Former Playboy CEO and left-wing nut Christie Hefner told MSNBC that global warming is behind the record murder rate in Chicago.

“Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anyone’s control and may seem odd but it is factually true. One of them is actually the weather. There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer and we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.”

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

That’s just nuts.

This makes sense… Hefner now works for the Center for American Progress, the top liberal think tank in the country.




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  1. It’s January you stupid twit.

  2. I wonder what she looks like naked

  3. Brains aren’t a requirement for the women who work in the Hefner organization …

  4. Gee. I live near Chicago and I haven’t felt like shooting anybody all month.

  5. Someone else’s moniker and email just appeared where mine should be.

  6. That ‘s not Blacque Jacques Shellacque posting here.

  7. #5 is not who it shows it is folks.

  8. Perhaps her old Dad had something to do with coarsing of life in general.

  9. Testing

  10. Jim,
    OK — Let’s all get this straight:

    Who’s on first.
    What’s-his-name is on second.
    I-don’t know is on third.

    . . . . Tomorrow is the pitcher which is when it will all probably be fixed.

  11. Wacko, what perspective could you expect when her mother-in-law is young enough to be her daughter.

  12. Having trouble, are we?

  13. Maybe she should offer them her porn magazine if they turn in their guns.

  14. MSLSD is a propaganda media arm of the Obama Administration. GE owns 49% of MSLSD. Another GE company, GE Financial Energy Services received a guarantee loan from the DOE in the amount of $1.46 million dollars to purchase the green energy energy company, Desert Sunlight Project in 2011.

    So it is important for GE owned companies to suck up to Obama, the democrats and any idiot that expouses “green energy” bs. They all profit from from big government. Thats what they preach. In the end, it is the American people that have to pay for all of thier lies and propaganda.

  15. And Democrats are getting more evil as Global Warming Mounts. So what is your point.

  16. Maybe free Playboy cable for Chicago is all they need to ‘cool it down’.

    But since nothing is free (except Obamacare) let’s blame ‘Global Warming’ and not lack of free access on the Playboy channel.

  17. True warmer weather you will see crime rates go up during warmer months in the year.

    But Global Warming, doesn’t enter into the picture.

  18. Dat cloud made me do it, officer!

  19. earlier today many of us have had to change names, emails etc, and I have changed mine, advice to everyone here, until the blog is fixed suggest all do the same. this blog has been hacked and the person doing this has everyone’s email

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