Hurricane Sandy victim, Scott McGrath of Staten Island, gives his opinion of FEMA and the Obama administration’s handling of the storm relief effort.
He blasts “phony” and “liar” Obama.
Via Your World with Neil Cavuto:

Could you imagine if Bush was president right now? The liberal media would be all over this. Scott McGrath would be on every channel.
Hat Tip Mara

The Right Scoop has more.

Sandy victim Scott McGrath who spoke directly to Obama right after the hurricane hammered Obama today saying that he’s a phony and a ‘straight out liar’. He said it’s been 2 months now and that no red tape has been cut.

He also says that even though they need the aid money from Congress, they shouldn’t lard it up with pork because tax payers will have to pay for it down the road. Love hearing that, especially from a Sandy victim. Also, he said Chuck Schumer is full of it after lambasting Republicans for not passing it with all the pork in it. This guy needs his own show!



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  1. Might want to check the first word of the headline. :D

  2. I think I saw Obama blow up the sea walls.

  3. Elections have consequences.

    I wonder how many of them voted for him?

  4. Too bad he is not in office!

    God Bless him and keep blasting them…well done!

  5. Likely an Obama voter, asking for a handout while blasting handouts. Didn’t see any of this in midwest flooding/tornadoes or tornadoes in Missouri/Alabama.

  6. When liberals see the word “Katrina” they immediately fault Bush without reading another word.

  7. Lets be careful who we put up on a pedestal, shall we? This guy is a tool.


  8. And the band played on…

  9. Beyond what the man stated in the interview, I find it strikingly notable that he is being interviewed in a studio under hot studio lighting, yet dons what appears to be a thick and
    very warm article of outerwear leaving me to understand he has been chilled to the bone
    during the bureaucratic holdup for repairs. This bureaucratic nightmare isn’t ALL about funding either. Structures that survived Hurricane Sandy but require major repairs are mostly stripped to their framing structures and sit endlessly waiting for any variety of mandated inspections (structural, plumbing, electrical) for each individual unit – that’s without consideration of the government maintained infrustructure damage waiting on $ame issues – before the next step in recovery can proceed.

  10. Didn’t anybody in that affected area have homeowner insurance? Why do we the tax payers have to have our pockets picked by vote buying politicians every time there’s a natural disaster? I’m sorry if they are still suffering after this length of time, but come on, guys, take a little responsibility on your own shoulders. Stop sitting around waiting for the govt to roll up to your front door with a check.

  11. Oh, the guy was right about one thing, dear leader is a liar and a phony. He was only trolling for votes.

  12. This is a “Sandy” victim not a Katrina victim. If this man had been talking about FEMA and Katrina he would be in every newspaper and news outlet.

  13. 911 Victims blame Obama too.

  14. #14 January 5, 2013 at 11:02 am
    Hera commented:

    YOU BET, he would.

  15. Elections have consequences.
    So sorry.

  16. ++

    to the Obots who troll here..

    are you awake yet??


    then go back to sleep..

    just don’t expect the country you lived in the
    day before to be there for you when you do..

    btw, “You ain’t seen nothin; yet!” ~ BHO


  17. Term limits. 8 years max. Schumer, McCain, Reid, Pelosi, Graham, showed have been showed the door a very long time ago. The current system is corrupt and these career politicians who benefit greatly with their golden parachutes, benefits, etc. are a cancer on our democracy.

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