NYC Bus Driver Strike Turns Ugly: Vandals Slice Tires on 12 Non-Union Buses

8,000 New York City school bus drivers are on strike forcing over 150,000 children, including disabled children, to find their own ride to school.

The strike turned nasty this week when a private non-union company found twelve of their buses with slashed tires.
CBS Local reported:

With the New York City school bus strike now a week old, it’s starting to get nasty.

As CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Wednesday, buses parked in depot had their tires slashed in the dead of night.

The vandalism happened at a private bus company in Greenpoint, Brooklyn — MV Transportation — which operates Reliant Buses.

Overnight, a dozen buses were vandalized.

“We found about 12 vehicles — some of them four tires, some of them a couple of tires that are punctured and just flat,” said Adem Adem of MV Transportation.

The vandalism, or sabotage, happened not at the company’s main yard, but at a satellite lot a quarter-mile away. The satellite lot has no security camera, but bus officials said police were patrolling the main gate at the time.

Adem said it was a “possibility” that the reason for the vandalism could be that the company is hiring non-union drivers.

MV Transportation has been picketed, but has continued to run some routes with new drivers.

It’s funny how this type of violence often occurs when their is a union dispute, huh?

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  • Sasja

    It always gets ugly when unions are involved.

  • donh

    They pick a deep arctic cold front to strike and put buses at risk of crashing……Endangering the lives of children to extort higher pay….” Vorwarts………for the children ! ”

    I would be happy to drive my children to school every morning to shut the bus mafia down for good …just CUT in my property taxes accordingly.

  • bigkahuna

    They need to pay for any and all damages from union dues. and award double that for pain and suffering

  • Stephana

    The “union” police were patrolling the main gate. yeah right.

  • Mad Hatter

    Stay classy Union Thugs.

  • It’s for the children. In all seriousness, I am 52 years old and apparently very naive as I never imagined that my country was full of such vile people. The last four years have really woke me up.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    It’s funny how this type of violence often occurs when their is a union dispute, huh?

    Well, it certainly can’t be unexpected, especially in fields covering non-technical work.

  • Lim Lynn

    Guess if they sabotage those buses children should learn how to walk to school after worst case scenario happens the ancient way to solve the problem.

  • Jphat

    Funny, Unions don’t make the list of domestic terrorists yet they cause the most property damage. Ain’t that right West Point?

  • chas

    # 11, i agree.
    Can’t wait to see it on PSNBC.

  • juandos

    WTF?!?! Where’s the golden man-child to save the day here in this spat of Obamazoids vs Obamazoids?!?!

  • dunce

    The original impetus for busing was integration, the next logical step was doing away with neighborhood schools to further integration, because the neighborhoods were not integrated, it was “for the kids”. Who were the real beneficiaries? Consolidated schools were taken over by the unions and local control became a joke. Our kids education has been going downhill ever since, with horror stories every day of child abuse and political indoctrination. Home schoolers trying to save their children from the clutches of socialist engineers are attacked and vilified.

  • Lim Lynn–xJAS7U
    Wtf ? Miami ~ Black Helicopters Open Fire in Downtown !! Said to be a Drill 1/25/13
    I still don’t understand why a drill needed Black Helicopters fire downtown Miami. Seems Traitor in Chief is getting ready for the worst case scenario.

  • Beef

    Eff New York

  • just bob

    Criminal enterprise,RICO laws.

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  • Sam

    How do you know this vandalism had to do anything with the union and or workers? Maybe these companies had to find a way to get out of getting fined by the city for not being able to service 100% their contract. How quick some are to judge without any concrete proof. The unions are the easy target so they are the first to be blamed… Many criticize unions because they help employees come together so that employers don’t take advantage of them as is customary in “employer states” where the employer is “ALWAYS” right and the employee has no rights.

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