Inauguration Day 2013 – What It Means For America

I posted this the day after the election in November.
I thought it was appropriate for today.

Four More Years

November 6, 2012 is the day America changed.
8 to 9 percent unemployment is the new normal. It’s good enough. 46 million people on food stamps is OK. It shows we care. Debt spending is good. It will get paid off some day and if not, our kids can worry about it. Trillion dollar deficits make sense.

Socialized medicine is good. It will cost more, but did you honestly believe it wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter what you were told. Catholics should pay for abortions. Sandra Fluke is a prophet. Abortions and birth control should be free. We should fund abortions overseas, too.

The First Lady should be allowed to blow millions on lavish vacations. The White House parties should cost millions, too. The president should play as much golf and basketball as he pleases. They deserve it. They work hard. They’re Democrats.

Greedy Americans should pay more taxes and millions of Americans who pay no taxes should receive more free money. It’s only fair. Businesses can afford to pay more taxes too. That’s what they teach you in school, right? We all know the Bush tax cuts that brought the deficit from $450 billion to $175 billion in four years and created millions of jobs didn’t work. Obama said so. And did you know Obama created 5 million jobs? Who cares how he came up with that number. In September he even created 600,000 part-time jobs somewhere. And, don’t you dare question his math.

Benghazi was a protest, or a terrorist attack. Obama said so from the beginning. Who cares anyway. Things like that happen all the time. And the media never covered anything up to help the president either. Right, 60 Minutes?

Al-Qaeda is dead or on the run.

We pushed the restart button with Russia. Putin is a democrat. He can be trusted. What do you mean there are Russian subs in the Gulf and off the east coast?

It’s not racist that 97% of blacks vote Democrat. It’s racist if you are white and vote Republican.

The media is your friend. The mainstream media is not biased. They would never hide anything from you.

Katrina was a national embarrassment. It was Bush’s fault. Sandy was not so bad. And Obama did a great job focusing on it from between campaign stops. The people are not suffering so much or we would have heard about it in the news.

America was once the land of the free. Now we want to be told what to do. More government is good. We want stuff.
On Tuesday America changed.

But the fight is not over.

God help us in the days ahead.

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  • ponderon

    Very Dark Days ahead for all of us……

  • Chataranga

    Shhh, back to sleep now, sheeple.

  • WW

    I see that NO family members made it in from Kenya for the big day!

  • Faye

    Good article, Jim. Hit a lot of the stuff that is being ignored by the sheeple.
    This is what they voted for and what they want.
    Still think it is time for some serious consideration for splitting this nation into two nations.
    The takers ( those who demand to have their cost of living paid for by others) and their enablers can have the coasts and the makers (those who pay for their own cost of living) the middle. The makers also include those on social security cause that belongs to them and should be OWNED by them and not the government.
    I know it is much more complicated than just stated but it is time to recognize a division that has been escalating since President Johnson’s “war on poverty”.

  • Chataranga

    time to “Go Galt!

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    Will “dear leader” be riding in a tank, going down Pennsylvania Ave. ?

    If I want to see video of a dictator,there’s lots of video on youtube…

  • mg4us

    good piece Jim. . .

    One comforting thought. .I was at TEA PARTY Patriots DC meeting where over a million people showed up (the one MSM lied and claimed tens of thousands). .well. . it seems more of us showed up then than what they expect for today. .

    Need to Show them in 2014 that we will take back the Senate and add more Conservatives to the House. . . until then, boycott MSM and their sponsors. . .

  • Big Al

    What does it mean? A dark Orwellian collectivist nightmare governed by sloth, envy and confiscations of all types.

  • cavt

    Very well stated; and, unfortunately, the truth–

  • donh

    Well…my comment to the Nov. 6th 2012 post was that we have now crossed into some bizzarro world…. living a nightmare of sadistic tyranny… like Dracula and the 7 golden vampires …>

    and then we got Sandy Hook in our Christmas stocking.

  • john graham


  • wtd

    via FreeRepublic comment thread / Smithsonian live cam:

    DC streets are empty. Where are all of Hussein’s supporters– his speech is supposed to start in a little over an hour! What a flop!?

  • mg4us


    Have any DC connections to take pics and show how many really show up today at Inauguration event. .

    we know MSM won’t show true turnout. .they will pan images to make crowds look bigger than they really are. .

    Need newsbusters to show the truth . .

    In the meantime, need to tighten up voter ID laws. . and to make sure Democratic urban districts stop issuing fraudulent ballots. . .liek they did in Philly and Miamai

  • Duffy

    What is means is 4 more years of blatant dis-regard for the Constitution and destroying the foundations of this country – that’s what it means.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Awesome GRAPHIC!!

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  • coo joe

    I hope most are ready cause the 1000th cut is almost here… The beheading of our America is due anytime. Molon Labe

  • owl

    Today is a first for me. After watching politics for years (many) I did not watch even half of it.

    That was enough.

    Another first for me. Here I was praying along with the person and then the words kept on being SUCH HATEFUL NASTY things being put into my mind by this person. No, I stopped praying with that Thing saying all that crap. Every word he has praying said we were hateful racists. That boils it down. He was saying that if we did not agree with all that crap, we would be hateful racists.

    No way do I pray such mind washing political nasty remarks. No way. A first for me to stop in the middle of a prayer.

    What nasty hateful people pointing fingers and preaching it.