The US House passed the Senate’s Fiscal Cliff Bill tonight at 11:00 PM EST.
The vote was 257 in favor and 167 against the bill.

85 Republicans voted for the tax hikes. 151 Republicans voted against the bill.
Speaker Boehner voted aye.
Paul Ryan voted aye.
Majority leader Cantor voted nay.

Obama will gloat speak at 11:20 PM EST.
Update: Obama continued to lie about reducing the deficit – The Media Will No Doubt Give Him a Pass Once Again.

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  • donh

    SEE WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG ABOUT PAUL RYAN ? This was a complete USURPATION of the House of Representatives by the minority Democrat Party. I am glad it passed by so many DEMOCRAT votes. TRUTH was EXPOSED tonight. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said about controlling the gavel even though she wasn’t officially majority speaker. …>

  • Kenny Solomon

    Check the legislation with a fine-tooth-comb for 2nd Amendment restrictions — It’ll be some benign sentence in a throw-away paragraph.

    Also, wake the he** up, because the real ‘fun’ is about to start on a state-level massive push to disarm citizens – by force.

    Illinois is up first….. In a few hours.

    Illinois State Senate Pres. Cullerton to introduce bill for near-total gun ban.

    Click the link, read it all and wake the he** up……… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

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  • Oliver

    #17 – Red: problem is the establishment already threatened primary challenges for those who voted NO!! Which really screams: 3rd party!

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Changed my thinking on Ryan pushing out the Crying Orange Boehner. I say Bachmann, or anyone but the other “ayes” should make their move and fast!

  • owl

    #13 Don’t you dare go with the Bushbash. Enough of that stupidity. Bush did some good things.

    These idiots deserve their own special bash. As far as I am concerned, after watching politics from Eisenhower on down the line, I am more disgusted with this bunch of 2 bit politicians than ever.

    How many times have you all read my ELECTED voice rants? I became sick of these wimps about 2004 and no, I did not say Bush. I said these wimps. They make me ill.

    These stupid incompetent things have allowed Obama to run circles around them. So stupid they should never be let out. I consider it criminal.

  • Robert

    The bill is anti-marriage; $400,000 income for a single or $450,000 for a married couple.

    So, a married couple could earn an extra $350,000 if they legally split up.

    Plus, it did not originate in the House but instead was passed by “a bunch of sleep-deprived octogenarians on New Year’s Eve” in the Senate.

  • Ghost

    DIVORCE! now, while we still can
    the opportunity is closing, or, you wanna go down the toilet too?

    or, what other solution do You have?
    you think an undiluted Tea Party can take over the Republican Party?
    you don’t remember the rules changes instituted at the Convention?

    you think a Third Party will help? Really?
    -before The Crash? Collapse? Attacks?

    unless the Tea Party initiates massive Civil Disobedience, it is impotent.
    I don’t believe the Tea Party is courageous enough for that next step up.

    I recall at many Tea Party rallies several speakers would say,
    “Look behind you……there’s nobody there” referring to battle lines.
    Well, the ‘ramparts’ were breached long ago.

    after this vote, is it starting to sink in that it’s DIVORCE or Doom?!
    you wanna go down with them? save part of America or lose it all, Everything.


    start putting pressure on your local/State leaders. make alliances across State boundaries, we better start now

  • Robert

    So Obama will double the deficit before he leaves office.

    Happy effin New Year.

  • owl

    I don’t want Cantor or Ryan. I have been shouting that Boehner must go for an entire YEAR.

    Give me a MOUTH with a BACKBONE. Give me a Gordy.

    Boehner is as bad in his way as Pelosi.

  • lizzy84

    Paul Ryan…you have disgraced yourself.

  • Jim

    To the 85 so called Republicans who voted for this abomination; You F*&KING COWARDS!!!!

    Yeah, especially you Paul Ryan!!!

  • Votemout2012

    Paul Ryan is a hugh disappointment. I’m Not voting republican unless proven conservative. What does it matter if dems get control of the house? Republicans are voting like the dems. Sad :(

  • greenfairie

    Obama got what he wanted. More taxes, no real cuts, and a civil war within the Republican Party.

    I used to think the Clintons sold their souls to the devil. I’m beginning to believe they were outbid by Obama.

  • cavt

    Oh well–idiot GOP should have just walked away and not been any part of a tax increase but as is now common with most of them, they gave in. The dictator will probably gloat and say how bi-partisan this all is now–good work GOP. All GOP pols who have now given the dictator shelter should just change parties–become blue dog dems(no better than a regular dem but pretend to be.) How is Ryan going to explain this? Agree with Ghost–let them have the big govt, rino/dem country they want and we’ll take a constitution based one.

  • Hugh

    Who are the 85? Names please. They are finished. Ryan can go pound sand. Clean house people. Time for a massive RINO hunt. . . Libertarian Party, here I come!

  • Buffalobob

    bama also said he now can turn to gun control and global warming/climate change.

  • Red

    #24 … Whatever it takes.

    The Establishment GOP does not have the guts to primary challenge those principled Republicans who voted nay and are actually voting with the Republican base. I dare them.

    Enough is enough. The only reason why the GOP, Boehner, Ryan, etc are in power is because the Tea Party made the GOP the majority in 2010. Ever since then the GOP establishment has acted as if they are the ones that did it all. They benefited from “We the People”.

    What was given can easily be taken away. The GOP is providing no reason to actually vote for them anymore. They were elected to stop Obama and Democrats, not vote with them and raise taxes. Obama already had an ego, now the actions of the GOP leadership has merely made them his “biotch”.

    We have not even got to Obama’s second term yet. God I hope I recognize my country in 4 years.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the measure would increase the national debt by $4 trillion over the next decade than if all of the tax hikes and scheduled automatic spending cuts had been allowed to kick in.

    Five Senate Republicans also rejected the measure, including tea party favorites Rand Paul (Ky.), Mike Lee (Utah) and Marco Rubio (Fla.), a potential contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. But 40 others voted for it, including such GOP leaders on tax-and-spending policy as Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.) and Ronald H. Johnson (Wis.), a tea party star who frequently consults with conservatives in the House.