It’s an Obama world.

The Milledgeville area plant closing will cost more than 200 jobs. (The Telegraph)

A Georgia utilities company is closing 15 coal, oil and gas plants thanks to the latest Obama EPA regulations.
Reuters reported, via The Examiner:

Georgia Power said on Monday it plans to seek approval from Georgia regulators to retire 15 coal-, oil- and natural gas-fired power plants in the state totaling 2,061 megawatts (MW) due primarily to the high cost of meeting stricter federal environmental regulations.

Over the past few years, U.S. generating companies have announced plans to shut about 40,000 MW of older coal-fired power plants as low natural gas prices have made it uneconomic for the generators to spend millions to upgrade the plants’ emissions systems to meet the latest federal and state environmental rules.

In a press release, Georgia Power, the biggest unit of U.S. power company Southern Co, said it wanted to shut units 3 and 4 at Plant Branch in Putnam County; units 1-5 at Plant Yates in Coweta County; units 1 and 2 at Plant McManus in Glynn County; units 1-4 at Plant Kraft in Chatham County; and units 2 and 3 at Boulevard in Chatham County.

The company said it plans to file its updated Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with Georgia’s utility regulators on Jan. 31.

Units 3-4 at Branch, units 1-5 at Yates and units 1-3 at Kraft are coal-fired units. Kraft Unit 4 and Boulevard 2 and 3 are fired by natural gas and oil. McManus units 1-2 are oil-fired.

The company said it expects to ask to retire the units, other than Kraft 1-4, by the April 16, 2015, effective date of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics (MATS) rule.



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  1. And from what I see, the only burn is that of Freaks and the Squirelly liberals who keep giving us headaches, day after day after day.

    How much more will Obama do. He promise to Bankrupt the Coal industry and he will keep his promise. Voters voted for him, I hope they are happy. I haven’t seen an nation change so much in just a few short years and to think we have four more and possible beyond to go.

    Obama’s work isn’t finished and God help us.

  2. Of course the natural gas plants’ costs will go up once Obama bans fracking and any other natural gas sources because of ‘environmental’ reasons.

  3. ++

    Obama to Bankrupt Coal Industry and Raise Energy Prices

    well, it’s not like he didn’t tell US.. :-(

    [or that the election wasn't fixed]


  4. Did you see where the EPA now wants to regulate water as a pollutant?

    Government seeks to destroy freedom by any means.

  5. #4,
    They just lost to Ken Cucinelli in VA on that one. If it would reach the Supreme Court, and they would again issue another corrupt ruling, it needs to be ignored. It’s time the Tenth Amendment is exercised.

    This is a stealth Muslim/Communist plot to destroy the country from within. If we had real men on the Republican side, instead of the castrated pansies in there now, this wouldn’t happen, because Obama would be crushed by them. History is going to spit on Boehner and his puppy dogs Cantor and McCarthy that he keeps on a short leash.

  6. yep get rid of coal. i’m sure this is supported by richard trumka former head of the coal miner’s union. those coal miners really know who is looking out for their best interests.

    this is all part of obama’s plan to make us completely dependent on mid-eastern oil for energy.

  7. Crazy-man and Crazy,–man!

  8. Local coal fired generating plants here are all saying that rather then suffer the expense of upgrading their boilers to a cleaner fuel, it would be cheaper to build a new high voltage power distribution line and buy power generated out of state.

    .. wait for it
    Trying to explain to these administrators that if everyone thinks the same way, that all those other plants shutting down will also be attempting to buy cheap power generated out of state, is a waste of time..

    Somebody, somewhere has to generate that electricity. They can’t all shut down and expect to buy cheap power from somewhere else.

  9. A Georgia utilities company is closing 15 coal, oil and gas plants thanks to the latest Obama EPA regulations.


    Unless their power company can scrounge up some spare electricity from some other outfit, no more below-average electricity prices for them. They’ll be just like us here in CA – needlessly paying more for something that can be had for less.

  10. I’m as cheesed-off as anyone by foolish environmental regulation and that seems to be part of this change. If the main driver is less costly fuel and less costly overall operation, it’s a legitimate and normal change. “Creative destruction” is part of economic activity; replacing obsolescent equipment generates economic activity and wealth alike.
    Pretty much all of the GP gang are suspicious of what Obama and the Enablers will do about fracking, of course, and with only too much reason.

  11. If this power is going away, where are they going to get it–the demand is not going away. The companies involved must have already thought this through. Would like to know the answer.

  12. If there was danger from arsenic or mercury at power plants, one would think there would be outbreaks of arsenic or mercury exposure in the workers, or in the area where the plants are. There are none, so the regs. are bogus as that 3 dollar bill.

    This cabal of envirocommies are trying to do as much damage as they can before Barry is done with his job destroying, business collapsing policies.

    It is up to us to do what we can while the lights are still working…

  13. Let’s see if moderate (Ha) Claire McCaskill will allow this in Missouri. I think Missouri has one nuclear powered plant and the rest are coal powered. Have the genius in Washington figured out how states with only coal powered plants are to get electricity? My guess is they don’t really care.

  14. Let It Burn.

  15. About 10 years ago Texas Utilities proposed building 5 to 8 new coal burning power plants around north Texas. The local mayors and envirowackos fought it and stopped it. Now we are faced with the power company’s warnings of possible rolling brown outs every summer. But hey, the air is clean!

  16. This isn’t about EPA regs.
    It’s about making citizens POWER-LESS.

    Look beyond the obvious folks.

  17. …and envirowackos fought it…

    I’ll bet those guys are mostly Austin-based, right?

  18. Random thoughts…………..
    1. Professional Poop Scoopers are our enemy.
    2. We have only had one source of help and it is pitiful. I call them our ELECTED voices. Silent.
    3. I have promoted shutting down EPA or ……..let those ELECTED voices starve it.
    *****I predict they have less than 2 years to stand up on their hind legs and make tracks.
    4. Scoopers want to fight for Obama to take away the guns. How about some brave soul publish
    a list of names and addresses for abortions. Call it the Murderers Without Guns List.
    5. Hope that someone like a Mr Bill will see the error of their way on cases like Andrea Yates. The
    doctors never get the rap after they remove the drugs or give the drugs. It’s as if they have a
    magic eraser for their deadly errors. Look at all the cases………………………….
    6. EPA has evolved into a criminal organization and we have silent idiots in Congress.
    7. Btw, I am back to detesting McCain. Shut up old man and retire.

  19. There go my stocks! Brown outs will come…..wait for it!

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