KY Sheriff Denny Peyman Scoffs at Idea Obama Could Use Executive Order to Confiscate Guns (Video)

Kentucky Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman scoffed at the idea that an executive order would trump the Constitution of the United States. The eastern Kentucky sheriff made the news this weekend when he told reporters that he will not enforce gun laws he considers unconstitutional. On Monday Sheriff Peyman told Greta Van Susteren there is no way he would confiscate guns in Jackson County by an executive order from the Obama White House.

“You are never going to pull guns out of Jackson County.”

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  • American Woman

    So when will a story calling for Obama’s impeachment appear, Gateway Pundit?

  • Lim Lynn
    Priceless quote.
    Senate ready to fight tooth and nail over 2nd Amendment
    Q.E.D. Obama Emperor Traitor In Chief.

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  • joyo

    If the President uses His Executive Order to implement gun controls, Congress should definitely impeach him. If Congress passes gun control, we must fight any such law in the courts and when we vote in 2014.

    Wish we could impeach the Senate for not passing a budget for FOUR years.

  • Jack

    #4 Joyo I might add that you also stock up on ammo if you can ever find it again. Isn’t compliance to something unconstitutional immoral?

  • cavt

    Saw the interview. A true patriot who is loyal to his oath and the constitution–no to the dictator(like most dems.)

  • http://. WillofLa

    To relieve everyone’s fears, I was listening to an expert on Coast to Coast the other night and for sure as I found later, that it’s up to every county Sheriff to allow any gun law enforceable. If he doesn’t agree with the Federal law it’s up to him to enforce it or not. So if I was you I would contact your county sheriff and ask him if the government ordered him to go take your guns away, “would you?” You better hope you have a conservative and the kind of law enforcement officer who knows which side of the Constitution he stands because otherwise he’ll stand out of the way when Obama’s National Civilian Police Force comes down the road.

    And Obama is talking about this morning that we’ve all got a “notion” that he’s coming for our guns. And don’t forget Obama has a double reason to lie. One, he’s a Communist who would never tell us the truth, and Two, he’s Islamist who believes he should lie to us because that’s what we deserve. Especially us White people who have caused all the worlds problems, don’ ch ya know.

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  • http://. WillofLa

    And I heard on a news break this morning that Walmart is NOT going to reorder any ammo they’ve run out of during this latest rush, because they don’t know how the gun laws are going to turn out. Yeah, those sorry bastards would. That’s not the first time that Walmart has helped this government out. Like a week before the Patriot Act was signed into law Walmart was already withholding sinus meds from the public without a signature first and then you find out later that you can’t buy any more for 14 days. Their way of furthering the law, which they can, but you know no one else does that crap these days except for Walmart. Unfortunately as soon as all the other stores see Walmart do it, they all jump on board. Even though they don’t do any better than any other store by doing so, I would suppose that as soon as the other stores talk it over they to will be withholding buying any more ammo and then we’ll have exactly what the government hoped would happen….a major ammo shortage that Obama will take advantage of, Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals rule never let a crisis go to waste. Where do you think Rahm Emanuel got it? Saul Alinsky’s rules say you always try to turn a bad outcome into an advantage.

    Obama will do any number of things and I want to know what are people going to do about it? Are we’ going to march on Washington with our guns?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano’s article says our guns are for shooting tyrants (politician’s), not deer!!

    Who will fire the first round?

    You know as soon as the first high level Washington politician, and I’m not talking about some unknown either, I’m talking about someone real well known is shot, then the next, and the next, it may not have to go any further than that and they will all give up and beg us not to kill them, they will do what we want. But if they hide behind Obama, then it may take a lot more convincing before these bastards understand that we aren’t kidding.

    You know it was only 14% of the colonists who fought and defeated the British Army. The rest didn’t want to fight, but rather go along with the king. If any less fought maybe we’d be another Canada now instead of the United States. If we loose we’ll be the United Soviet States of Amerika.

  • http://. WillofLa

    It may take more than one attempt to take our government back by force of arms to succeed. But there are many more who need to experience the fear of God before they understand the mistake they’ve made doing the Socialist Parties bidding, instead of being what they were created to be, and that is a neutral party who reports just the facts and does not ever take sides. When I took Journalism in high school, taking sides and reporting on just one side was called “editorializing” and was something editor’s strictly forbidded. You reported, “Who, When, Where, and sometimes Why”. Remember that? If any of you took Journalism in college before 1968 maybe how to report the news instead of propaganda was taught.

  • Patty

    Well, keep looking over your shoulder and Sheriff Joe hard road but he made it through all the the muck and mire.

    Constitution has never met so much as it has since Jan. 20, 2009.

  • Patty

    #10 January 14, 2013 at 11:09 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    It is a sad commentary on today’s journalism. We lost a good man in Breitbart he told the truth and look what happen to him.

  • Patty

    Walmart CEO’s are the more liberal then maybe Obama.

  • JenBee

    It takes both the House of Representatives and the Senate to impeach a sitting president, so this Congressman can shout it from the rooftops all day long that he’ll bring an article of impeachment against Obama for violating the second amendment, but it’ll never amount to anything so long as the Senate is run by Democrats. Period.

  • Patty

    Video: BREAKING NEWS On The Obama Identity Theft Scandal

    Despite the mainstream media ignoring the Obama eligibility issue, Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation is moving forward and a blockbuster revelation may be in the works.


  • Patty
  • thescribbler

    There is a reason Obama gave himself and his family lifetime protection….

  • Glenn47

    So, suddenly Obama thinks if he takes the guns away from law abiders, things will be peachy keen? BS. He is not only taking the rights away from those that want to carry or own a gun, he is denying everyone the right to protect their family.
    This isn’t about that at all. This is to disarm everyone for their final takeover. May God Bless us.

  • RedBeard

    If Obama really wants a civil war, he’s off to a great start.

    Thank you, Sheriff Peyman, and every other constitutionally-bound public official willing to stand up for what is right.

  • airon-later

    The simple fact is that the Modern American Right have created the narrative that the Obama Administration are going to confiscate guns. There is no verifiable evidence to show that will happen. What is troubling about this sheriff from my state is saying, is that he – and potentially other like-minded idealogues – could/would begin to decided what laws that will or won’t enforce.