Feeling horsey?


Burger King decided to drop a vendor that supplied horse meat to restaurants.
FOX News reported:

Burger King, one of the most popular fast-food chains in Britain, said on Thursday it had stopped using one of the firms caught up in the scandal of supplying grocers with beef that contained horse meat.

The British food industry has been rocked by the revelation last week that retailers including market leader Tesco and smaller chains Aldi, Lidl and Iceland had sold beef products that contained horse meat.

Food safety experts say horse meat poses no added health risks to consumers, but the discovery has raised concerns about the food supply chain and the ability to trace meat ingredients.

On its website, Burger King said it had decided to replace all Silvercrest products in Britain and Ireland with products from another approved Burger King supplier.




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  1. From above:

    Food safety experts say horse meat poses no added health risks to consumers, but . . .”

    UK Telegraph: Horse meat containing cancer causing drug ‘may have entered food chain’ says Labour

  2. OT


    What is going on? Obama wants to ban guns and is shutting down the southern air defense systems? People, you must all unite, and stop this criminal, Obama.

  3. Hell, bunch of pussies, dead flesh is dead flesh!

  4. yes but was it halal horse meat?

  5. Nay, or is it, neigh?

  6. Its lean so The Wookie will encourage consumption?
    Naw, she’ll go whole hog

  7. Does this mean they are discontinuing the McPony?

  8. I think BK’s plastic-faced smiling “King” ad campaign a few years ago was helluva lot spookier than serving horse meat.

  9. Is horse meat effected by inflation? Will my vision card work?

  10. Whoo Wilber, One hoof beat for a regular burger, two for a cheeseburger

  11. Traitor in Chief horse meat while Horse meat isn’t Beef meat. What happen to food chain restaurant after Tesco supermarket.

  12. Neigh, neigh I say! Nagging thoughts aside and jockeying for some position on this turn of events, I raced to the local BK to meat my bookie and put $2 on my favorite burger in the 4th at Aquaduct. In the mane, I felt pretty lucky. Fortunately my burger was fresh, so fresh in fact the server told me that “any fresher and it would have come in 2nd”. Having herd of this rumor, I galloped off into the sunset, sparing all my friends any more punishment.

  13. What difference does it make?!

  14. They had to do this. Somebody committed fraud on the meat supplier, but the only way to stop it is to publicly raise the stakes.

  15. If you all knew what carcinogenic chemicals are given to horses, you wouldn’t think this story is so funny. I have no idea what crazy drugs my off the track Thoroughbred was given; you couldn’t pay me to eat horse meat.

  16. Oh, gee, thanks, I won’t be patronizing that establishment because who doesn’t love horse meat other than Obama, oh, no, my bad, dogmeat

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