NRA Takes On Obama-Media in Latest Gun Rights Ad (Video)

The NRA released a new video this morning before Barack Obama held his press conference and declared war on the gun rights organization.

The NRA sent this latest ad out this morning…
When NRA suggested putting armed security in every school across America, mainstream media sharply criticized Wayne LaPierre — calling him everything from “laughable” and “tone deaf” to “whacked,” “evil” and “out of step with America.” Unfortunately for the media, America disagrees. Most citizens support armed security in schools — and the NRA, as evidenced by its 250,000 new members over the past month. So the media can go speaking for elites, but America will speak for itself. VIDEO

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  • Sam Stone

    Obama has fired the first shot in the coming civil war between those we delegated enumerated powers to that are now overstepping those powers. It is our obligation to refuse to obey illegal laws instituted by a dictatorial Obama.

  • snewsom2997

    Executive order is not Law, so he has done nothing. The house will not even bring his proposals up for a vote. Molan Labe.

  • Votemout2012

    Now this is how you take the fight to liberals. Republicans should be paying attention!

  • This ad lot better than first…

  • Hera

    I LOVE seeing Obama and other leftists being called out for their hypocrisy.Armed security for the elites kids gun free zones for the rest of us.

  • centra

    Obama pushes his agenda on the lives of children, so did someone else.

    Worth repeating saw this here earlier.

    “The state must declare the children the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will HAPPILY ENDURE ALMOST ANY CURTAILMENT OF LIBERTY AND ALMOST ANY DEPRIVATION.”

    Adolf Hitler
    Mein Kampf

    If they really wanted to stop shootings in GUN FREE ZONES they would let teachers, principles conceal carry. They also would not let the world know schools are gun free zones. It’s an invite to kill in a school. Hey come on in with your illegal gun we have no legal
    guns here to stop you.

  • ★FALCON★

    With the way the radical left had attempted to disarm us and with continued threats of the loss of Freedom, I can’t help but wonder if Sandy Hook and Aurora are False Flags.

    The left itself, with it’s maniacal diabolical desire for control of every aspect of your life, takes me there.

    This video is a Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, but the facts are the facts.

  • centra

    The majority of Americans have no common sense.

  • I find these two parts of the law extremely mind boggling…..
    ” Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks “….

    What ? Direct the Attorney General to review individuals, our AG is the biggest and most dangerous illegal gun salesman in the world, just ask two Border Agents families and the families of about 200 Mexicans across the border. Uh, Mr Prezzy when will we get real testimony on Fast & Furious ?????

    “Launch dialogue led by secretary Sebelius and Duncan on mental health” ?

    Most rational Americans will tell you that Sebelius & Duncan are Morons and are the ONES that should be checked for mental health issues….

  • RL

    > #3 January 16, 2013 at 2:53 pm
    > snewsom2997 commented:

    > Executive order is not Law, so he has done nothing. The house will not even bring his
    > proposals up for a vote. Molan Labe.

    Hopefully completely correct, no recourse. And that means that the jugeared cockroach & co. is/are really as dumb as he/they usually appear[s]…

  • mg4us

    Besides Obama using armed security at His daughter’s school. .

    Obama hides behind innocent children (like Al Quida and all good Jihadists do) whom he deceived. .didn’t these children know secret service with GUNS were all over and around the stage? With orders to PROTECT the PRESIDENT at ALL COSTS. .even if these little children became collateral damage. But heck. . .what does OBAMA know or care about collateral when he spends our country to poverty .

    How is it that these 23 executive decrees cost so much. .first I heard $500MM now $4.5 BILLION!!!

    Time to Impeach this radical Imposter and all those who stand with him.

  • Hypocrisy on Parade. Obama uses kids as props for his gun confiscation and gun ownership criminalization rant, all the while his kids are protected by armed guards 24/7 FOR LIFE, and at the same time, he sends Carney out to condemn the NRA for using kids in their ad promoting gun safety and the right to keep and bear arms.

  • mg4us

    Also, which Congressman or Senator has the courage to impeach OBAMA for his eligibility to serve as president. . .

    Show us the Birth Certificate and College Transcripts. . as well as passport, Social Security and Selective Service filings

    When DID OBAMA renounce his INDONESIAN Citizenship?

  • centra

    Was on the phone for over an hour trying to join the NRA, finally gave up and joined online. Seems alot of people are joining. Obama #1 salesman for the NRA. They should send him an award stating just that.

  • Sean

    You must use the Alinsky tactics against them.

  • Sam Stone

    On a local blog I am being slurred for saying the NRA has been vindicated and the rabid left keep insisting that the NRA called for “volunteers”. When I point out that the NRA statement by La Pierre never used the word ‘volunteer’ but the word ‘police’ was used 8 times and ‘armed guard ‘1 time. They find some other source with the word ‘volunteer’ and call me a liar. I keep saying La Pierre never used the word and they still continue to deny it and cannot produce it from the speech. They are INSANE.

  • Deborah

    Obama has 11 armed guards at his kid’s school. There were two unarmed guards in Benghasi. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  • Earthmover

    We need a background check on Obama.

  • Joanne

    Let’s face it. YOUR children don’t matter to Obama and his leftard communists – YOUR children are all expendable for the greater cause of furthering communism in America. And exactly how does putting armed guards in schools somehow add MORE guns in schools? Armed guards, teachers, or assigned others are not more guns, they ARE the guns in the schools. How many nutjobs are going to shoot up a school with armed guards to take them out before they get started? None, unless, they have a death wish. The nutjobs are going to go to those homes of people who oppose guns, but refuse to put a sign on their lawn stating their home is GUN-FREE! And guess what, they know it.

  • Joanne

    What do leftards do when an abortion clinic is attacked? They hired armed guards to protect the doctors and workers from people upset with them for slaughtering the unborn, but when Americans want children in schools protected from attackers, the leftards scoff at parents, teachers, and others wanting armed guards to protect them. You can’t make this crap up. What doesn’t make sense always has an ulterior motive, and their motive is to disarm America, and I wish conservatives on the airways would quick saying that they think Obama just wants to protect the childrenand thinks taking away assault guns is the solution – what a load of bullcrap.

  • owl

    My favorite part was pointing out that Gregory’s kids have protection and Obama’s have eleven armed guards.

    All these liberals want to disarm everyone but the criminals, while they hire themselves and their kids protection. All those gun laws do not seem to keep the little kids safe in Chicago or Detroit. Did you ever hear them talk about this crap while they watched those little kids die?

    But the Slimeball was hiding behind the kids today. Sicko.

    Can we call them Bad Oil Al Gores yet?

    Also……………could all the Repub talking heads refrain from saying that Obama’s kids deserve all those guards. Of course, idiots, but could you just shut up. I heard many on TV saying it and that makes my blood boil. Can’t you just fight for a change? It is dirty because they are dirty. Get it? Your rules do not do a thing except get you beaten up and I am tired of you not being in the game.

  • owl

    Why didn’t Boehner give a press conference and point out that the guns that Obama & Holder run into Mexico and gave to the criminals, killed hundreds.

    Why did I not see him pointing out how many small children the Preacher’s guns killed in Mexico?

    I am sick of not having any leadership that will get in the mud and fight this dictator.

  • Lim Lynn

    All whistle blower will be killed after Traitor in Chief is exposed.