On Sunday, December 23, liberal New York newspaper The Journal News published the names and addresses of legal pistol permit holders in two counties online and in print.

Now this…
Inmates are using the gun permit maps to threaten local prison guards.
Reuters reported:

New York-area politicians denounced on Friday a local newspaper that has revealed the names and addresses of thousands of holders of gun permits, and they asked state legislators to make such information confidential.

The decision by the Journal News, which serves the suburbs just north of New York City in Westchester and Rockland counties, to publish the identities was “deplorable” and “reckless,” Rockland County legislator Frank Sparaco told a news conference, adding that it “has posed a serious threat to the residents of Rockland.”

Inmates in local prisons have approached guards to say they know their home addresses, Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco told the news conference.




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  1. Idiots! If I had my way that paper would be OUT of print for the rag it is!

  2. Not a surprise whatsoever!

  3. #1 January 5, 2013 at 3:52 pm
    l.barney commented:

    Or lining the Bird Cage.

  4. ++


    Petitioning Secretary Hillary Clinton From
    the grassroots women leaders of Congo to
    the women leaders of the White House ….

    [“We have had enough. We call upon our global sisterhood
    to take action. We will not be quiet until REAL Peace is upon

    Obama Budget Decimates Global AIDS Funding

    Hillary Clinton Compares U.S. to “Extremists” on Women’s Rights

    ergo, good luck with that.. / :-( s/



  5. How long will such a fishwrap continue? Its days should be numbered.

  6. The union should sue the paper for endangering its employees. Think that will happen?

  7. Inmates in local prisons have approached guards to say they know their home addresses, Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco told the news conference.

    If I were a guard in one of those prisons, my response to an inmate who would tell me such a thing would be, “I guarantee that, whether it’s you or someone you send, anyone that tries to come after me or anyone else at my home will leave in the coroner’s van.”

  8. The Newspaper is acting on orders from Bloomberg and or Obama.

    The fact the Newspaper headquarters is based in the same town as CIA command center, Langley VA is worth being suspicious the newspaper is staffed with government intelligence agents posing as ” journalists ” taking orders from Obama. …All of these people get to live in gated communities with tax payer funded armed security teams…but they don’t want the common little people to have the same rights they enjoy. The self defense right to protect yourself from criminal thugs.

  9. (Sigh) again with the “It begins…”

  10. Someone’s going to be killed before this is all over. Mark my words.

  11. Tell me, at the moment our Republic is in danger of disappearing, why we should care about what is happening in the Congo?

  12. Jim, you really need to update your logo image:

    The Gateway Pundit: It Begins…


    Love ya!

  13. It done “begun…” long, long ago.

    “It Begins… Carter Signs Community Reinvestment Act”

    “It Begins… FDR Enacts New Deal”

    “It Begins… New School Formed in NYC”

    “It Begins… Cain kills Abel”

  14. The Left does everything they do because… they’re not afraid

  15. This is good news, actually. This little rag newspaper is getting hammered but good over this.

    If anybody tried to breal into a guard’s home because of this, the likelihood of them leaving in alive is somewhere between zero and none.

    The thing is, given where this is happening, it’s of no consequence because if they break into homes of the unarmed, the unarmed will learn a lesson. If they break into the homes of armed people, the criminals will be learn a lesson. Further, anybody smart enough to own firearms yet live in and pay taxes to leftyville NY deserves whatever they get as well.

    This is backfiring big time on the paper. So much win.

  16. What goes around comes around every action have consequences I hope no New York Prison inmates will get out of prison like in prison break show and go to gun owners home and arm themselves.

  17. Why do these media heads hate The People?

  18. Time to bring in the lawyers and sue that paper to bits

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