Jesse Jackson: Make Gun Manufacturers Responsible for Shootings (Video)

Jesse Jackson was on America’s Newsroom today to discuss gun control. Jackson said assault weapons are a threat to national security. Jackson also said gun manufacturers should be held responsible for shootings.

“These semi-automatic weapons, these assault weapon, can only kill people and in fact are threats to national security. The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado with the arsenal he had. He was right near the airport, right near the runways near the airport in Denver. He could shoot down airplanes. so this is a matter of homeland securityWe need to make manufacturers more accountable for their product.

It would be a lawyer’s dream.

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  • dr_bugsy

    That P.O.S. needs to do the world a favor and voluntarily abort himself.

  • A. Levy

    Well, leave it to old Je$$ie Jackass to say something stupid. He’s built a career on saying things that make no sense. He’s also exposing something that’s become a habit in the black community. Don’t blame those responsible. Instead, blame whomever we can shake-down for the biggest payday. For anyone else, this is called, extortion.

  • Egghead

    Great idea Jesse! Using your logic, let’s make you more responsible for your product. When you incite people with your views and they do something stupid, you should be held responsible for your product. Isn’t that precisely what you are asking for?

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  • hermie

    #39. Then that would make his sons liable since he extorted a Budweiser distributorship in exchange for calling off a ‘boycott’ of A-B products. A-B gave in and JJ’s sons ‘miracululously’ received a ‘minority business’ Budweiser distributorship in Chicago.

  • Brad

    He could shoot down airplanes.

    With an AR-15? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Oh you stupid monkey. How does he even have enough electricity in his brain to run his body?

  • The real Wow

    How does one spell “IDIOT” — I know, Jesse Jackson! He spouts drivel, just to squeeze into the limelight, somewhat. I wish these people who do not know their arses from their elbows would just shut up and go away.

  • ManOnPoint

    And we’ll keep buying more of them until they are possibly outlawed…There are plenty of these weapons for sale. Thank you Mr. President for mentioning they could be banned because there will be double the amount out there!!! And screw you Jackson and Sharpton for your racial pandering and lack of responsibility for the black community.

  • Marsha Frey

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the worst thing that has happened to the Black community!!! Until they “clean up the ghetto and address fatherless babies” they need to leave the gun issue alone. They USE their own people to pay their way. When will the Blacks wake up and take back their lives. For that matter, why don’t they can “Obama” and what he is doing to them also. I’m sick of this divisiveness, anger and pitting one against another for “gain”. That is the mantra of these two slease bags!

  • AZ Kid

    Isn’t Jesse Jackson’s son a drug user in the worst city in the US? Why don’t you go help him out…? We have had a couple mentally ill boys and they were boys…go on a shooting spree and now everyone that owns a gun is a killer…Wake-up America they are trying to un-arm you to gain control dont let them do this…

  • Steve S

    The next race riot or any major demonstration that involves any type of damage to the black community should be attributed to Jackson, and he should be being held responsible….same principle.

  • The real Wow

    #43 January 14, 2013 at 9:46 am
    Egghead commented:

    You have something there. We should push this to see how he reacts.

  • RedBeard

    Jesse Jackson is a real assault weapon. He needs to be banned.

  • Indy Pendant

    Based on Jesse’s logic, he is responsible for his son and daughter-in-law’s illegal activities and should go to jail for them.

  • Brad

    I’m surprised he didn’t call AR-15s “racist”.

  • Clafoutis

    The King of the Shakedown Artists tries to strike again.

  • MichMike

    Reduce the out of wedlock births and you will reduce gun crime. Instead, the government is an enabler to out of wedlock birth. It is child abuse and the government funds and encourages it.

  • Captain Spaulding

    How about this. Let’s hold car makers responsible for any high speed deaths that occur. Why are cars allowed to be made that can go faster than the legal speed limit in the U.S. Think about it… with the exception of a small area in Texas, where can you legally drive in excess of 80 mph? Yet they make cars that can travel twice that speed.

  • Fred

    Every time Jesse opens his mouth I want to barf. Once again – he’s talking out his arse when he says let’s hold gun manufacturers liable….. Jesse – answer the following – which kills more each year – cars or guns? The answer is cars…. so should we hold every car manufacturer liable for the actions of drivers? Let’s try again – which kills more each year – mistakes made by doctors or guns? The answer is mistakes made by doctors! – so should we outlaw doctors?

    Regardless of the weapons – a reasonable individual has to understand that in a free world like we desire – drivers are the ones who kill – not the car, doctors make mistakes and kill more people than guns, and a gun by itself never killed anybody – it always takes a shooter. And realistically, if there were no guns – a delusional individual would merely find another way to inflict bodily harm. Think Oaklahoma City – over 100 killed by fertilizer and diesel fuel – but did we outlaw those? No – let’s be reasonable in this debate – but remember – GUNS DO NOT KILL!!! PEOPLE DO!!!!

  • mrsuggs

    Jessie-Time for your Black Community,to stop its immoral 75% illegimate birth rate. This all leads to low education,more generational welfare,no jobs and depending on hand outs to be feed and housed. What a sad picture ,that you try and blame on everyone else in America. Look within Jessie.