Obama: I’m Nice to Republicans… “It Doesn’t Stop Them From Blasting Me For Being Big Spending Socialist” (Video)

During his press conference today Barack Obama played the socialist card,

“When I’m over here at the Congressional picnic folks are coming up and taking pictures with their family. I promise you, Michelle and I are very nice to them and we have a wonderful time. But it doesn’t prevent them from going on the floor of the House and blast me for being a big spending socialist.”

Oh waah.

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  • Patty

    #13 January 14, 2013 at 12:12 pm
    Stella Baskomb commented:

    Wonderful comment.

  • Injunjoe

    Waaa frickin waaaa. If you weren’t such a big spending socialist they wouldn’t call you one. Truth hurts huh you big spending socialist…

  • http://itsaboutliberty.com Roy Rogers

    And that is just some of the nicer things we call him.

    Lying Communist Rat Bastard

  • Rock

    Dictators always blame the opposition.

  • Highlander

    He’s not even trying to hide it anymore now, is he? He doesn’t say they CALL him a big spending Socialist, he says “they blast me for BEING a big spending socialist.” Big difference. Obama, you ARE a big spending Socialist, and you know it, so quit your whining. If you don’t want to get blasted by your colleagues for being un-American, then don’t BE un-American you moron …

  • cavt

    Poor baby–every one picks on the man-child who says we want to throw granny off the cliff, haters clinging to our Bibles and guns, we want to pollute water and kill the elderly, etc etc.

  • Everyone Gets a Trophy

    You mean like calling out SCOTUS in the SOTU. Zippy should take a look at how his predecessor was treated, and he’d understand why. The zipster just wants the MBM to agree that only Republicans should be treated to derision.

    How does politics work again?


  • http://Nah,he'llblameitonBush mountainwilliam

    Obama just announced at his press conference that he “demands” that republicans raise the national debt limit while also saying if they don’t that social security check and veteran’s benefits will be delayed. The great one also said that they had better not demand a cut to government spending. How long before the nation tires of his bullying and threats? Wake up, people and take our country back.

  • TrickyDick

    If the shoe fits, wear it. Have of the 16 trillion dollar debt was racked up under his watch.

  • http://Nah,he'llblameitonBush mountainwilliam

    It is past time for congress to investigate this man’s eligibility to even hold office.

  • bad actor

    This is what happens when an incompetent, unprepared narcissist gets elected to office. Everything is someone else’s fault; whines and throws fits if he can’t get his way; and ruins everything he touches. I hope our country can survive four more years of this insufferable lout.

    Where’s a bolt of lightning when you need it?

  • Highlander

    Mountain, they will use the same tactics that our local schools and police departments use … give us more money, or we’ll cut sports, or shut down the buses, or let the criminals have their way with you … anything they can think of to push our panic buttons and manipulate us. Threatening and extorting money from the taxpayers like this is dereliction of duty, bordering on treason. We HIRED these people to do a job, and why we tolerate these REPEATED FAILURES and threats is beyond me…

  • Rock

    Wawawawa President DingleBarry Soetoro with the poor poor pitiful me song and dance again, how tiring.

    The story on Walmart not reordering ammo seems to be legit (just called corporate office and they did not deny it), I told them I was suspending any future purchases with them.

  • http://www.youtube.com/53steveJ SteveJ

    What other president has ever been so concerned about what people say about him? This is a prime example of “dish it out but can’t take it,” like the playground bully who runs away blubbering after you get fed up and pop him in the nose.

  • http://Nah,he'llblameitonBush mountainwilliam

    #32 Highlander , but where are our representatives that we elected to do a job? So disappointed in John Boehner. He and our other elected officials need to stand up and be men and do what they were hired to do.

  • Patty


    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks from the bench; libs in a frenzy

    Justice Clarence Thomas breaks almost seven years of silence at #Scotus arguments

  • Patty


    Hate the slimes but here is part of story

  • Winston Wolfe

    What a punk.

  • John Q. Public

    Obama is a Muslim Marxist-communist.

  • Kate

    Obama is not a socialist; he’s a marxist. Doesn’t try to hide it and will keep on spending until the US economy is totally destroyed. He has got to be stopped. Sadly, I don’t see the Republicans as the ones who will do it. Weak wimps. When will they learn to fight?