They’re saying this could be the most watched game ever.

Alabama (12-1) versus Notre Dame (12-0) tonight at 8:30 PM EST.

The game kicks off at 8:30 PM tonight at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.
The AP reported:

Sometimes, the buildup to a game can overwhelm what actually happens on the field.

Certainly, No. 1 Notre Dame and No. 2 Alabama would have to play nothing less than a classic to live up to all the hype for Monday night’s BCS championship…

…For the Crimson Tide (12-1), this is a chance to be remembered as a full-fledged dynasty. Alabama will be trying to claim its third national championship in four years and become the first school to win back-to-back BCS titles, a remarkable achievement given the ever-increasing parity of the college game and having to replace five players from last year’s title team who were picked in the first two rounds of the NFL draft…

…Despite their impressive legacy, the Fighting Irish (12-0) weren’t even ranked at the start of the season. But overtime wins against Stanford and Pittsburgh, combined with three other victories by a touchdown or less, gave Notre Dame a shot at its first national title since 1988.

After so many lost years, the golden dome has reclaimed its luster in coach Brian Kelly’s third season.

Consider this an open BCS Championship thread—

Update: I just flipped the TV to the game and saw Bama already scored. Wow.

Update: Alabama scored again right before the half and lead 28-ZIP. The announcer added this after the last touchdown, “If this was was prize fight they’d call it off.”

Update: It was never even close. Alabama wins its third championship in four years under Coach Nick Saban.




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  1. Roll tide! First to the goal!!

  2. Could there be two more unlivable teams?

  3. Obama visited Notre Dame and not Alabama so Dame will lose….Obama’s death touch.

  4. 14-0 Bama. Great Team, representing great folks.

  5. turned it off hour in. what a disaster

  6. Must be on ESPN, so I won’t watch it, but then again I don’t miss that cable bill. I just have to watch some better Roku TV.

  7. Yay for worshipping a bunch of amateur athletes from the ghetto…

  8. I am a Tennessee fan and am dreading my brother-in-law rubbing another Tide title in my face.

  9. #5,

    You might have something there. Alabama is up 21-0 early in the second quarter. If I recall, Obama went and campaigned for some Democrats in Governor races a few years back, and they lost.

  10. What a nightmare for the Notre Dame fans. We’re a Bama household, though in GA. Daughter is a recent grad and other daughter is friends with the Sabins…very good people. Kids who play for the Tide are GREAT kids. Let’s not insult them with ghetto comments. They have incredible discipline and Coach Sabin rides them hard and doesn’t sign the ghetto boys.

    I feel sorry for ND at this point. The SEC is incredible!

  11. Not a fan of neither team but I knew long before the bowls even started Notre Dame was just a good team not a great team. ND should have been beaten by BYU and Pitt two unranked and average at best teams.
    Northern Illinois would have played Bama better tonight. Its only half time the Irish are in for a long and looks to be an embarrassing 2nd half.
    There are at least five teams that should be in this game and ND is not one of them.
    Good Luck Irish maybe the leprechaun can start at QB to start the 2nd half you are going to need all the luck you can get…..

  12. Notre Dame was demoralized early with two miserable calls. Sure, they’ve been outplayed since, but it’s hard to put your heart into it when you know the cards are stacked against you. I don’t think I can remember a football season where the officiating was ever as bad as it has been this year … in college or pro.

  13. Looks like the ONLY UNDEFEATED team left is …. Ohio State!

  14. I haven’t cheered for ND since they bowed down to Obama.

  15. grew up a Notre Dame fan, everything they were and did-
    always believed they were the Good Guys.
    after serenading The Zero, they deserve harsh karma
    let them suffer every public humiliation, piss on ‘em

  16. Highlander …Quit blaming the officials , you sound like Obama. A lot of the experts and odds makers said Notre Dame did not deserve to play in this game.
    Who is better ?….
    Kansas State
    Florida State
    and I would add maybe even Texas A&M….
    OH NO… 7 min into 3rd and another Bama TD….Yeah The Irish deserved to be in this game.
    Think I’ll go to bed before Bama puts in their 3rd string to put more points on the Irish…

  17. Shows the misguided power of “hype”…..either Oregon or Texas A&m would have been a much better game.

  18. While I can’t root for Alabama,I do respect the way they play. Run the ball,play tough old school d,and don’t make stupid mistakes. I hate watching spread finesse teams like Oregon and most of the B12.

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