American cyclist Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France and a bronze medal at the Olympics during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, reversing more than a decade of denial.
Oprah aired the interview last night.

And so it ends in disgrace.




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  1. So what profit a man to gain the whole wide world and loose his soul?

  2. If I could care less about Armstrong and Oprah I would.

  3. The disgrace is on the whole sport. All of the people whom Armstrong was competing against were also using PEDs. Armstrong is a absolutely a disgrace, but so are all of the Floyd Landises and Albert Contadores of the world.

    Here is a link for sordid history of drugs in bicycling dating back to the 1800s!

    The sport isn’t dirty because of Armstrong. It’s is just plain dirty.

  4. yawn.

  5. Lance Armstrong is a cheater and a liar. In other dramatic and startling news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

  6. Pathetic–

  7. It isn’t the crime it’s the cover-up. The disgrace is all the people he called liars, all the lies he told about others, all the phoney(as we now know) law suits, etc.
    Oh and just because others did it doesn’t make it right.
    By the way for all those who say so what who cares…I wonder if you realize all the businesses you may buy products from that supported this creep. Let’s start with the USPS for example.

  8. Too bad Armstrong isn’t a black NFL player. He would be having lunch at the White House tomorrow.

  9. how come armstrong isn’t in jail or at least indicted. If the drugs ae illegal, or the alleged threats to folks were made. there are lesser but included charges out there. If he was a GOp supporter he’d be indicted.
    the left knows that Oprah sunk her career by endorsing Obama ,and as BarBara Wlaters is nearing 80yrs, the entertaiment gurus klnow that they will need another outlet for the stars, so they are helping oprah to come back as an interviewer-DNC flack. If she was gop she’d get bupkis..

  10. @Objective Analysis
    Lance Armstrong is losing his respect from his fans and his integrity is down the drain.

  11. When will Oprah have Obama on?

  12. Wow,,,, Lance a world class doper, and Oprah a world class dope, together in a room, YIIPPPIE…..Must see T.V…..NOT…..

  13. Oprah: “Barack, sweetie. Do poppers really smell like burning garbage when you smoke it before banging men’s rectii in the backrooms of conferences? ‘Cause I been wondering. Come on, Mr. President. You can tell me.”

  14. Until conclusive/tangible evidence was produced evidencing PED’s in Armstrong’s blood or urine, I resolutely refused to believe he was complicit and a doper. In view of his admission to Winfrey (and the world), he’s just a liar and a cheater.

    Nice going Ace. Don’t come back to Texas.

  15. @bigL
    About an issue a contaminated steroids manufacture approve by FDA causes meningitis made from androgen and testosterone hormones. Wasn’t it illegal Anabolic Steroid made and sold by illegal steroid ring.

  16. why should we give a rats azz? Oh, because the media won’t quit pumping this down our throat like a fat German with a $2 hooker.

  17. Return all the money you fraudently earned then.

  18. Doesn’t anyone realize Oprah fans are beginning to become addicted to Oprah TV Host turning to Catholic Jesuit Priest hearing confessions made by Lance Armstrong and other celebrities. It feels old school of gossiping.

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