ND Star Football Player’s Inspirational Girlfriend Story a Hoax (Video)

This is soooo bizarre…
Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te o told reporters he was duped after it was discovered his inspirational story about a dying girl was a hoax.

The AP reported:

Not long before Notre Dame played Michigan State last fall, word spread that Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te’o had lost his grandmother and girlfriend within hours of each other.

Te’o never missed a practice and made a season-high 12 tackles, two pass breakups and a fumble recovery in a 20-3 victory against the Spartans. His inspired play became a stirring story line for the Fighting Irish as they made a run to the national championship game behind their humble, charismatic star.

Te’o’s grandmother did indeed die. His girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never existed.

In a shocking announcement, Notre Dame said Te’o was duped into an online relationship with a woman whose “death” from leukemia was faked by perpetrators of an elaborate hoax. The goal of the scam wasn’t clear, though Notre Dame said it used an investigative firm to dig into the details after Te’o disclosed them three weeks ago.

The hoax was disclosed hours after Deadspin.com posted a lengthy story, saying it could find no record that Kekua ever existed. The story suggests a friend of Te’o may have carried out the hoax and that the football player may have been in on it — a stunning claim against a widely admired All-American who led the most famed program in college football back to the championship game for the first time since 1988.

** Manti Te’o will hold a press conference later today.

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  • Ghost

    how could this happen?
    how could such a Grand Hoax be perpetrated? and everybody just believed it?
    Nobody?! was curious enough to ask any questions?

    I can’t believe a hoax like this could exist? No Way! not in our modern society where information is everywhere, I mean, nobody could keep a secret like this, right?

    I dunno, I believe this hoax story is a hoax,
    and you all now are Hoax-irthers.

    Stop Bothering me with all this hoax nonsense, I wanna be left alone to believe whatever I wanna believe, and besides I wanna be cool and hip, and going along with this hoax of a hoax is not a good way for me to stay with the “in-crowd”, the “cool crowd” – Y’KNOWW!

  • Pink Tie Republican

    He clearly was in on it, in a bid for the Heisman. Otherwise he is dumb as a box of rocks.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    I bet she knows (Julia) Obama..
    You think she was a composite of GF’s just like Julia?
    I’m thinking Barack and Julia and Kekua and Manti had dinner one evening.

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  • ★FALCON★

    This schmuck will be confessing to his role in this deliberate fiasco – or his NFL career will be over before it starts.

    According to Te’o – he is the victim of a hoax, yet, Te’o also claims he met her. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/01/17/cardinals-

    “She was tall,” Mauia said. “Volleyball-type of physique. She was athletic, tall, beautiful. Long hair. Polynesian. She looked like a model.”

    Here is the original story – http://deadspin.com/5976517/manti-teos-dead-girlf

    2010-2011: Te’o and Kekua are friends. “She was gifted in music, multi-lingual, had dreams grounded in reality and the talent to catch up to them” (South Bend Tribune). “They started out as just friends,” Te’o’s father, Brian, told the Tribune in October 2012. “Every once in a while, she would travel to Hawaii, and that happened to be the time Manti was home, so he would meet with her there.”

    Hoax reveals “Reba’s” photo stolen from Facebook to further Hawaiian Hoax Number Two.

  • http://Nah,he'llblameitonBush mountainwilliam

    Anything for 15 min. of fame. Nobody could possibly believe with all his money that he had an online relationship and never went to meet the girl. Guess he thought it would help him in his bid for the Heissman.

  • BlueStateRepub

    I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one…cuz the bitch ain’t real.

  • JDR-Taq

    This is FAR more important than Obama’s fake BC. Or Benghazi. Or Fast & Furious. Or the ten thousand holes in the Sandy Hook Massacre story.

    Yes, let’s focus on a celebrity football player getting taken by a con.

    WOW! the MSM is less than worthless.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    Man ti Te’o……………………………Barack Obama

    Born Hawaii………………………….Born Hawaii (shrugging)
    Notre Dame………………………….Chicago
    (outside Chigago)
    Fake online gf (Lennay)…………..Fake composite gf (Julia)
    All American FB player……………..Throws like a girl

    3 out of 4 aint bad..If Obama had a fake son,we found him

  • Lim Lynn

    The Moral of the Story is don’t believe everything but investigate till all possibility that is eliminated. Thus, it’s proven to be hoax. Who cares about it.

  • Multitude

    Welcome to the Culture of Obama. Elections have consequences… we all now have the right to create whatever histories we wish as our own. That and $7 million dollar vacations, many times a year.

  • tj

    Don’t feel bad Manti.. you had a fake girlfriend.. we’ve got a fake pResident!

    Hawaii.. looks like a lot of tall tales originate there!!!

  • tj

    btw.. if the press did half the job on Obie’s eligibility as they did about Manti’s GF.. we wouldn’t have this gun grabbing dictator sitting in the White House..

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    Breaking News:Barack Obama has found Lennay Kekua’s birth certificate

  • NitneLiun

    NoSuch Dame.

  • Objective Analysis

    Up is down. Down is up. Man, Notre Dame and Taoi thinks he has to create a hoax like this to get attention instead of let your field do your talking?

    I think he is gay.

  • Chris W.

    Notre Dame should expel him if he hasn’t graduated already. This is conduct unbecoming of a person in his high-profile position.

    So he has a girlfriend who he’s never actually seen in person? I call BS that he is a victim here. No way. Star Notre Dame linebacker can’t get a flesh-and-blood girlfriend and settles for one online that he has never actually spoken with? Nerd and sad, lonely people have that happen to them, not superstar college athletes. He is a liar, through and through.

    It wouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact that he milked goodwill and sympathy and no doubt got a lot more votes for his various awards because of his “feel good” story.

    Expelled. Go get your degree elsewhere, you fraud.

  • shadow

    I wanna be left alone to believe whatever I wanna believe,

    Spoken like a true right winger.

  • shadow

    NoSuch Dame.