorsed him–not a good sign.

  • Retired Army

    Yes Barry, we know what you think we deserve. Hate you too.

  • bg


    just goes shows to go you that Obama doesn’t
    believe our beloved troops deserve much
    .. 🙁

    US even less..


  • Patty

    He wants the protest. Obama lives for protesting among the Republicans but at this point it seems it is a rarity that this goes Bi-partisan appointment.

    Obama will at nauseam continue to create chaos and blame on the Republican party but this time Democrats will also be under attack. If things don’t go to the little dictator’s liking he will fix it. He will by pass the Congress.

    The second term of Obama where we heard his work isn’t done, well, that was one truth Obama intends to keep. Chaos = Sal Alinsky.


    And I can’t imagine what Netanyahu has to say.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “Barack Obama said [Hagel] is “The [civilian] leader our troops deserve.”

    That would make one.

  • Patty

    Obama Picks Hagel for Defense; Anti-War, Anti-Israel Activists Rejoice


    The case against Hagel is clear. He has opposed sanctions on Iran while supporting negotiations with Hamas, the terrorist Palestinian group. He voted for the Iraq war but opposed it at a time when pulling out would have led to civil war and genocide. He has openly expressed bigotry against gays (for which he has offered a belated apology). He prefers a smaller military and a humbler America on the world stage. As does Obama.

    Those pro-Israel, pro-defense Democrats who argued that Hagel was “the wrong man, being considered for the wrong job, at the wrong time” (as Alan Dershowitz put it) now face the reality that they have been used, and abused, by Obama. Dershowitz in particular renewed his endorsement after being reassured that Obama would support Israel and stand up to Iran in his second term. Obama misled him, and to many others.

    Jewish legislators are unsettled by the choice of Hagel, a man who once railed against the so-called “Jewish lobby.” Sen. Chuck Schumer has refused to endorse Hagel. Even far-left Barney Frank, who covets John Kerry’s Senate seat, opposes Hagel. Perhaps now we will be spared the absurd, empty boasts of the likes of Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has insisted that President Obama “has been a better, more consistent friend to Israel than previous administrations.”[…….]


  • I think that the GOP should ignore it and let him go. Obama would just put up a worse candidate. Pick the battles.

  • bg


    October 9, 2002

    Watch Chuck Hagel Call for War in Iraq

    typical bait & switch.. *sigh*


  • hermie

    If this was a Republican President who nominated hagel. The MSM would broadcast his anti-gay, anti Jew remarks 24/7. But because it is ‘The Won’ who is placing him in this position the MSM will not bring up any of those who oppose his selection.

  • How can our men in uniform look up to leaders like this?

  • bg


    was it Hagel and another Senator (fat, white haired Dem, not Kennedy)
    who visited Saddam’s Iraq shortly before the war against the President
    et al wishes??


  • Adirondack Patriot

    This crap could have ended on January 20, 2013.

    Now we have to wait until January 20, 2017 before sanity can be restored.

    F*** it all.

  • bg


    Chuck Hagel

    [A recipient of two Purple Hearts while an infantry squad leader in the Vietnam War, Hagel returned home to start careers in business and politics. He made millions as co-founder of Vanguard Cellular, and served as president of the McCarthy Group, an investment banking firm, and CEO of American Information Systems Inc., a computerized voting machine manufacturer. A member of the Republican Party, Hagel was first elected to the Senate in 1996. He was reelected in 2002, and retired in 2008. Hagel is currently a professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, the chairman of the Atlantic Council, and co-chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. He also serves on a number of boards of directors, including that of Chevron Corporation.

    On January 7, 2013, President Barack Obama nominated Hagel to serve as Defense Secretary in his second term. The nomination is opposed by some members of both the right and left..]

    re: Georgetown University.. 🙁


  • DomesticGoddess

    Hey gays and jews – what do you think NOW?

  • MT Geoff

    Re #13: I was on active duty during the Carter and Clinton administrations. By and large, active duty people DON’T look up to such leaders, of course, but we love our nation and we respect the offices of the civilian leaders even when we despise the incumbents. I’ve saluted many a set of bars with no respect for the shoulders under them…

  • shadow

    was it Hagel and another Senator (fat, white haired Dem, not Kennedy)
    who visited Saddam’s Iraq shortly before the war against the President
    et al wishes??

    From the description, I’d guess you mean Rep Jim McDermott from WA. If that is the case, then no, Hagel did no go with.

  • Gail

    And then there is this!!!

    John Kerry

    Should we be complaining to our reps and senators about this man being nominated for Sec of State?

    This is the Senator Kerry that I remember —–

    I had a dream last night…

    There sat John Kerry before the Senate confirmation hearings for his appointment to Secretary of State. After the Chair had praised his vast “Diplomatic Experience”… Followed by praise for his integrity, honorable service, etc. He finally turns the hearing over to the rest of the panel for questioning… and here is where my dream turned to fantasy… For in my dream… the first Republican Senator to ask a question starts like this….

    Senator… you life story is a long and storied one…well known throughout the world… and the Chair has praised your integrity and diplomatic experience… I’d like to start by asking you to once again describe your famous Christmas Eve, secret mission into Cambodia … Which I find most interesting since you weren’t even in SE Asia during the Christmas time of year? Then I would like to ask… is consorting with our nations enemies part of your “Diplomatic Experience”… Like North Vietnam while we were at war? The Sandinista’s while we were engaged in conflict in Central America ? The butcher Assad and Saddam Hussein in the Middle East … and the Russians and Chinese when we were engaged in the Cold War?

    And would you explain to us how you recruited your fellow “Winter Soldiers” to come and testify before Congress about atrocities committed by our American Soldiers and Marines… when most of the so called witnesses you recruited… were never even in the military or had ever gone to Vietnam ? Remind us of your eye witness accounts of our Vietnam Veterans as being as ruthless as the hordes of Gangues Khan? Tell us when and where you observed that first hand Senator Kerry?

    And then I’d like to know why your citations for your Silver Stars were signed by a Secretary of the Navy… years and years after the war was over? And also, is it true as charged by eye witnesses… Your Purple Hearts were as a result of your own incompetence? Friendly fire by your own hand? These are just some of the questions I have… and should be answered before your confirmation.

    And in my dream… I was cheerleading the line of questioning and thinking subconsciously… “Ask why he couldn’t pass the Bar Exam… if he is so brilliant”? “Ask him why he parked his boat in Rhode Island … Was it to avoid taxes on it in his home state”? “Ask him how he has accumulated such grand wealth on the salary of a Senator”? “Is it true that your wealth was derived by marrying rich heiresses and widows”? “And ask him why the men who served with him in Vietnam … universally hate his guts… along with 99.9% of all Vietnam Veterans”? “Ask him if it is true that of all the men and women in the U.S. Senate… he is known to be the most egotistical of them all… only his good buddy, John McCain comes close. A man who also married well… Birds of a feather”?

    And then… I woke up! Ain’t gonna happen… Politicians are gutless!

    But I have to ask myself? Is this the face America wants to present to the rest of the world? A man who has made a career of lies, falsehoods and deceit? I can think of no human being… who symbolizes the term; “Ugly American” more than John Kerry. A liar, a phony, arrogant, piece of human dog squeeze if there ever was one!

    Is this a man we should be proud to be hailed as a “Great American”? Can any foreign leader ever trust a single word out of this man’s mouth… when it is documented that he has lied to his own countrymen… time after time after time… Is this the best we have offer? In a perfect world… this man wouldn’t even be considered for “Dog Catcher”… even though he did manage to capture two in his lifetime.

    He is an insult… a mortal insult… to all who have served.

  • saveus

    Th leader Iran wants as it goes nuclear without any effort to stop them.
    Jummy Carter and obummer perfect together to destroy the USA

  • OldSailor

    Let Zero try to get Hagel or Brennan confirmed WITHOUT A SINGLE GOP VOTE. The explosion of vindictive from 1600 Penn would be very entertaining.

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  • donh

    Wonderful….Post a military secretary named after Adolph Hitler’s favorite Philosoper…Chuck even looks like Georg Hegel…> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/97/Hegel.jpg/220px-Hegel.jpg

    But this picture of Ambassador Orek proves Up Chuck Hagel 100% correct about appointing a radical gay ambassador to Luxembourg….> http://www.theblaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ScreenSnapz0021-620×470.jpg

  • Vicky Hernandez

    My, my. Hagel thinks Hezbollah is legit and that wascally Jooooooish lobby is too strong… You know what they say about birds of a feather.

  • Run guys run! (our troops that is) this dude sounds very anti-Israel from what I’ve heard!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    In introducing Hagel today, Barack Obama said he is, “The leader our troops deserve.”

    How is the Secretary of Defense the “leader” of the Armed Forces?

  • Mad Hatter

    Where’s Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, N.O.W., LARAZA, and the LGBT drama queens at?

    Chuck Hagel and John Brennan. If I may use the phrase of the Alinsky left, “two old white guys.”

    Tsk, tsk, tsk on you Barry.

  • Ray

    I hate them calling him a Republican. He supported Obama twice for president.

  • Patty

    John Brennan’s extremism and dishonesty rewarded with CIA Director nomination

    Obama’s top terrorism adviser goes from not confirmable. in 2008 to uncontroversial in 2013, reflecting the Obama legacy


  • Patty

    President’s Nomination of Hagel May Encourage Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

    President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense risks increasing the likelihood that Iran will develop nuclear weapons. It poses that risk because Hagel is well known for his opposition both to sanctions against Iran and to employing the military option if necessary.

    These views are inconsistent with the very different views expressed by President Obama. The President has emphasized on numerous occasions that he will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons and will use military force if necessary to prevent that “game changer.”

    The nomination of Hagel thus sends a mixed message to the mullahs in Tehran, who will likely interpret it as a change from a red light to a yellow or green one when it comes to their desire to develop nuclear weapons… This is the wrong time to send mixed messages by nominating a man who has, at best, a mixed record with regard to sanctions and the military option against Iran and with regard to having Israel’s back.

    I can come to no other conclusion that Dershowitz is a clandestine agent for Iran, with op-eds like these serving as cover.

    Well, it’s either that or he’s a delusional, progressive hack.


  • Patty


    Alex Jones Detained By TSA

    Talk show host threatened with arrest for not removing shoes

    Radio talk show host and ardent Homeland Security critic Alex Jones was detained by the TSA at Austin-Bergstrom airport earlier today and threatened with arrest for refusing to take his shoes off at a security checkpoint.

    Traveling to New York to appear on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Jones had already showed his ID as he approached the metal detector. Jones and colleague Rob Dew noticed that a large number of people across all age ranges were not removing their shoes as they walked through the metal detector. The x-ray body scanners were not in use.

    As soon as he approached security, Jones was addressed by a TSA screener who said, “Hello Mr. Jones,” indicating that she knew who he was, and immediately ordered him to remove his shoes.

    When Jones refused, citing the fact that innumerable other people had not removed their shoes, the TSA screener claimed that only under 12′s and over 75′s were not mandated to remove footwear under TSA policy.[………….]


  • Charlie


    Hagel is a patriot and I am a conservative and support him. He is an excellent choice. Israel and Judaists are the biggest enemies of conservatives, patriots and America.

    As a passionate supporter of Israel and Judaists (people who call themselves “Jews”), who once always took Israel’s side in every conflict, I was surprised to find that liberalism, pornography and the massive 3rd world immigration and diversity that are destroying us are fiercely promoted and forced upon the American and European whites by Jewish people.


    1. Jewish Larry David, creator of Seinfeld, urinates on a picture of Jesus:


    2. Israeli Lawmaker Rips Up ‘Abominable’ New Testament

    Direct Link: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4257174,00.html

    3. Recently, a Rabbi celebrated the destruction of Europe by Muslims and said:

    ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing’

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God.


    There are 100’s of examples, enough to fill a book.

    It was very shocking and painful to see the people we love and admire so much trying to completely destroy us and our nations. Why?

    This is because Judaists are taught from childhood the Torah (Old Testament) and Talmud by their parents and rabbis, which books state that they are “Jews”, descendants of Middle Eastern/African Torah patriarchs like Abraham (who was a p__p and sold his own wife Sarai as a pros…..e to an African pharaoh). They worship Moshe, (anglicized to Moses) as their prophet.

    Judaists are also brainwashed from childhood that have always been persecuted by others who they call “goyim” (eg. Exiled in Egypt, Crusades, Holocaust) and that White Christians often tried to exterminate them, so they must destroy society’s cohesiveness and culture by using the divide and conquer strategy, such as by promoting the alien invasion, multiculturalism and race baiting. So they feel justified in using criminal tactics to maintain control, steal and exploit the goyim.

    Judaists also want to destroy white Christian nations like USA because they hate Jesus, and believe Mary was a whore and Jesus is in boiling excrement in hell. (See online: Talmud Unmasked). The Judaists hate Christians more than Muslims or any other religion because they consider deification of Christ the biggest blasphemy (and because the New Testament blames Jews for deicide, etc). They spit on Christians in Israel, call Mother Mary a who.. and say Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell in their Talmud (“Talmud Unmasked” by Rev. Pranthis, “Jewish history, Jewish religion” by Israel Shahak.)



    Also see “Judaism’s Strange Gods”, by Michael Hoffman

    Unable to destroy white nations militarily, they instead resort to their third world war of bribing and controlling politicians and using Jewish controlled media to promote a massive human flood of 3rd world immigration, including Islamic terror, into White nations. They know that once the colored aliens are over 50% , they will rob, loot, steal, kill, plunder and exterminate Whites (like in South Africa), thus effectuating their exact plan. Why?

    Unfortunately, they are able to do that because most Christians are simple naïve people and do not realize that their biggest enemy are the Judaists. The Christians worship Jesus and assume that since Jesus was a “Jew”, the modern Jews are related to him and so worthy of worship. They also take the Old Testament literally and since it says that Jews are God’s Chosen People, they assume that these modern Jews were Chosen by God and must be loved and respect, not realizing that the Old Testament is an obvious forgery (See Thomas Paine, Age of Reason and McCabe: “Forgery of the Old Testament.”)

    In fact, most Judaists are European Whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the middle ages. See Arthur Koestler, 13th tribe; also Dr. Schlomo Sand’s award-winning book reviewed on:

    Also see: http://www.khazaria.com

    Also see: The Fallacy of Biological Judaism, By Robert Pollack, on:



    Hapologroup Q links Ashkenazi Jews to the Khazars:


    Their Torah (OT) is a “forgery” (See: McCabe) and “spurious” (–Thomas Paine). That is obvious from book 1, page 1. The Earth is not 4000 years old. Cultures (unknown to the scribes) flourished much before. Written records and archeological evidence using carbon dating show man’s presence tens of thousands of years ago, probably over a 100,000 years ago. A million people cannot live in a vast desert (without water or food) in a hostile nation for 40 years—and leave no trace.

    Moshe (an Egyptian, therefore African and Negro) never existed. His story is copied from the older African myth of Mises. Exile and Exodus never happened. For eg., as stated in “Deconstructing the Walls of Jericho” (by Prof. Ze’ev Herzog of the Dept. of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University):

    “This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the Land of Israel: the Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel….”



    The Negro Moshe could not have parted the Red Sea, not only because it violates the laws of physics, and there was no Moses, but because there was no Red Sea to cross, since Egypt and Israel have a common land border!

    The scribes who fabricated the Torah (OT) were negro barbarian criminals or “human animals” (–Hitchens) who lied about God and then made up self-serving lies that they are “God’s Chosen.”

    Jews are the cancer of America and white nations and conservatism.

    Anybody who supports Jews or Israel is not a real conservative. They are the essence of libbarbarianism.

  • Linda

    Make no mistake…For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Eccl. 12:14

  • hagel aint the leader the free world deserves.