Gross. Lib Media Continues to Give Obama Pass on Trillion Dollar Deficit Reduction Lie (Video)

Once again, Barack Obama lied about reducing the US deficit by a trillion dollars yesterday during his partisan fiscal cliff speech.

And, once again, the liberal media completely gave him a pass for this completely dishonest statement.

The fact is that spending increased by $147 billion last year under Barack Obama.
Obama is not reducing spending or the deficit.
CNS News reported, via Free Republic:

Appearing on NBCs “Meet the Press” on Sunday, President Barack Obama said that he cut spending by more than $1 trillion in 2011. However, the White House Office of Management and Budget says that federal spending increased by $147 billion from fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2011

…According to the White House Office of Management and Budget, federal spending was not cut by $1 trillion in 2011. In fact, in fiscal 2010, federal spending was $3,456,213,000,000. In fiscal 2011, federal spending was $3,603,213,000,000. That was an increase of $147 billion.

While President Obama did not cut federal spending by $1 trillion in 2011, he did increase the debt by more than $1 trillion in that fiscal year. In fiscal 2011, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the federal deficit was $1,299,595,000,000. That was up from a deficit of $1,293,489,000,000 in fiscal 2010.

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  • Robert

    Those $ Trillion cuts are cuts that will happen in the future.

    Until we get to the future.

    Then, it will be ‘the mean Conservatives…’

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  • It is what they say it is. Doublespeak.

  • cavt

    Here’s the only positive thing that I can think of about the dictator–whatever he says, take the exact opposite of it, and you’ll have the truth. No guesswork involved.

    Only a leftisit would think about getting a job with the MSM now days. How can any unbiased, even somewhat conservative, individual get into the MSM and put up with it–not possible. Sadly, this just means the MSM will continue to get even worse– as hard as that is to believe.

  • HeavyDee

    If any of the Repubs had a sack with some stones in it, they would go on the floor of the House and introduce this transcript into the Congressional Record when the fiscal Cliff vote comes. Then they should introduce the evidence that this POS is a blatant LIAR and a sack of crap. Then just walk out!!

  • HeavyDee

    RE: #4

    Watched Major Garrett for the first time on CBS the other evening. It’s apparent that he’s become quite the administration “kiss-a$$!” A big difference from the man he was at FOX.

  • Oh, yes, our Majesty is SO Brilliant and SO wise and all-knowing and…..

    You get the picture! Expect all the female reporters to kiss his cheeks and the males (with the exception of Tingles, to shake his hand!

  • Pete

    When the marxist SOB currently befouling the oval office can so brazenly lie and the media refuse to tell the truth, that is another clue that our once great republic is about to die. We were in ventricular tachycardia prior to the last election…but the 51% decided not to apply the paddles and we are slipping rapidly into ventricular fibrillation. V-fib is almost impossible to salvage….and with the ideology of immoralily, selfishness, laziness and greed that the left has propagandized as desirable to the American population, I do not believe we will survive as a nation for another 5 years.

    Short of Divine Intervention…..

  • JenBee

    Until we get some sort of handle on the Democratic Media Complex, we’ll never win an election again, much less have any hope to educate the ignorant Honey Boo Boo Obamabot masses on what’s REALLY happening with the ongoing assault on this country’s wealth and power by this administration.

    And #5 HeavyDee, what I wouldn’t give to see that!

  • Conservative Ken

    I expect the liberal media to give Obama a pass. What worries me is the Republicans in Congress.

  • Bubba

    I guess this blog is a hobby for you, and that’s good, because you surely must know how irrelevant and pointless shining light on the obvious is, right? The MSM gave Barry another pass? Why not just say the sky is blue? Same result, after all.

    I think it was you who mocked some idiot on MSNBC for calling Rush the least influential man in America. But, good lord, let’s cut the crap…that guy absolutely nailed it.

    We all congregate on these blogs, we all listen to the likes of Rush and Levin, and we all say, “Yeah…that’s so right on!!! Why can’t others understand this??? Why won’t bawl baby Beihner and the GOP leadership stand up and act???”

    But it’s all so pointless and irrelevant. Nothing that was espoused in the thousands of hours of talk by Rush, Levin and the most laughable of all, Hannity mattered or had an impact.

    Neither do the tens of thousands of blog posts on sites like this.

    You understand that, right? If you want to post because you like it, great. But get past the nonsense that you are making any kind of difference by calling out the ultra obvious like MSM bias.

    I remember there was all this talk about how Obama was going to come after talk radio with the fairness doctrine. Nah. The fact is…he couldn’t care less about the noise on the Right. He knows what that nut on MSNBC knows–Rush (and certainly, then, everyone else) is irrelevant, and, contrary to what his fans are unable to wrap their minds around, extremely non influential.

    We have countless examples of this. And now, we have one more. The fiscal cliff surrender was just one more example of how Rush and company don’t matter.

    But hey…good job with the post on the biased MSM. Man…I can’t believe the MSM gave Barry a pass on his trillion dollar lie. Wait until people find out about this!!! Heads are going to roll!!!

  • bg


    January 1, 2013


    [Obama is like a nasty, vengeful creature from Bizarro’s World, the
    cube-shaped fictional planet, in the DC Comics universe. He could be
    “Bizar-Ro-Bama,” an effeminate villain who engages in double-speak,
    lies, and misdirection.

    Clothed in his public persona as president, his latest attempt at
    disguised villainy was to convince people he has a fiscal plan that
    would save America from insolvency and crushing tax hikes when,
    in reality, his actions are pushing America into the financial abyss.

    Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he told the people of
    America: “I offered not only a trillion dollars – over a trillion dollars
    in spending cuts over the next 10 years, but these changes would
    result in even more savings in the next 10 years and would solve
    our deficit problem for a decade.” This coming from the president
    who has raised the deficit by over $6 trillion since taking office.

    The problem is that the so-called Republican leadership is complicit in
    Obama’s deceit and fiscal maleficence. They conspired with Obama 16
    months ago to kick the financial can down the road knowing it would
    confront us today.]

    more at link..


  • JenBee

    #11 Bubba… wtf is the point of your post? You condemn us all for being here and bitching about the MSM bias, while you yourself are being here bitching about the MSM bias, but even more than that you’re chastising us and trying your best to make us all feel stupid while you aren’t offering up one single idea or alternative to it. Yes, it makes me feel a little better to come here among like-minds and bitch and moan about the MSM bias; obviously it makes YOU feel good to do the exact same, but for some reason you also feel the need to eat your own. Hope that works out well for ya, Buddy. Oh, and thanks alot for nothing.

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  • cavt

    Well said JenBee

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  • bg
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