Nigerian Islamists shot dead 15 hunters at a market on Monday for selling pig and monkey meat.
Reuters reported:

In the deadliest attack, late on Monday, gunmen opened fire at a market in the town of Damboa, targeting local hunters who sell bush meat from animals such as monkeys and pigs, which strict Muslims are forbidden to eat, a local official said.

“Gunmen suspected to be members of BH (Islamist sect Boko Haram) came to the town market and shot dead 13 local hunters on the spot while five others died from their injuries at the hospital,” Alhaji Abba Ahmed said. “They came to the market in a Volkswagen Golf car, carried out the operation and left.”

In a separate attack in the north’s biggest city of Kano, some 500 km (310 miles) west of Damboa, on Tuesday, suspected Boko Haram members riding on motorbikes shot dead five people playing an outdoor board game, witnesses and a hospital source who received the bodies said. Two others were wounded.

Damboa is in the remote northeast, the sect’s heartland near the borders with Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

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  1. “See how these Muslims love each other!”

  2. Looks like those BH guys misunderstood when the Preezy o’the United Steezy said that “al-Kayda [sic on purpose] is on the run.”

    They probably thought he said al-Kayda is running amock. / sarc off

  3. If they aren’t allowed to eat pigs and monkeys, then DON’T EAT THEM!!!
    No need to kill people. What on earth is wrong with these people???

  4. Obama will almost certainly, almost immediately dispatch 100-200 logistics support specialists to the area to see to it that Niger’s F15 aircraft are refueled when needed.

  5. Breaking:

    The Sun Rose in the East This Morning!

    Water is Wet!


  6. Just can’t comment on this because it is too bizarre.

  7. Heinous!!

  8. Mayor Bloomberg unavailable for comment.

  9. these gunmen sound just like the kind of people are politicans want to bring to the united states. put at the head of the visa list.

  10. Islamic Fascists to the core; the scenario is always the same (kill, maim, enslave). Yet, Obama loves it and he even made sure that Kenya had a Constitution that supports Sharia.

    It presents a strange dichotomy for the POTUS. He supports Islamic Fascists and therefore their methods, but professes to uphold the Constitution of the US. He is really a complex guy, at least that’s what the talking heads who support him would have us think.

    Those, who think for themselves, have come to another all together different conclusion.

  11. Religion of Peace strikes again……..

  12. If you live in a country where pork is forbidden, then where did the market people get the pig meat/ I bet there isn’t a single pig farm in Israel. Just sayin’.
    Oh, well, the more they kill each other the less there are of them.

  13. The fascists in Nigeria are killing Christians on a daily basis. There is no peace with Islam, just broken pieces.

  14. Islam = death

  15. Just a few years ago, Nigeria was evenly divided between Christians and Muslims, but more recently Nigerian Islamic Fascists have been murdering and maiming Christians at an alarming rate. (It is one of their ways of changing the demographics.)

    A new study says that the Muslim population in Nigeria is projected to increase by more than 50% in 2030, from about 76 million in 2010 to about 117 million in 2030. (They have lots of babies, and their women have them at a younger age.)

    It is an informative study, and you can read the highlights here:

  16. It’s not just in Nigeria.

    Here is what they do in the Netherlands:

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