The barbaric Iranian regime amputated a 29 year-old man’s fingers in public for participating in an “immoral relationship.”
(Warning: Disgusting photo of torture)

IranHR reported:

Iranian authorities’ campaign of conducting public, medieval punishments continues. A state-run Iranian news agency reported that the amputation sentence of a prisoner was carried out in public today in the city of Shiraz (southern Iran).

According to the report, the prisoner was a 29-year-old man, identified as “A. S. H.” He was sentenced to amputation of four fingers on the right hand and three years in prison and 99 lashes for engaging in an “immoral relationship”.

The Chief Prosecutor of Shiraz warned that similar sentences for several other prisoners will be carried out in the near future.

Iranian authorities have increased the implementation of public sentences, like lashings, executions and amputations, in recent months. Two young men were hanged publicly on 20 January for allegedly taking part in a mugging in Tehran.

Iran Human Rights condemns today’s barbaric public punishment and urges the international community to react. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of IHR said: ”It seems that the Iranian authorities’ campaign of terrorizing people through public, medieval punishments has no limits. Unless the international community displays a strong reaction, Iranians, especially children, will be forced to witness more public hangings, lashings and amputations— especially as the June 2013 Presidential election nears.”

Here’s another photo of the public amputation.

Hat Tip Banahsheh Zand Bonazzi



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  1. In Saudi the beheadings are so routine, foreigners call the place where they are done “chop-chop square”.

  2. Jugears would use this machine to cut out the tongues of all republicans and any dem who dared to disagree with him. Mooch could use it to trim those ridiculous bangs.

  3. What did they do to the goat?

  4. Looks like an “assault weapon” to me, what with the cutter that cycles endlessly with every push of the button, the dark & scary metal and that pistol grip clamp thingy. /sarc

  5. I guess a little water in his face would have been too much torture. Geez…this world is screwed up.

  6. Obummer’s brothers doing what they do best

  7. BTW, That machine is made in made in US by a company located in Eastern PA and sold to Iran,Saudi Arabia and several mid eastern countries. The manufacturer also makes similar machines for shearing plates. i know cause my X BF used to work for them.

  8. #23 January 24, 2013 at 7:04 pm
    Col. Bat Guano commented:

    What did they do to the goat?


    Nothing, as that would not be considered an immoral relationship over there, nor over here after a few more years of ‘progressive’ leadership.

  9. sounds like what people here say should be done to criminals.

  10. Is that machine OSHA approved?

  11. Very sad. I truly believe that Islam is the Devil’s religion. I need to pray that God will help those enslaved in it to escape. I pray almost every day for God to send revival to America; our moral laxity causes people to convert to Islam in their search for meaning in their lives.

  12. I was dragged out of the driving seat of my vehicle while preparing to leave a gas station. I managed to fight off the attacker. If he were to be subsequently executed for mugging, I would lose not a moment’s sleep over it.

  13. ++

    RedStateGal #32 January 25, 2013 at 9:31 am

    it tis it tis.. why else would they bow head down to, albeit symbolic
    of, the devils domain, arses pointed up to the heavens symbolizing
    Gods domain..

    well, that and the following:

    The Pre-Islamic Allah

    more here & here & here..


  14. ++

    #29 January 25, 2013 at 6:23 am
    tommy mc donnell

    it does??

    please, name just one..


  15. ++

    re: #35 January 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm bg

    re: tommy mc donnell #29 January 25, 2013 at 6:23 am\

    and what do you mean by “a lot of people here”..

    the fly by turd droppers, or the regulars??


  16. ++

    Shariah Law – Islamic Justice

    re: #11 January 24, 2013 at 5:40 pm bg

    re: Sharia in the Ummah States of Allah

    [Shariah is distinctly different from other religious laws, like Jewish law and
    Catholic Canon, and distinctly different from other secular foreign laws. This
    distinction rests in the fundamental Shariah doctrine that Islamic law must
    rule supreme in any jurisdiction where Muslims reside. In the case where
    Muslims are few, they are permitted to comply as minimally necessary with
    the secular “law of the land,” but according to authoritative and still quite
    extant Shariah law, Muslim adherents to this legal doctrine may not accept
    secular or local laws as superior to or even equal to Shariah’s dictates. This
    creates an explicit doctrine to introduce Shariah law and replace U.S. legal
    systems with Shariah for the local Muslim population.

    A large majority of America’s Muslims, women and girls,
    are living under sharia laws. Stripped of their human dignity.

    please scroll threads for more, thanks..


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