Gun Sales Hit Record High in December… Following Record High November

Due to unprecedented demand in firearms in 2009, Barack Obama was awarded the “Gun Salesman of the Year” by Outdoor Wire.

A poster showing Barack Obama is seen in the background as customers line up to look at firearms at a gun shop in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. The Cheaper Than Dirt gun store recorded a record day of gun sales the day after the election of President-elect Barack Obama and is having trouble keeping up with the demand for assault riffles. (Flickr)

Four years later Barack Obama continues to be a boon for gun sales.
McClatchy reported:

To the nation’s gun lobby and gun rights advocates, the Obama administration is public enemy No. 1.

Yet the president has proven to be a boon for gun sales.

In the four years since Barack Obama was first elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States. That’s more than were sold in almost seven years before his first election.

Now come concerns that Obama will push through stricter gun laws — although in four years he’s yet to push for them.

With Obama starting a second term in office — and anti-gun fervor stoked by shooting massacres in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. — an unprecedented surge in the sales of firearms has taken off.

December 2012 saw a record-shattering number of requests for criminal background checks on prospective gun buyers — more than 116,000 of those from Kansas and Missouri alone.

“Since Obama was re-elected,” said Gary Jessup of UT Arms in Kansas City, Kan., “it’s been off the chart.”

Nationwide, more than 2.7 million of those checks were recorded for December, according to statistics kept by the FBI. Since late 1998 when federal law began mandating such checks for prospective gun buyers, the only other month that exceeded the 2 million mark was November 2012 — when Obama won a second term.

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  • Fu#k Obama

    I now understand why the founding fathers phrased the 2nd Amendment, starting with: “A well regulated militia” …. they are now arming themselves, I think soon enough the “shall not be infringed” part will be understood by the politicians….

    Most of us have had 4 long years to prepare for this…

    The ultimate line in the sand is being drawn. Will Imam Obama cross this?

    A militia is a regular citizen willing to place their lives on the line so we can pass along the one thing that made this country great: Liberty from Tyranny; the willingness to say that my children and grand children will have the right to stand upright against the wind.

    Should this pass, it will be a declaration of war against Liberty and Freedom.

  • GotFreedom
  • Fu#k Obama

    The Next American Civil War

    by: JD Longstreet

    Tyrants preserve themselves by sowing fear and mistrust among the citizens by means of spies, by distracting them with foreign wars, by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action…” … Aristotle
    You’d think ole “Ari” might have been peering through some sort of cosmic window into modern day America some 2300 years ago with comments such as those above.
    There’s another way to look at it, as well. One can grudgingly admit that the Greeks, of 2300 years ago, were smarter than modern Americans. In my estimation — you’d be right. So, I tend to go with the latter explanation.
    See, America is building a head of steam preparing to go to war with itself a second time at this very moment. This is not unusual — not in America. We have already had two revolutions. You may recall the American Revolution against Great Britain and the second — the War for Southern Independence, often erroneously referred to as the American Civil War, or the War Between the States.
    Tensions are running high all across the country as citizens are rushing to arm themselves with the closest thing resembling combat weaponry they can possible find. Ammunition of all calibers is disappearing for the shelves of gun shops and back orders at the manufacturing plants are piled high.
    Americans are preparing to dig-in. In other words they are preparing for a fight. They are preparing for the day when the words run out, as they surely will. They will then have no other alternative than to turn — as their forefathers have done since the country was founded — to the gun.
    Look. Nobody really knows how many guns are in the hands of private citizens in America. Many have multiple weapons. A few are even registered, but, my guess is — the vast majority are not registered anywhere for exactly the reason Americans feel they are being driven, herded, as it were, to armed resistance. Of the weapons known to be in the hands of private civilian Americans there are enough, according to some reports, to arm every man woman and child in America today — well over three hundred million.
    That’s a lot of guns, but not nearly as many as there will be in 2013. Manufacturers are finding it impossible to keep up with demand for their guns.
    The old expression: “Fools rush in” is as apropos a word, or phrase, as I can conger to describe the actions of the so-called “gun grabbers” in America in recent days. Their propagandists and boosters in the press and the Mainstream Media added to the mental light weights already liberally salted throughout the US Congress and White House are mindlessly fanning the flames of a conflagration that threatens to consume the country in another American war over the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution — including the Bill of Rights. These are rights sacred to Americans. These are the rights for which they have been willing to valiantly lay down their lives to protect since the birth of the nation. They are no less ready to put their lives on the line once again. I do not think our current “masters” fully understand that.
    Look. Those who would disarm America seem oblivious to the buzz saw into which they are mindlessly running. Their naivete is monumental, off the scale. When describing weapons they want banned, their description of such weapons makes it clear they haven’t the foggiest notion what they are talking about. It is also clear they are operating from pure emotion with no reason mixed in. They often describe weapons they want banned. They don’t seem to know that those weapons have already been banned since the 1930′s in America. They use the term “assault weapon” when there is actually no such weapon, only a political term to describe a weapon that is, well, scary looking.
    In their ignorance, they cannot grasp that even if a gun ban were successful, a black market in guns and ammunition will spring up, almost overnight, and will make Prohibition resemble a Sunday school picnic. Gun owners and those familiar with guns know, already, that guns are fairly simple to make, many with off the shelf, readily available, parts.
    The very first firefight between government agents and American private citizens will be the ignition point of an all consuming maelstrom that will inundate the nation and render null and void any chance that America might reconstitute itself into its former image afterwards.
    To the folks on the left, the gun grabbers, if there is any doubt in your minds that Americans will defend their constitutional rights to the death, simply drive across the Lincoln Bridge and take a long look at row after row of white grave markers at Arlington National Cemetery. As you gaze upon that place of honor, remember, we are the sons, grandsons, and great-grand sons of the men lying there. We are no less inspired than they to defend the constitution against all enemies — domestic and foreign.
    For those of you who purportedly serve the public in your position within the Congress, understand that we are taking careful note of your maneuvering to deny us our constitutional rights and we will be working tirelessly to see that your political career is ended when next you stand for election. That is a promise.
    The idiots in the Mainstream Media still do not understand that freedom of the press , freedom of speech, is only viable so long as the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The job of the press is inextricably linked to the armed citizen. If the armed American goes, so does the independent, non-state-controlled press. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, will disappear.
    It is such a simple thing — when thought through. But that’s the problem. They aren’t thinking. They are reacting out of raw emotion — certainly NOT reason. It is their handlers, however, who ARE reasoning. They reason, and rightfully so, that they cannot accomplish their agenda as long as the American citizen is armed. And so the useful idiots of the Mainstream Media are trotted out to happily make fools of themselves in service to the political left, which will grind them into so much dust once their goals are realized.
    It is such idiocy as this that brings men to grapple at each other’s throat.
    And here we are again, preparing to do battle with each other, brother against brother, over an issue that was settled two and a half centuries ago.
    At first glance it appears to be lunacy of the highest order — and yet — here we are on the cusp of violence to defend something the political left, an authoritarian cabal itself, cannot abide, AT ALL: personal freedom, individual freedom.
    Remember that Aristotle said: “Tyrants preserve themselves by … by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action… .” Could this be why over a dozen of the US’s highest military officers have been hounded from service in recent months? Is it why this financial crises has dragged on and on … to keep us humble and incapable of decisive action?
    And now they intend to disarm us.
    Look. There is so much pent-up anger in America today that if this argument over gun control ever gets beyond the talking stage it is reasonable to believe there will be violence on a scale not seen since the 1860′s in this country.
    I would ask the political left if they understand that this is only a temporary argument over gun control? Do they understand it will quickly become an argument over whether or not the country continues to exist as a single fifty state entity or breaks up into separate countries? I don’t think they do. Indeed, I don’t think most Americans understand that once this fight begins, in earnest, there will be no turning back and when it is ended — there will be no going back, either.
    I don’t want a war in my homeland, either. But, dear reader, THIS is exactly how they begin.

  • redc1c4

    i predict that sales will drop off in January…

    but only because inventories have been depleted.

    Molon Labe.

  • bg



    January 13, 2013

    Controversial ‘Parent Trigger’ School Reform Prevails in California

    [Parent trigger gives parents the right to enact massive overhauls
    of public schools. They can petition the school board to hire and fire
    teachers and administrative staff, change the curriculum, and hand
    over leadership of the school to a charter company.]


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  • i think the reason so many american citizens are arming themselves is because they fear the american politican.

  • neverends

    You are absolutely correct.
    I live in one of the demonized fly-over/red neck parts of the country – that is anywhere outside of the DC to Boston beltway and the notorious Left (West) Coast. It doesn’t seem to matter where one goes but you hear the conversation relating to guns and how the people will NOT allow their guns to be legislated or taken.

    That is part of the reason Bamey is going to an Executive Order because any politician that is not from a totally lost Blue state whether they be dem or republican will not vote for any so-called gun control (oops!! Dems new phrase is gun violence protection). The local gun stores do not even bother to stock the ammo anymore because whatever they receive is already been sold. Why waste time stocking the shelves when in reality there is none!

    I also think that the reason Bamey is “ending” the war in Afganistan early is because he believes the military will be his backup for the confiscation of weapons. Off hand, I’d say he is in for a rude awakening as I suspect their will be massive desertion. The ones that I’m worried about are the unionized police even though I would exclude most local sheriffs at this point.

    If someone is not proficient with their weapon, I would recommend that you become so – immediately!!!

  • Exile1981

    rapists, bullies and tyrants live in fear and travel in packs. They know that they are impotent with out backup, the only way they can have their way with you is if they make you weaker than they are. A Rapist doesn’t go after a victim stronger than them they pick those who look weak and less likely to put up a fight or they work as a gang taking a single victim we can not fight against the dozen or more of them.

    School taught me one vital lesson; when a bully strikes you fight back once you hurt them and make them know you do not fear them they leave you alone. It’s the same with the Tyrant in chief, he fears us, he knows that as long as we have arms and a will to use them then he can not has his way with us. Obama and his gang want to disarm us so they can defile the constitution. Obama wants to rape lady liberty and use her as an outlet for his vile lust as she represents everything he despises.

    It is our job to protect and defend lady liberties honor and virtue. The lines have been drawn and there are but three choices. Will you stand with your back to hers, pushing back against the darkness or will you lay down meekly and allow them to savage your body and soul until you beg for death or are you the kind of monster who will join them in their gangs hoping for a scrap to be thrown to you by your master Obama?

    It’s time you decided.

  • Rose

    You cannot tell me the election results “showing an Obama win” are LEGITIMATE and NOT signs of massive fraud. I’ve watched Conservatives lose political battles before.

    THIS IS NOT A RESIGNATION to a MAJORITY, by Conservatives.
    They don’t have any thing NEAR a Majority on their side.

    They only have MASSIVE FRAUD in about 7 or 8 Liberal Cities. PERIOD.

    There are NOT HALF as many Liberal States as there are Conservative States, and in the last few years, several Liberal states are busy flipping to Conservative.

    But EVERYTHING about what we see in the GUT INSTINCTS of Americans is that the Federal Government has TOTALLY lost their credibility and their validation when they overthrew the constraints of their oaths of office to the Constitution of the United States of America – and support eachother across the board on FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, ABUSE OF POWER, and DE-LEGITIMIZATION.

    That smacks of the inner gut knowledge that MAJORITY RULE BY LAW is NOT what we have, AND that WHAT WE DO HAVE is such horribly fraught with FRAUD that it is NOT WHAT OUR BONDS OF COMMUNITY connect us to, AND NOT THE CONSTITUTIONALITY of what we RATIFIED and therefore not what we have any obligation to.

    This fiasco in DC is NOT a Constitutional Construct, and does NOT HONOR any FIDUCIARY Bonds of Community to AMERICA, and since they do NOT honor ordinary fiduciary obligations towards America, WE HAVE NO OBLIGATION TOWARDS THEM except to see them JAILED FOR TREASON and FOREIGN INSURGENCY.

    Anywhere they are outside and seeking to set themselves ABOVE the Constitution and ABOVE the KNOWN WILL of the Broad America that is still a RATIFICATION-PROOF BAND of WE THE PEOPLE, they are Treasonous.

  • GotFreedom

    Why can politicians, athletes, Hollywood types all have armed body guards to protect them and us average folks (who gave them their job in politics/pay outrageous ticket prices to support their careers/cushy lifestyle) can’t have guns to protect our persons/our homes/our families?

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Barack Obama,
    Nobel Peace prize winner, and GREATEST ARMS SALESMAN OF ALL TIME. Not only arming the drug gangs and terrorists, but scaring the citizens so bad, they are purchasing record amounts of guns and ammo!

    And they aren’t doing this just to turn them in to an unconstitutional law or executive order.

  • mark1973

    #10, Even here in Massachusetts the Firearms and ammo are flying off the shelves and the Firearms shops are all packed.

  • we are told by the politicans and the media that we need more gun control laws and confiscation of firearms because of all the increase in gun violence. neither are telling the truth.

    the number of people that own guns today is much greater than twenty years ago. however the number of people murdered by gun violence today is less then 50% of what it was twenty years ago. the number of incidents of multiple homicides like sandy hook is less than 50% of what it was twenty years ago. if seems like more guns equals less violence.

    the politicans say they need to outlaw assualt weapons or what they call assault weapons(i’m not a gun owner so you have to help me out here)because of all the murders committed with them. however the number of murders committed with rifles is less then 4% of all gun murders. the politicans are not telling the truth.

    the politicans and the media blame the NRA for all the gun violence in america but over 50% of all murders are committed in areas with a population of over two hundred thousand, basicly the inner-cities of americas. how many NRA members do you think ther are in the inner-cites. again we are being lied to.

  • Lim Lynn

    It has been long ago Militia Patriots already gearing up for the worst case scenario before 2008 because they have been wait, observe and think carefully every actions, words and body language these traitor in Chief Obamanation have already gearing up too fast to be seen.

  • RKflorida

    I hope January continues this trend. I’d like to see January sales hit 3 million.

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