Wild! Massive Light Fixture Smashes South Dakota Wrestler – Chilling Video

South Dakota prep wrestler Michael McCormish was trained to face many obstacles but he never expected this.
A massive ceiling light fell right on top of him during his match.

From the video:

To win the annual Madison Square Garden tournament, a South Dakota prep wrestling staple held at Madison High, Madison senior Michael McCormish knew he would have to overcome a number of obstacles, a tough opponent and an extra dose of hype among them. What he never imagined was that his school’s own signature light fixture would be the unforeseen challenge to take him out.

As first noted by Bob’s Blitz, McCormish was the victim of a terrifying action during a bout against a wrestler for Chamberlain High when the giant, iridescent-style light fixture that provides a solitary spotlight on the wrestlers in the Madison Square Garden tournament came crashing down as McCormish set up to start on bottom of a re-start. The crash was horrifying, with the fixture itself appearing to almost gobble the senior wrestler up.

Quick medical attention ensured that McCormish was safe, even if the crash startled and shook up all the wrestlers and those in attendance.

Remarkably, McCormish later tweeted that he was fine, and that the injuries he suffered from the crash only caused minor cosmetic damage, consisting mostly of a handful of stitches on the senior’s forehead.

He’s lucky he was in the position he was in, or this incident could have been much worse.

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  • bg


    thank God he’s okay..

    and can’t say with any certainty, but him being in that position
    (on hands & knees low to the floor) just may have, at the very
    least, saved him a lot of pain..


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  • Lim Lynn

    Thank GOD it didn’t electrocute him.

  • ★FALCON★

    Thank God Local Labor Unions didn’t get this kid killed.

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  • Mr. Saturn

    That kid must crap lucky charms or something.

  • maraz

    Were the light bulbs those “green” bulbs filled with mercury? If so… he may have been exposed to dangerous levels of mercury…

  • Lim Lynn

    Oblivion At The Mercedes Benz Superdome Super Bowl 47 2013

  • JDR-Taq

    #6 Mr. Saturn

    This wins the thread!

  • JDR-Taq

    #8 Lim

    Numerology is insanity.

    I could similarly come up with a pseudo-mathematical proof that Big Bird from Sesame Street is the Antichrist.

    This type of deception should be taken, as it were, with a grain of salt.

    No, actually, these types of so-called faux-mathematical “proofs” should be tossed out the window like they were both on fire and toxic. They are INSANE.

    Ever watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind”? Lim, I highly recommend it.

    There are as many of these hoaxes, including ones that use your own name, and your birthday, as there are hairs on my body. And I’m a pretty hairy fellow.


    Here’s another one, just for “fun”, but ONE OUT OF THOUSANDS.


    Google “numerology hoax”.

    PEOPLE!!! Don’t ever just research the “pro” side of whatever subject you’re researching.

    Most people just google: “Subject”.

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    Google “logic” and study the origins of Western logic. I know that Mandarin is your native spoken and written language. Language in the West originated in, among other things, Greek Philosophy (love of knowledge). You cannot and will never understand, nor be able to properly use, the English language unless you understand it’s origins.

    Etymology. etymonline.com

    This will show you the evolution of every word in the English (and many other) languages.

    I wish you luck in deciphering our written and spoken tongue. I cannot imagine trying to learn a language with no “ancestor” languages in common with my own.

  • JDR-Taq

    And Lim, I apologize for calling you an AI bot.

    It seemed like it, for a while. I used to study such research, avidly, and I even witnessed several such bots on Chat boards like Yahoo chat, even ten years ago.

    I could, and do, imagine that the science has advanced to the point that a bot could be made now, ten years later, whose purpose is to (???), using comment sections such as this one.

    Again, luck in learning English. Many of us natives struggle with it.

  • bg


    it’s been easy for one to think of Earth as being hell from time to time,
    also just as easy to dismiss the fleeting notion, however, Obama has
    convinced me there may be something to it.. /s/


  • OxyCon

    Wrestlers are tough SOBs.

  • Lim Lynn

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  • njrazd

    You know that light fixture had to be installed by a Union guy. They are the only ones allowed to do any work in NYC.

    Send the medical bill to the IBEW!

  • Robodog7

    This kid has a bright future ahead of him in the WWE, tables, chairs, ladders are standard issue there. Anyone who can take a falling light fixture the way he did has my respect.

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