Iranian officials are hopeful Secretary of Defense Hagel will usher in a new era of US foreign policy.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iran on Tuesday expressed the hope that Washington’s foreign policy will witness practical changes after US officials announced that President Barack Obama will nominate Chuck Hagel as his next defense secretary.

“We hope that practical changes will be created in the US foreign policy and the US officials’ approach will change to respect the nations’ rights,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

“We hope that the US officials will favor peace instead of warmongering and recognize the rights of nations instead of interfering in the countries’ internal affairs,” he said.

“If such a trend is adopted (by the American officials), hatred for the US hostile policies will decrease, although assessment can be made in action,” the spokesman said.

Tehran has been under Washington sanctions after the 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled a US-backed monarch in the country.



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  1. Yet another in a host of misleading headline. Nothing within the text indicates “support”. But anything to push the “Hagel is anti-isreal” narrative.

  2. “Nothing within the text indicates “support”.

    You reveal what’s known as a reading comprehension problem.

  3. Call me contrarian if you wish but I’m of the opinion that if Iran’s leadership likes the idea of Hagel as SECDEF then that is a good reason to vote down the nomination.

    But then, that’s just me. I still haven’t forgotten Iran’s “Tanker War” against the West.

  4. This development isn’t the least bit surprising. It’s exactly what our Apologizer-in-Chief wanted to happen.

    If we make it through the next 4 years, it will be because of sheer luck or divine intervention.

  5. obama and the MB and Iran – a perfect trio of evil

  6. Isn’t that SPECIAL

  7. Call me contrarian if you wish but I’m of the opinion that if Iran’s leadership likes the idea of Hagel as SECDEF then that is a good reason to vote down the nomination.

    Ummm … that’s pretty much the point of the post. Seems JH has YOU hooked.

  8. I would guess Obama is putting Hagel up to drive a wedge between Israel and America.

    The issue brings out the anti Israel rhetoric on the left and the right.

    Hagel is a typical Obama appointee in that he may well be filthy from his prior deeds and would depend on Obama to keep him out of prison, if the info on his past is true. This is how Obama gets the loyalty he needs to get dirty people to do dirty things outwith implicating him.

    Hagel’s Wiki says “Hagel’s victories may have been due to election fraud.”

    Hagel may have fixed his own Senate election by owning the voting machine company that installed, programmed, and largely ran the voting machines that were used by most of the citizens of Nebraska.

  9. Of course they do! NIMRODS!

  10. Of course Iran supports Hagel. Obama and Hagel support Iran and also hate Israel. They’re buds.


  12. Here’s more on Hagel’s alleged wholesale vote rigging…

    In 1992, investment banker Chuck Hagel…became chairman of AIS. …

    A little less than eight months after stepping down as director of AIS, Hagel surprised national pundits and defied early polls by defeating Benjamin Nelson, the state’s popular former governor … machines made by AIS probably tallied 85 percent of the votes cast in the 1996 vote, … Hagel won again in 2002, by a far healthier margin. That vote is still angrily disputed by Hagel’s Democratic opponent…

    * * *

    Obama and Hagel. Perfect together. Let’s see if he can keep the military from voting now.

  13. He will make a needed change of pace. I support him too.

  14. “As Senate Candidate, Hagel Opposed Abortion Even In Cases Of Rape..”

  15. Interesting choice – Has Hagel sold his soul for the nomination?

    A lifelong Roman Catholic, he is strongly anti-abortion and consistently voted to restrict its availability. Based on this history, the abortion rights group NARAL gave him a zero rating, and the National Right to Life Committee gave him a rating of a hundred per cent.

    Read more:

  16. Hagel is a typical Obama appointee

    You’re right. A typical nominee who would be acceptable under any circumstance, except when Obama is doing the nominating.

  17. The Hegelian rationalist appointment is a PAYOFF from Al Jazeera’s 1/2 billion pay off to Gore Hilal


    Hagel is a great choice. He is a true patriot who cares about America, more than Israel. The Israel lobby wants all politicians to be slaves to Israel and to screw their own country, so they are against him.

    This is the first thing Obama has done right.

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