Obama: I’ll Use “Whatever Weight this Office Holds” to Make Gun Laws a Reality (Video)

Barack Obama pursed his lips today and promised to use “whatever weight this office holds” to make his new gun laws a reality.

Obama used kids as props for his gun talk today.

Already, at least six states say they are seriously considering taking some sort of legislative action against the government on the new gun control laws.

UPDATE: Here’s Obama’s 23 Executive Executive gun control actions.

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  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Okay folks, games on! I also see he is going all in on this fight judging from his minions with the DoJ(LOL) and Big Drooling Sis climbing on the bus. Gloves off yet politically? Time to ram absolutely everything down this clown’s throat and let him choke on it. Drive him from office to a safe place, Leavenworth, Guantanamo, or wherever, heavily guarded by guys with guns for a very long rest and some psychiatric help.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    #14-“And the doctors as snitches. .are we becoming the old EAST GERMANY with the Stasi and neighbors snitching on neighbors!”

    in answer to your question–YES !

  • maggie

    Anyone else notice Eric Holder, boss of Fast and furious, out there in the audience? NRA should make another ad pointing that out.

  • USMC Thomas

    It’s easy to be for gun control when you have free guaranteed life time armed protection, paid for by those you deny the same.

  • Sam Stone

    “Hitler on children.

    “When one provokes in a child a fear of the dark, one awakens in him a feeling of atavistic dread. Thus this child will be ruled all his life by this dread, whereas another child, who has been intelligently brought up, will be free of it.”

    “Give me the child till the age of seven
    and I will show you the man.”

  • Rock

    Crap the biggest threat to our children and their future is the POS sitting in the Oval Office, along with Dingy Harry and Nasty Piglosi. Their legacy for America, a future as a third world dung hole unable to pay its bills, or defend its borders. Lord I do hate the Socialist Democrat Party.

  • hermie

    4. “Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.”

    The DOJ did so well with “Fast and Furious” didn’t it?

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Thus, Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac resorts to surrounding himself with elementary school-age children in order to increase the amount of gravitas that his misadministration seeks.

    Clinton hid behind the adult(?) Janet Reno’s skirts.

    Ozoneman hides behind those of minor children.

    My how the stature of the Office of the President has progressed under Democrats.

  • aprilnovember811
  • aprilnovember811

    Chris in N. Virginia,
    They’re his little human shields. Isn’t he sweet? Just like this man.


  • garrettc

    Most of these executive orders are toothless. Do you always answer the questions that your doctors pose about your private life? Only the ignorant do. Tightening up the restictions of mental disease and gun ownership?. Pulease. which entitlement will be gored to provide the money? Mostly for show for the liberal nut cases.

    I especially like #4. But does it apply to Chicago? How?

    In case you were wondering how the process of state nullification of Federal laws would begin. here it is. nullification of EPA and health care regs soon to follow.

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/metro/longterm/wallace/wallace1129.htm Valerie

    The statistics in this book stop at 1998.


    The thesis is that “shall issue” laws reduce violent crime. The question is, has this information been updated?

  • Patty
  • Patty


    How a Federal Menu-Labeling Law Will Harm American Pizza

    IN an op-ed published last year, the CEO of Domino’s criticized the proposed rule as “a one-size-fits-all set of rules for menu labeling that will result in wide calorie ranges for entire pizzas on menus consumers will not even see, but will cost small business owners thousands of dollars a year.”

    Those costs can range upwards of $5,000 per franchise location. The cost to grocers — a cost that, as with pizza, would no doubt be passed on to consumers in the form of higher food costs — would be even greater.

    “With 34 million ways to make a pizza, it makes no common sense to require this industry — which already discloses calories voluntarily, for the most part — to attempt to cram this information on menu boards in small storefronts,” says Lynn Liddle, who chairs the American Pizza Community, a coalition representing much of the American pizza industry.

    Source: Baylen Linnekin, “How a Federal Menu-Labeling Law Will Harm American Pizza,” Reason Magazine, January 5, 2013.


    Guns, Soda, Pizza, you name Obama has touched it.

  • usamopatriot

    Hey BO, FU.

  • Lim Lynn

    Danger ahead please prepare yourselves and be optimistic to survive.

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama: “I will use any leverage I can to shove this down your throats.”

  • cavt

    A lot of the posts here referencing the Nazi party’s use of children is right on. (History is still the most accurate teacher.) That is exactly what Obamaites have been doing since he was elected. Only a matter of time before we get Obama Youth.

  • burt

    He will put his weight on it, but don’t expect him to do any work – that’s against his religion. It might get in the way of his golf.

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