It was such a bold move.
Michelle Obama tried on a new look for the inauguration.
Via Drudge:

The lib media was not going to let a change this big go unnoticed.




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  1. She looks more like a transvestite dyke!

  2. whin yo hot, yo hot.

    whin yo not, yo not.

    an yew sho not hot, ‘shell.

    so who yew trine tuh fool, fool?

  3. Who knew our journalists were also low information voters?

  4. You sure that’s not Tina Turner?

  5. Looks like one of Maxine Waters’ rat’s nest.

  6. You’d expect the MSM to criticize these low-performing AA babies?

  7. Well, you can put lipstick (or in this case a wig) on a pig, but it’s still a pig

  8. Its the Beautitian from ” Tribute to Moms Mabley “…>

  9. The media is a business. Businesses exist to make money. Money is made by providing something the public wants. It’s a vicious circle but clearly this kind of “news” is a money maker, both for the left who will approve and the right which is having such a good time disapproving.

  10. Now we know what the Grinch would look like with bangs.

  11. I guess this is what frustration with losing an election looks like.

  12. The real question is does that hairstyle make her @ss look fat….oh wait every style does. Who cares I want to hear more about her toned arms and anti American stance and fresh food in school Natzi programs

  13. There’s only so much a wookie can do to change its appearance. Give her a break.

  14. She looks like a floozie to me, but it fits with her lack of taste in clothes.

  15. Its a wig. Easy to change back. I don’t think its flattering. It’s aging and makes her look rather manly.

    But the media’s desperation to approval of everthing about this couple verges on sick. The ‘cult of personality’ is dangerous to freedom and liberty. The media has become the enemy of liberty. This is so sad.

  16. She looks like a mentally unstable anmial…

    Wait! That’s exactly what she is!

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