Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in history, told House members tonight to “Do your patriotic duty,” and vote for the fiscal cliff crap sandwich. Pelosi also urged Republicans to vote for the crap sandwich because, “The American people told us it was important to work together.”

“Let us all be very patriotic tonight, support our middle class, support our democracy, vote “aye” on this strong bipartisan legislation.”

Obviously, Democrats don’t want to be stuck holding the bag.

The bill will punish the middle class and raise taxes on those making $100,000 a year by $2,000.




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  1. “Patriotic Duty” is having a 2 am vote and then slinking off to parts unknown?

  2. Holy Crap On A Cracker!!

    What is she smoking? Same stuff she was smoking behind close doors when she passed Obamacare. But now she is open about it. From one nightmare to the next!

  3. Um why don’t you do your constitutional duty and pass a budget?!

    I know that I am not supposed to hate…but I do.

  4. Are you guys watching this vote right now? I am SICK to my stomach watching the systematic destruction of this Sovereign Constitutional Nation. 7 min remaining.

  5. OT: another article published on the mysterious Hillary head injury / plane crash in Iran:


    “around Tehran and the Gulf Emirates, debkafile was already picking up insistent rumors claiming that Clinton was seriously injured while on a secret mission in the region in the first week of December. Some claimed that in the same incident, Americans in her party – advisers and security personnel – were either injured or killed. Those rumors did not say what her secret mission was. However, the episode described occurred shortly after Dec. 1, when, as debkafile reported at the time, Obama administration officials and senior representatives of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei launched secret talks on Iran’s nuclear program.

    Although our sources have not identified the negotiators on either side of the table, one of the theories floating around certain capitals claimed that Hillary Clinton three weeks ago was on her way to a secret meeting with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in regard to those negotiations. The plane carrying her from Bahrain logged its destination as Baghdad, but is described as having changed direction in midair and headed for Ahvaz, capital of the south Iranian province of Khuzestan. There, it was said, the Iranian president was awaiting her arrival. But then the plane ran into technical trouble and made an emergency landing and that was when she was injured…”

  6. Typical Democrat talking point. They’re attempting to redefine Patriotism as Government Tax Gouging, and out of control spending.

  7. Let the Dems push tax increases and then own it. The only thing I give a bleep about is more bs gun control.

  8. The YEA’s have it.

  9. It passed and someone told me the Republicans wouldn’t vote for it! HA! Watch for O to come out gloating yet again. He’s played the Republicans for fools and any one that gave him a “yes” vote will feel my wrath! IDIOTS IDIOTS!

    These dudes would supported King O Democrat or Republican should not be reelected!

    i wouldn’t trust any of these TOOLS with my time OR money!

  10. LIARS they are all filthy liars. Paul Ryan voted yes. Wow. Don’t I feel like a stupid dope… I bought into the hype that he was some sort of numbers guru and was ‘conservative’.

  11. Ryan is just another neocon, like Romney. They’re all the same (except for Dr. Ron Paul). It’s all a scam. Please abandon the bs, left-right paradigm. Follow the f’n money, idiots.

  12. Our rulers are enjoying their exploitation of Americans too much to allow a little debt to get in their way, they won’t have to pay for it after all. How is this not tyranny?

  13. Those who voted for it are neither Democrat or Republican; they are all officially Progressive today. They voted for the destruction of our economy, and they own it.

    The Republican Party can officially be declared dead today. The RINOs won.

  14. I once took an oath to protect the constitution of this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I still believe in that oath and feel that if I could, protecting it, would be to remove Nancy from office. Unfortunately I can’t influence the powers that be to arrest this criminal who is obviously a traitor to her country.

  15. “…Patriotic duty?” Isn’t this the same b*tch who pointed to all of the US flags waved at TEA Parties’ rallies as proof that TEA Partiers are racists?

  16. “The bill will punish the middle class and raise taxes on those making $100,000 a year by $2,000.”

    The Democrats intend to destroy the middle class,IMO.

  17. Only if she does her patriotic duty and commit suicide.

  18. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in history, told House members tonight to “Do your patriotic duty,” and vote for the fiscal cliff crap sandwich.

    Well Pelosi, I hope you feel like crap…after getting your crap sandwich, because that is about all we get from you and the rest these days!


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