New Leftist Video Game – “Bullet to the Head of the NRA”

New liberal video game – Bullet to the Head of the NRA

Leftists have put together a new video game where you get to shoot your favorite NRA officials in the head. You can download it online.
Pete M. at Free Republic reported:

I saw something today that upset and deeply disturbed me. I was walking past my son’s bedroom, where he spends all his time on his computer playing those damn games of his. I stopped when I heard the sound of Wayne LaPierre’s voice as he gave his speech about the Newtown massacre. I was surprised my son, who is just 14, was getting involved in anything political, but I was glad he was exposing himself to the right people. I opened the door, intending to tell him how proud I was, when the image on the screen stopped me cold. It was not, as I suspected, a video of Wayne LaPierre’s speech, but was in fact a virtual recreation of the event, a video game. And in the game was a virtual Wayne LaPierre, standing at his podium, giving his speech… with a crosshair over his head. Before I could even utter a word to scold my child, he clicked his mouse. And the virtual Wayne LaPierre’s face disappeared in a spray of blood.

I was horrified. I must have yelled at him for hours. I demanded to know where he got this game, and he showed me the thread on a website called “facepunch”. You can see it for yourself here.

The libs think it’s funny.

Meanwhile… The liberal media is outraged that the NRA released a phone app target shooting game this week.

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  • “By their fruits you shall know them.”

    Who advocates killing the political opposition? Whose policies blatantly create soft targets? Who wants to make sure that ordinary people cannot protect themselves, and cannot make their own way in our society?

  • Joe Blow

    Oh, but the media, Hollywood, liberals and such like thinkers will tell you violent video games do NOT inspire violent behavior. Obviously they have never been in a class room where kids that can’t read act out every move they saw on a violent television program from the night before.

  • Sasja

    Pete M would be well advised to limit and monitor his son’s time playing games on the computer. Surely there are other pursuits this child showed some interest in before he was allowed to plop himself down in front of a monitor and waste whatever brain power he has to play mindless games. Our children were only allowed a certain amount of time for watching TV when they were growing up. Of course, they also had chores which seems to be lacking with today’s youth.

  • Sasja

    I am curious about one other thing. How does a 14-year-old boy have the ability to order anything online? How does he pay for it? Or was this video a freebe?

  • Look-Out

    Make Obama and Biden and Feinstein do something about this.

    EVERY time gun control is mentioned.

    You’ll NEVER hear them comment on this sickness.

    They’re NOT after doing what’s right and good for a heathy society.

    Because they themselves are sicker than most could ever imagine.

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    Another example of why it is dangerous to give up weapons to progressives. Yes, they will oppress, intimidate, incarcerate, and kill their unarmed political opponents. The democratic party carefully cultivates the hatred they instill in their supporters. The democratic party, from President Jarrett on down, teaches its followers to forget the arguments, just hate the republicans, hate the conservatives. Republicans and conservatives are considered immoral. Progressives have moral superiority and are enlightened. It only makes sense that immoral awful, horrible people be eliminated so the next logical step for a good progressive is to kill the evil ones. Hence, the game. Hence, talk of shaming, registration, listing, confiscation. Fascism is rising.

  • Sasja

    To me, this is more about parenting than what anyone in government should, or should not do, about violent video games. A child’s learning starts at home and when you have absentee parents, this is what you get. I’m sure this man is well-meaning, but from what I read, he abdicated his role as a father to some mind-numbing computer games. His comment that the child spends all his time playing computer games is a red flag for me. If he wants his son to be exposed to the right people, it is his responsibility as a father to make that happen. Not some video game.

  • airon-later

    I surfed through the initial forum where this was first posted and this whole nonsensical narrative that Hoft and Free Republic are blatantly pushing as some “Leftist Game” was created, as many flash games are created, by one person and has no real merit within the national discussion. However, now that it is being distributed here by a serial distortionist – and lapped up like so much cream by Hoft’s mouth agape followers – it will likely spread to places like HotAir, Fox Nation, and will most assuradly be trumpeted by the major Right Wing talk-radio players and on Fox”News”. Your patterms and behaviors are predictable I almost feel sorry for you.

  • walknot


    And will no doubt go viral on the leftist sites by the end of the day. But it will be the fault of conservatives…

  • MN Jim

    obama himself said “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.”
    Libs have always fought and played dirty.

  • airon-later


    ah, such projection and spin. thanks for the laugh

  • Lim Lynn

    Socialist Democrat Commie has always the best imagination to kill NRA members. But it won’t work cause Gun Owners will snipe them down if they do it in the real world. Thus, release anger and frustration towards the wrong direction and using wrong method.

  • Lim Lynn

    Their motives are becoming as clear as the daylight. Thus, NRA members should beware through the Year 2013.

  • Highlander

    You’ve got to be kidding me. We need to make this go viral. What really disturbed me were some of the comments ….

    Like …. “What bothers me most is that the main game is going to be about reenacting the Sandy Hook massacre….”

    SERIOUSLY? Who would be stupid and insensitive enough to make a game about killing those kids?


    “I loaded up the actual game but the demo level was very limited, it uses the same map of the aurora shooting game …”

    There’s actually an Aurora Shooting Game out there?

    One commenter says he thinks it’s some sort of “meta-joke” … I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not laughing. Forget the fact that the targets in this game are NRA people, the whole concept is just SICK. I know I probably lead a sheltered life, and that this isn’t the first such game, but whatever happened to Obama’s calls for civility and all the accusations they made about the evils of “targeting” people after Gabby Giffords was shot ??? We’re better than this as a society, aren’t we? Anyone who thinks there is NO LINK between “games” like these and the violence we’re seeing in our youth today is a complete moron in my opinion….

    I can’t believe that the people who have the brain power necessary to develop these games are wasting it coming up with this sort of garbage, and I also cannot believe that nobody recognizes what playing a game like this could do the impressionable mind of a child. And Jesse Jackson wants firearms manufacturers held responsible for firearms violence? What about THESE creeps? I think anyone who produces what is essentially a mass murder training video like this is far more culpable. These idiots should called out in front of the families of the Sandy Hook victims and be made to answer for putting games like this out there on the internet where they can easily fall into the hands of our children with no parental controls or knowledge whatsoever.

  • Freddy

    Sooner or later, socialists ALWAYS need to KILL millions of people to get their way.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    No doubt the sequel will include Lincoln, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, MKL Jr., George Wallace, Gabby Giffords and eternal-poster-child Brady as well. I’m sure the Progs will be wet-dream orgasmic at all the egalitarian “fair” possibilities that could become valid targets. Why, they could even include sufficient historical context to qualify for Educational Software teaching grants…..or something.

    As for the “created by one person” nothing-to-see-here brush-off — let one Westboro (Ersatz) Baptist member do his/her predictably whacked-out “thing” and that action is de facto a valid representation of ALL conservatives whereby they must ALL be condemned.

    Goose meet gander.

  • Look-Out

    Sasja’s making a good point about parental monitoring of computer use. It’s always surprising to read a young teen is spending so much time on a computer, unsupervised.

    But remember how much was made about Palin’s crosshairs over an Arizona district – not even a person – following the Tucson shooting. So let’s hear from the hypocrites. These are the sick games they use to destroy the minds and hearts of our kids.

    Given the chance, they’d train our children just like radical Muslims train theirs.

  • Highlander

    The problem Sasja, is that YOU or I have NO CONTROL over what “game” another parent lets their child play. It’s great that you want parents to be more responsible, but the fact is, there are a BUNCH of them out there who aren’t, and I don’t want my irresponsible neighbor’s kid sitting around fantasizing about shooting NRA members (or anyone else) in the head with a high powered rifle, or building a nuclear bomb and blowing people up. I’m not necessarily calling for CONTROLS on this sort of thing, but I AM asking the morons who’re developing this trash to show some restraint. I’m asking them to be good Americans. I suppose when half the liberal population hates this country, that’s just asking too much, isn’t it?

    It’s no wonder people are so angry and depressed lately. Watching what’s happening to this country is enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel …

  • donh

    This is likely coming FROM THE GOVERNMENT….CIA agents are BIG into online gaming….

    Sean Smith , one of the agents killed in Benghazi was messaging his fellow agents through On Line Gaming sites…>

    As Hollywood studio arts now merged with all the powers of a dictatorial state project their fantasies out INTO reality …we enter a WORLD of DEEP trouble….

    The people who WRITE the zombie movies begin dictating reality …plotting controlled slaughters to spread the State religion of mass satanism ….assassinating enemies of the state with impunity while slavish media reads off stock narratives like ” apparent suicide “.

    For all would be assassins….STUDY THE HISTORY OF STALIN….ALL of Stalin’s top butchers who killed in obedience to the State met violent and untimely DEATH…..” car accidents” & ” suicides “..

    An assassin was given a mission , and then another assassin was dispatched to kill the assassin….Because above all else the Dear Communist leader is VAIN and has a false Saintly image to protect with the People he deceives……. that means KILLING a lot of witnesses who know the truth.

  • Oathkeeper66

    Our nation is at a tipping point, just as it was in 1755 (look it up). We are a nation of severely divided minds and ideologies and neither can co-exist with the other any longer. Violence at this stage is inevitable, it is going to happen and it will NOT be started by the side of Constitutional believers and supporters. Violence will come from the left, the socialists, the sick twisted minds of hate and fear, as it has so often in the past. Disarming Americans, banning certain weapons, clips, whatever, will not and has never stopped crime from occurring, it increases the likelihood of it occurring. This is rational thought supported by a vast mountains of evidence throughout history. Australia banned and confiscated guns, crime and deaths from guns has risen. This is recent, not 50 or more years ago. Don’t believe me, youtube it, plenty of testimony out there. The socialist party, formally known as the Democrat party, is on a crusade. It will stomp out all who resist, it will not be limited by laws, and most certainly not by the Constitution. It will not be stopped with reason or logic for it does not operate with either. Socialism is a hatred, a disdain, a lie. It will consume the weak minded, the powerless, the defenseless and it will destroy all it touches. My friends, America is coming to it’s end as we know and knew it, it can not survive intact when so many powers that be are working against it, such as media, hollywood, state and local governments, and yes now even our own president, senate and supreme court. (No capitalization is deliberate) We who love this country, love our God given freedoms, have the passion and desire to see our children, and their children live in a country that protects those freedoms, have a choice to make; We either stand up, stand on the tallest soapbox we can find and shout at the top of our lungs, “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore”! and then organize like minded people to join us in our fight – and it is a fight now, not a debate, or we go down. There is no doubt some parts of the nation can not and will not be saved, such as the Northeast where liberals have had a stronghold for generations, but if you, like me live in this area, organize anyway, fight anyway you can, we may be surprised because in the end I would like to believe even a democrat wants to remain an American who can choose their own fate, even if many most are lost to the lies of socialism. We are at war, make no mistake about it. If you think all this will pass and we will all sing the National Anthem again in harmony and love, you’re fooling yourself. Obama and his his supporters, the senate and their insanity, the media and their lies, Hollywood and it’s out of touch professional liars, Unions and their eagerness for violence and destruction of the very businesses and taxpayers who pay them, the education system from pre-school to Harvard and every community college in between, have been fighting this war on you for decades, it is now coming to a back against the wall, fight or flight situation for the freedom of the people and the survival of the Constitution. I’m going to fight, hard, with every ounce of strength I have, with every one who will stand with me. I am not going to lie down and die. I am not going live under tyranny, I am not going to live on my knee’s. I am a patriot, and if I must die I will be among thousands of great men and woman who have gone before me defending the rights and freedoms my children and of those who will come after me. I didn’t want this, I don’t want this, but no longer can I sit back and do nothing. So to all those who will join me, you can find me, join me. I also highly suggest you go to and join them. No, it isn’t my organization, I do belong to it though, along with thousands of military, police, fire and civilian alike. Read what we’re about. But if you continue to just sit back sending twitter messages and emails and FB posts, not putting words into action is the same as doing nothing. War has been declared, not by me, not by us, but it’s a war declared on us and we will either fight it or surrender and perish. I made my choice, what’s yours?

  • Highlander

    I wonder if Airon-bater would be so ready to dismiss a mass-murder training game that featured his ignorant mug in the cross-hairs?

  • Bigkahuna

    Replace NRA official with prezzzie jug ears and let the screaming begin

  • BurmaShave

    It looks as if the leftists are much more for gun violence than they admit. Surprised?

  • BurmaShave

    …but they will bash Palin shamelessly for “targeting.”

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  • oldguy

    The use of guns to eliminate your enemies? Ironic, of the liberals, wouldn’t you agree? The Democrats seem to possess infantile minds incapable of reason or an appreciation of irony.

  • listingstarboard

    Unplug that kid and throw him outside with a lacrosse or hockey stick.

  • airon-later

    Well……..I notice that Hoft and the commentors are silent about this –

    How convenient. Predictable, really

  • 18Delta

    So let me get this straight, the people who abhore guns and don’t know how to use guns want to start shooting at people who own guns, practice with their guns, and are not afraid to use their guns to defend themselves. This is just another fine example of how flawed liberal thinking really is.

  • Here we have the typical Liberal mentality…advocating violence and calling for murder to prevent law abidding citizens from being armed. These people are frightening. More proof these people’s brains don’t function properly.

  • JDR-Taq

    #4 Sasja

    I haven’t read the whole thread yet, but hie thee to a local Walgreens. There is a rack with a hundred different cards hanging from it, that look like credit cards attached to an instruction card. Some are for Steam, an online game service that allows you to download home-brewed games such as these.

    And also, no, it is not at all outside the realm of possibility that the kid bought this online.

    It is quite common these days for kids to have their “allowance” put on a prepaid Visa debit card.

    They’re FREE. Go to Greendot dot com.

  • JDR-Taq

    #28 airon-later

    I suppose it’s troll-feeding time.

    I don’t see anything at all wrong with that app. “Coffin-shaped targets” is a stretch, and the feigned outrage is an even bigger stretch.

    Meanwhile, have you played Borderlands 2 yet? I’ve got this robot that I can summon, shoots laser beams which ignite flesh. I’ve got a whole bunch of weapons, grenades, and armor. Sniper rifles that burst-fire three rounds of electrically-charged doom when zoomed. Shotguns that occasionally shoot rockets. You should see it when a Bandit head explodes, or when I hit him in the knee and he limps back to cover.

    And yet…

    I have no desire to see people killed. I l endeavor to live my life like 1 John Chapter 4.

    Those are pixels, not people.

    I, unlike many school+pharma-drugged youth these last 20 years, understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

    GTA 5 is coming out next Christmas. Like Borderlands, it is also subversive and violent.

    By subversive, I mean: it’s not Leftist by a long stretch.

  • Old White Man

    It’s pretty easy to see what the hardcore progressives (read Marxists and Anarchists) are trying to do – empower their wussy child followers to adopt an attitude of violence. Right now, as things sit, the majority of the left followers are young adults embracing a popular ‘peace’ movement. It is going to take VIOLENCE to remove the conservatives, but without violent followers who are capable of cognitive thought the left has no hope of ever displacing the conservatives when Push meets Shove.

    Example: Just prior to the National Socialist takeover of Germany in the 1930s there was open street warfare between the Socialist followers and the Communist followers. Right now the Socialists in America are made of up children – but the hard core Left intends to school them to be effective, IMHO.

  • @#28 airon-later: I’m not surprised one bit that a Liberal can’t differentiate between the Liberal’s murderous game and the NRA’s target practice game. The difference is the NRA site you gave the link to is about target practice to be proficient and responsible when using a fire arm for GOOD purposes such as target practice, hunting, or self-defense. While the Liberal site is for EVIL purposes to murder innocent law abidding citizens just because they don’t want them to have guns. You don’t like the somewhat of a coffin shape? Well, that’s exactly where we want the bad guys to go, while that’s where you vile Liberals want to put anyone who disagrees with your agenda.

  • #3 January 15, 2013 at 8:40 am
    Sasja commented:

    Those games aren’t mindless. That is the secret of their appeal. They are challenging, tricky puzzles, often filled with jokes. They are excellent teaching tools.

    And that’s what’s going on, here. Remember Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist with a wealthy family who helped him beat a murder rap? He was planning to kill 20-25 MILLION of us, when one of his bomb labs blew up and all his followers melted away.

    Bill Ayers is now deeply involved in our high school education system, and you know he would approve of this game.

  • JDR-Taq

    As long as people are allowed to program computers, you are going to see games which offend you. There are Chinese games where you kill Japanese. There are Mexican games where you kill Americans. There are games where you kill Jews. There are games where you kill Irishmen. There are games where you kill Arabs, businessmen, NRA Presidents, Barney the Dinosaur, GW Bush (omg, quite a lot of those…), Sarah Palin, and yes, even our great benighted “leader”.

    Perspective is needed here.

  • JDR-Taq


    Those games aren’t mindless. That is the secret of their appeal. They are challenging, tricky puzzles, often filled with jokes. They are excellent teaching tools.

    You should play Borderlands 2. Or Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Or Grand Theft Auto 4, especially Lazlo’s radio stations. (The previous GTA games were also decidedly conservative in their story and messages…. amid a backdrop of what Burgess called “ultra-violence”.

    They are CHOCK-FULL of — get this: conservative propaganda. Like you wouldn’t believe.

    The VG industry is kinda like Hollywood. But they are not Lockstep Libs. Not by a long stretch. Bethesda Softworks games also have a great and undeniable strain of conservatism in them, both the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout games.


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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    ..I notice that Hoft and the commentors are silent about this –

    Well, considering that those targets don’t actually look like anyone recognizable…unless you’re seeing faces in those shapes, in which case I’d like to know who you think they are.

  • JDR-Taq

    #39 BJS

    Well, they must be the coffins from Sandy Hook, right? And, uh, the NRA is saying we gotta shoot the coffins because, uh, GUNS!

  • Highlander

    Airon-baiter – get real. The “NRA” game, which from what I understand wasn’t even produced by the NRA, is nothing but a standard silhouette target practice game. If you can’t see the difference between THAT, and a game that specifically identifies and targets individuals in the NRA for death, than you’re far more ignorant than I thought you were … if that’s even possible.

  • Highlander

    I ask again … I wonder if Airon-baiter would be so ready to dismiss a mass-murder training game that featured his ignorant mug in the cross-hairs?

  • Mad Hatter

    Typical left wing hypocrisy. They always complain about gun violence, and the “crosshairs” that Sarah Palin put on a map, and now look who is simulating murder of someone they hate.

    The Alinsky Left can never practice what they lecture.

  • Patty


  • Patty

    President Obama specifically mentioned children during his December speech in response to the shooting.

    “Can we say that we’re truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?” he asked. “I’ve been reflecting on this the last few days, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We’re not doing enough. And we will have to change.”

    The press conference will take place Wednesday at 11:45 a.m.


  • Mad Hatter

    Patty commented:


    Why are you so surprised, and outraged over this? The left always uses children to push their political agenda. How many times have you heard the left in the House, Senate, or in a Press Conference say “we have to do this for the children.”

    It’s to make the public react with emotion when they see or hear about children. If the children weren’t mentioned or shown, then people would think the matter or debate through. The last thing the left wants the American people to do, is to think. The left pushes emotions since that’s the easiest way to push their agenda.

  • Winston Wolfe

    The Left wants war. I say we give it to them.

  • Patty

    #46 January 15, 2013 at 12:44 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Not Surprised what this dictator does.

  • nadadhimmi

    The liberals are starting a Civil War. They are not practiced enough in arms to defeat the Conservatives. Believe me, sportsman know how to handle their firearms much better than do typical urban thugs and Obama voters. Federal agents are also aware they can’t enforce unconstitutional dictates without at least a certain percentage meeting armed resistance, ie, getting their asses shot off. These agents won’t even try after the 1st or 2nd episode.

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  • TheDefLeprecon

    Words from our prez: “If they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.” (He must have meant that for the gangbangers here in Chicago). Also, “The Republicans are holding a gun to the head of the American people.” Tsk, tsk, such violent words from the loving, liberal, progressive, tolerant left.

  • Lim Lynn

    Whether Traitor in Chief is becoming more paranoid like Stalin who doesn’t trust his top assassins that would leak out information on their dead bed. Only time will tell after we notice the total death of assassins.

  • David

    So….When does the rebellion start. Also, did the NRA sue the publisher for that game. I would view it as a direct threat against my life if it was me in that game.

  • airon-later

    As to the accusations being leveled at me with such specious language and no basis of fact – the NRA is directed tied to the app, the socio-political cross-section of America that doesn’t kowtow to reaction Right Wing prattling in no way wants war, or any fashion. In that regards, such commentors that even marginally suggest it are opting for projection and are openly ignoring the own rich history of those that they follow and parrot with such religious fervor.

    People, regardless of ideological standpoint will often create such games, images, and films to draw and emotional response – nothing more. To even fractionally believe that the poorly constructed “Bullet in the Head” game did so to draw out someone with weakend mental faculties in order for direct action be taken against the NRA is to be the type of person that would believe that playing Need For Speed is going to make you go out in your car and instigate a car chase, or that seeing someone smoke a cigarette is going to make a person run to the nearest store and pick up a pack.

    But, by all means, continue creating your colorful strawmen and ignoring the real issues at hand under the alleged banner of “but it’s my right”. You only serve to make yourselves look like the blithering fools you truly are.

  • As usual, Jim Hoft is lying. First of all, this was created by a gamer, with absolutely nothing to suggest his political position on anything. Second, there is no game here, only a few screen shots and a crude demo of the part where you can shoot the NRA guy. That doesn’t stop Jim, in his usual fact-free manner, from stating that it is some sort of sinister liberal plot.

    Jim, you really need to grow up and take some responsibility for yourself.

  • Sandy

    For those who hate hypocrisy — YOU AIN’T SEEN NUTHIN YET!

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  • Shane

    Hey!! Hey, look at me!! Do you know what I see? A bunch of people spouting opinions….but no logical, proven facts. Not one….anywhere….about studies or outcomes or statistics (that can be proven)…hell, not even one rational approach towards a rational reaction. I see whining, I see “professional” complaining but the most obnoxious people are those that make long winded speeches towards a “historical turning point” and how “oh its all this person/these people’s fault for all our problems.”

    Here are some tips for a proper discussion or debate that I’d like you all to listen to. When discussing things like this its best to avoid insults, empty facts (statements that have no ground), blatant “I’m angry so there” comments, general comments about how “this country sucks, we should just leave” (anything along that saying), threats, accusations or ANYTHING that can label you as a hypocrite. That being said I see most if not all of these elements in just about every comment being left here, so way to take this up so terribly. Why should you listen to me you ask? Well, I analyze democrats and republicans for a living…liberals and conservatives….independent and people that downright refuse to associate with politics…..I know ALL of your political approaches. Don’t tell me I don’t and that “you’re special” either because I deal with people like those that think they’re “different” five times a week for nine hours a day. Public opinions…. overrated.

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  • Judester

    I remember when the left went ballistic when they accused Palin of using cross hairs, then the net went crazy saying the Target store sign was a cross hair. A sin for thee but not for me, typical progressive move.

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  • Microtrend

    This game was not created by “leftists”

    It was created by a person who has made multiple distasteful games based
    on controversy generating incident worldwide.

    He previously made one where you play as the Auroro movie theatre shooter.

    I know this is asking as lot, but you’re headlines should reflect some degree of
    reality. This very short, technically crude game, was made for shock values
    and “Lulz”, nothing else.

  • BarbaraS

    Such nice people…not. It is infantile to think something like this is funny.

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  • @ #55 airon-later: Yeah, didn’t think reason and logic could possibly get through to you.
    @ #59 Shane: Well, aren’t you special. Since you seem to think you’re the smartest person here, maybe we should all shut up and let you be the only one to comment. You arrogant jerk.

  • Highlander

    Isn’t there any way we could petition someone for some better trolls? The ones they’ve been sending us lately are really pathetic …

  • Shane

    Annie J. So….because I know the facts and I’m experienced with dealing with your kind….I’m arrogant and a jerk? Makes total sense…

  • Steve
  • Torental

    What a poorly made video game. Person who made that must have made it using a game engine built in the 60s or something. The graphics sucks.

  • YourMaster

    someone should copy that format… and change it into a videogame targeting liberals and democrats (like 0bama, reid, michael moore, pelosi, michelle 0bama, mad cow maddow, etc.)
    (make 0bama speak arabic, and dress in muslim garb and wear the communist symbol to insult the left further)

    ….like what could they do about it… they could be outraged… and go off that those games should be banned and illegal… but then you just bring up the format was taken from them and freedom of expression is a form of free speech protected by the constitution.

    you should also ask them why aren’t they so outraged about the NRA shooting game? *lol*

  • American_Spirit

    Twice in the last 15 or so years has it been made clear that law abiding AMERICAN citizens need to prepare to protect themselves, their family and the sanctity of their home by arming themselves however they deem necessary.

    First: When Osama bin Laden declared war on Americans, ALL Americans, military and civilian in the late 90’s. This war is not over and we need to be prepared with borders left un-defended, the rise of Islamic Extremists leading well armed countries and a rogue nation in the mid-east plowing toward nuclear amament with destruction of Israel and the USA as its goal.

    Second: When liberals recently began openly indicating that Republicans should be shot, that NRA members and leaders should be killed and wishing that these people should just be killed as part of the response to the mass murder in CT. There has not been any condemnation coming from Democratic leadership and/or the President to stop such terrible calls for action nor has there been anything from the media on it. You must be prepared to protect yourself, your family and your home from these kinds of crazy people by arming yourself however you deem necessary.

    A gun is a tool used by the average citizen for protection against tyrrany, criminals and enemies bent on causing someone harm. A gun is a tool used by the hunter to secure food for his/her table. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution provides for this right endowed by our creator and those elected to uphold and defend it are now the ones working to take it from you.

  • John

    This isn’t funny, but neither is the new NRA phone app. In fact nothing about the NRA is funny. They represent gun MANUFACTURERS where their money comes from, not real gun owners. How many gun owners have assault rifles. They want protection for their shotguns, rifles and even handguns, but rarely need assault rifles.

  • Ah, yes. Your comment of “So….because I know the facts and I’m experienced with dealing with your kind….I’m arrogant and a jerk?” proves my point.

  • @ #68 Shane: Comment #74 is for you.

  • dwdude

    “‘though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil” should we form a militia to intimidate them at their place of business? if these people only knew the staggering number of people carrying ar’s in their trunk, they would be scared to death. the elimination game is going to have to begin soon if we are to stay ahead of the curve with these black hearted sob’s

  • alhamzha

    #8 – dbl tap!

  • Track Back

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to have some hacker change the target in that game.

    It is just a game right?

    Or is it a government sponsored training exercise to promote violence against those opposed to those in power?

    Just a wondering.

    I really don’t give a flip, I just want 2016 to get here soon and allow us to restore sanity.

  • Repousa

    Maybe we should start making our own “murder the opposition” video games. We could start with Sandra Fluke, washer brain Schultz, Al Gore, Chris Matthews. But we know that If we did, there would be 20 executive orders issued regulating the creation of video games and Obama would appear on the news surrounded by children.

  • Highlander

    #55 – Airon-baiter – do drugs much? That entire comment was nonsense ….

    When you come down, try again and maybe someone will be able to respond to it …

  • Joe Cool

    I just blew up a bunch of people in Call of Duty and thats alright, but the second I go around shooting some guy nobody even knew about until a month ago I’m now an enemy of America?

  • TptLead

    How is this game leftist? or rightist? The NRA says “good guys” should shoot the “bad guys.” They did not define either. They may have assumed they are the “good guys.” But, people in this country are free to disagree with the NRA and consider them the “bad guys.” If the NRA has a problem with that, they need to look to themselves for the root cause.

  • Chris

    Now I don’t support this game’s message, but I’m damn sure supporting this game.
    A lib addressing this game has two options:

    1. Claim that they don’t support it, and by extension claim that they do support the NRA.
    2. Claim that they do support it, and by extension claim that they do support murder.

    It’s a massive lose/lose for liberals everywhere.

  • I’d just like to announce here that over half of Facepunch, while liberal, oppose gun control. I myself am conservative but I frequent the forum, and so far I’ve observed that most of the anti gun people on the forum are from the UK, which comes as no surprise since the british people let their government disarm them a long time ago.

  • vin

    Keep your tin foil hats on folks, it’s not made by leftist developers it’s made by a-hole developers trying to get a rise out of you. And it’s working perfectly 😀

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  • Ross

    It’s free speech. Deal with it

  • So much butthurt, this game has achieved maximum trollage with minimum effort. So many dumbs in this country.

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  • Virginian

    Good game.

    LaPierre should be shot.

  • timbo

    Obviously the outraged author didn’t get the irony of his son’s actions, or of the point to the game. People like this generally don’t. What’s frightening is his oh so democratic perspective, on initially hearing the sound of La Pierre’s voice, that his son’s apparent political leanings were towards the ‘right people’. There are no ‘right’ people, just informed choices, and a right to choose – at least in a true and unfettered democracy. God help this kid when he gets older – I dare say he isn’t allowed to venture any opinion that doesn’t gel exactly with that of dear dad the intolerant. ‘Free republic’ – yeah right.

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