Military Judge Rules Wikileaks Leaker Bradley Manning Was Illegally Imprisoned – Reduces Sentence By 112 Days

Pfc. Bradley Manning stole 250,000+ US security documents and released them on the internet. For these crimes he was arrested, detained and jailed. During his detention he was put on suicide watch and forced to sleep naked for a few nights. His lawyers used a claim of mistreatment to get his case thrown out.

Today a military judge agreed that Manning had been mistreated and reduced his sentence by 112 days.

Today a military judge agreed that Manning suffered illegal pretrial punishment during nine months in a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va. Col. Denise Lind reduced his potential sentence.
FOX News reported, via Free Republic:

A military judge on Tuesday reduced the potential sentence for an Army private accused of sending reams of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website.

Col. Denise Lind made the ruling during a pretrial hearing at Fort Meade for Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Lind found that Manning suffered illegal pretrial punishment during nine months in a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va. She awarded a total of 112 days off any prison sentence Manning gets if he is convicted.

Manning was confined to a windowless cell 23 hours a day, sometimes with no clothing. Brig officials say it was to keep him from hurting himself or others.

The judge said that Manning’s confinement was “more rigorous than necessary.” She added that the conditions “became excessive in relation to legitimate government interests.”

Manning faces 22 charges, including aiding the enemy, which carries a maximum of life behind bars. His trial begins March 6.

The 25-year-old intelligence analyst sought to have the charges against him thrown out, arguing that the military held him in unduly punishing pretrial conditions after his 2010 arrest.

Jailers at the Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va., have testified they considered Manning a suicide risk and that they were only trying to keep him from hurting himself and others by keeping him in a windowless, 6-by-8-foot cell for all but one hour a day.

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  • Patty

    Uncertainty as a National Security Issue

    This is America and when people try to hurt this nation giving out secrets that our of utmost secrecy we fail, our economy fails, the future fails.

  • Patty


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  • Ghost

    isn’t this Lind the same judge who ruled against LTC Terry Lakin?

  • dmacleo

    and ron paul calls this traitor a patriot.
    I worked nuke security in army, prp program, 2 man rules, etc.
    I never got in a huff and gave info to baader-meinhopf or read army brigade.
    should have shot this bastard.

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    Dress him up as a woman and send him ‘free’ to Libya.

  • Big Al

    Should have been stood up to a firing squad..period!

  • http://! l.barney


  • Lady Mondegreen

    I do no condone whan Manning did but this is America, we have a rule of law (even in the military) and he innocent until proven guilty in a court, not in public opinion. If he is found gulity – and it probably will be – throw the book at him, but until then, due process is due process.

  • Bart Roberts

    Look, readers!

    After it’s all over, Manning’s ENTITLED, get it? Entitled (as in Democratic entitlement) to a full presidential pardon straight from usurper-dictator hussein soetoro saebarkah (alias obama, alias Harrison J. Bounell). He’s entitled to obamacare socialized medicine, and to our tax dollars!

    And why not? Trial defense counsel: Soetoro does it all the time, classified to enemy interest!

    Indonesian-national, ururper-dictator soetoro has ordered the sending of classified documents to, and giving aid and comfort to, the Muslim brotherhood and to Communist countries.

    Guess what, readers! Soetoro cannot be tried for treason – he’s not a US citizen, he could be tried for treason against Indonesia, if he committed treason there. But he can (and should) be tried for espionage and a long list of other charges.

    Okay, here we go, keywords for the leftist Commie search engines: Espionage , Treason, Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.
    Bartholomew Roberts

  • S. Wesley Mcgranor

    Quite ridiculous is the award. Sure he gave classified information; and i thank him for it.