Gross. Colin Powell Says GOP “Has Dark Vein of Intolerance” (Video)

For some odd reason “Republican” Colin Powell supported the most radical far left president in history in 2012. Now he’s lashing out at Republicans who oppose Obama.

Republican Colin Powell told “Meet the Press” today that the GOP has a “dark vein of intolerance.” As an example he pointed out that former Governor John Sununu called Obama lazy. He also attacked Sarah Palin.

The Politico reported:

While continuing to identify as a Republican, former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday criticized the GOP for a series of racist attacks against President Barack Obama.

“There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.”

Powell, who endorsed Obama, pointed to a number of statements that were directed at Obama as evidence that there is still racism within the party.

“When I see a former governor say that the president is ‘shuckin’ and jivin’.’ That’s a racial-era slave term,” Powell said, referring to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin using the term to describe Obama’s response to the attacks in Libya.

Powell also pointed to former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who was an aggressive surrogate for Mitt Romney, for calling Obama “lazy” after the first debate during the campaign.

For the record… New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney have both used the term “shuck and jive” but were given a pass by the liberal media.

More… Barack Obama thinks he’s lazy too.

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  • Gloria Gilson

    He being the same Colin Powell who’s a member of the America-is-always-wrong crowd known as the CFR,

  • Buffalobob

    Collin Powel has gone “Bellefonte”.

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  • Sam Stone

    “You know, it’s interesting. There is a deep down – underneath all the work I do – I think there’s a laziness in me…it’s probably from, you know, growing up in Hawaii…” Barack Hussein Obama to Baba Walters

  • Freddy

    Other that slapping the name ‘Republican’ on himself, what Republican values does Powell actually have?

  • Sam Stone

    The TRUE racists like Powell see race in everything. Skin color before color of character.

  • bigkahuna

    What a scumbag. He had massive republican support after gulf war and beyond, So have Bobby Jindel, Sen. Scott, Alan West, and other black conservatives.

    He however claims to be republican yet supports a black candidate soley because his skin color because there is no way a republican can call himself one and vote for that waste of sperm Obama. He attacks republicans but you never hear him attack dummasscrats.

    He is the racist. I am sick of morons telling us we are racist for using words. I say actions are racists…kinda like 95% support by the black community of a president who screws them daily and “enslaves them in welfare and unemployment and debt burdens on their kids and grandkids and never hold him accountable for his actions or innaction or lies or failures or anything for that matter.

    Screw you Colinoscopy


    Powell is a Republican like Reagan was a Communist.

    What really frustrates me is the total lack of historical perspective a General has about his own country. He is a politician and not a soldier.

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  • AuntieMadder

    I caught part of Powell’s Beat the Press interview this morning. Most everything out of his mouth came from the Media Matters’ list of talking points. The only part of the discussion during which he strayed from the Demonrat script was when the interviewing libtard asked him if invading Iraq was a mistake and Powell, for the bazillionth time, told of how the decision was based upon CIA intel provided, that congress overwhelmingly voted for war and that President and Commander In Chief George W Bush relayed the order to the military. The rest of what I heard him say could have come from the mouth of any Washington Demonrat.

  • Correction: He supported the most radical far left BLACK president.

  • OxyCon

    If Powell were a Republican President, he would get a real lesson in racism from the Liberals who would attack him as an Uncle Tom sellout.

  • DecentAmerican

    Shuck and jive? That was also the name if a popular song a few years ago from Gap commercials. This is a classic racist liberal tactic…..have no logical defense, cry racism.

    So racist Powell,many comments on the racist liberal attacks on Cain and West and Clarence Thomas? Or how about the Dem founded KKK? Or how about YOU and Rice being the first black Secs of State in history, selected by REPUB Presidents?

    Show some gratitude. You racist liberal moron. It always goes to show you, you develop a liberal mindset like POWELL, and you become a racist.

  • DecentAmerican

    And…. “lazy”… what other word are we supposed to use to describe someone who rather play golf than do his job? That’s not “tired”…that’s lazy! Kindly tell us, racist liberals, what words are we allowed to use?

    Stupid racist liberals…..their true colors always show.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    We have to wonder when high-minded liberals will start to call out Obama’s major financial backers for committing racist “crimes”. Romney saying “shuckin’ and jivin'” pales in comparison to the racist, misogynist lyrics of Obama’s favorite fundraiser – the the hip-hopping, gangsta’-rapping, thug wannabe Jay-Z who have turned the beautiful soul and R&B love sonnets from Mowtown in the 60s and 70s into vulgar, degrading minstrel shows of filth.

    Here’s Jay-Z’s degrading cover of the Four Tops beautiful hit love song “Ain’t No Woman”


    When will Powell denounce this garbage?

    One has to wonder: Did Obama and his daughters “shuck and jive” to this racist minstrel show tune during Jay-Z’s fundraising gala for his campaign last year?

    Maybe we should all forward this song to David “High Capacity Mag” Gregory as an example of what kind of music Obama’s SUPPORTERS really DO “shuck and jive” to.

  • jorgen

    Yeah, there might be a slight bias against RINOs who voted for Obama.

  • Big Al

    How can he still call himself a republican. In 2008 the party nominated just the kind of moderately inclined republican he purports to want, a bonafide war hero to boot, and Powell turned his back on him purely because of race. Disgraceful. This man should be called out for using the republican label, which he only uses to increase his own marketability.

  • AnnaS

    He still calls himself a Republican so Democrats can say–“Look at Powell, he is a Republican and believes the right way.” He is doing it on purpose!

  • Patty

    Says GOP? OMG, this man makes me sick. And DARK VEIN, OH DEAR!!!


    Colin Powell is A Racist. Yah, I Said It.

    So, Colin Powell proved today he’s a racist…by endorsing a candidate for president just because of that person’s skin color.

    Powell backed Obama in 2008, but prior to today he could have just claimed he was caught up in all that hysteria of “The Hopeychange Fad” that swept the nation four years ago and rendered even adult males like him nothing more than pre-teen girls squealing with hormonal delight at a New Kids on the Block concert while clutching their Cabbage Patch Kids and Beanie Babies for dear life (because they will be worth so much to collectors some day!).

    Powell said in his 2012 endorsement that he backs Obama because Bathhouse Barry “didn’t get us into any new wars recently”, but that completely forgets about the overthrow of Quadaffi in Libya and what’s happening in Syria now as well.

    Then, Powell went on to say that Obama should remain president because, uh, well, uhhm, er…”there hasn’t been a terrorist attack or anything lately, I guess”. Which, of course, completely forgets about the rape and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other deaths at our consulate in Benghazi.

    Ed Morrissey at HotAir thinks the reason Powell behaves this way is because he’s still smarting that he ruined his reputation and humiliated himself with that UN performance (which really did make him a laughing stock)…so to get back at the GOP he does things like this. I like Morrissey but disagree with him here because I think he’s purposefully not stating the obvious: which is that Colin Powell is a racist.

    it’s hilarious to me that he gave up the chance to be the first black President when he could have run in 1996 and he probably would have beaten Bill Clinton because black Democrats would have indeed crossed the aisle and voted for him out of race-pride. I think Powell will always resent his timidity and decision not to enter that race; to this day he blames his wife Alma, saying she and his children urged him not to run for President because he just couldn’t handle the job and wouldn’t do well in a campaign. I think little baby Colin was just too afraid of embarrassing himself in a national campaign and didn’t want to risk doing anything to make himself a laughingstock…like what he did at the UN seven years later.


    There’s this thing that happens in our culture where just because someone served in the military we feel a duty to handle that person with kid gloves forever………….[……….]

    Read more

  • MrGoodWench

    Why is he not been kicked out of the Republican Party ?
    Have they no shame ?

  • Lim Lynn

    Guess Colin Powell is getting too protective towards Barack Hussein Obama who had been returning to Golf course enjoying spending all tax payers money without letting Pundits and irritated tax payers whack the hell out of Mr Laziest President.

  • Meh

    He’s just another usefull idiot parroting for his racists in the lamestream “media”. Go back to spooning Armitage.

  • golfmax13

    Hey, tell you what – can we quit calling this guy a freaking Republican? It’s quite evident he is not and the hoax is getting a little irritating. Just because HE says he is doesn’t necessarily make it so – it’s not just what comes out of his mouth, it’s what he does that should be scrutinized. Kick his A$$ to the other side – that’s who he is.

  • Winston Wolfe

    I stopped giving a damn what Colin Powell says a long, long time ago.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Well if Colin is referring to his pal Chuck Hagel, yes.

  • Oliver


    The School Shooting You Haven’t Heard About

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    He’s still not a member of the Republican Party, is he? If the answer is yes, give him a refund, tell him goodbye, and wish him well.

    It’s one thing for your opponents to spread BS about you, but it’s something entirely different when someone doing it is supposed to be on your team.

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  • Patty

    And the real problem with America, isn’t the blowhards, those who are just NOISE IN THE BACKGROUND. Especially giving those like Powell a voice among others, just because he is a public figure. This doesn’t always give them a Common Voice when they are living in a past time in History. But does he delight in Obama’s blackness, possibly but thank God he never ran can you imagine what he would have done. Because he too is on the attack to divide and separate America. Shameful that some Blacks just don’t get it. Civil rights was fought and won and there are truly great Black men and Women who don’t throw around racism for the reason to blame others or another party.

    Powell hasn’t learn a thing and with people like him it will take time for those with Dark hearts to understand America, the majority, don’t feel like he does.

  • Patty

    #26 January 13, 2013 at 1:10 pm
    Oliver commented:

    Some do believe it was a conspiracy. Not sure if I feel that way but I do know some who do.

  • Patty

    #26 January 13, 2013 at 1:10 pm
    Oliver commented:

    Flu epidemic, mercury in flu shots. And then Fluoride in the water to calm people down. All are out there! BUT…… who knows what Government can do or has done.

    Then there is Breitbart, a shot, a small undetected clot, who knows.

  • Oliver

    #30 – watch the video, there’s some pretty compelling evidence in it.

  • Ray

    Collin,my give a damn’s busted.

  • mcashc

    More proof of the real racists. Just think this guy is not dumb made it to general was combat vet in 2 wars and still has total allegiance to skin color. This punk actor fraud child has a general kissing his ass- you can’t make this sh#t up. It is only because he is half black. well go away you racist idiot fool. America was good to you and you side with this punk racist actor fool. You disgusting traitor A-HOLE.

  • Lim Lynn
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  • mcashc

    And you of all people should take offense that this little punk with no experience in anything, much less the military comes from nowhere and is president and commander- in- chief. Just proves how racist you are. You are supporting the number 1 enemy of this great country. Thought you had integrity and character. Was wrong , you are a racist chip on your shoulder privileged black man in PC America. You could not have a better life you racist A hole.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Can someone strip him of his “Republican” mantle?

  • Um, truth hurts y’all?

    Just sayin’

  • dmandman

    Love it…I can remember not so long ago that the GOP powers that were came to him on bended knee to run for President. He blew them off saying that he had no interest in politics. I think the dark streak of intolerance is projection not true perception.

  • Now watch my little comment disappear, when that Nazi Jim Hoft removes it, because I do not suck up to the Neoconservative right —- like he does.

  • mcashc

    So what Palin said is an issue to you? How about an illegal president? All of my respect for you is gone. You are a racist fool. This country gave you an opportunity and you took it. You achieved and succeeded. Now you side with a communist anti American punk racist lazy no skill never had a job fool. You are clearly a racist.

  • bill

    Colo-Rectal Bowel has his head up his *ss.

  • Rachelle

    And yet the GOP put up with this arrogant poseur for decades.

  • Patty


    MEMO TO HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Start drafting Articles of Impeachment in case of lawless debt ceiling hike

    The primary tenet at the heart of the United States Constitution is a concept known as Separation of Powers. It allocates the various responsibilities of government between branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The Framers of the Constitution, James Madison primary among them, studied the writings of many great legal philosophers in dividing responsibilities such that each branch of government could check the corrupting ambitions of the others.

    According to Madison, no philosopher was more critical to the design of Constitutional separations than the French nobleman and legal expert Charles-Louis de Secondat, the Baron de Montesquieu.

    Montesquieu had studied the rise and fall of the Roman Republic. He believed that a properly designed government, in order to prevent tyranny, would require three branches of government. He wrote, “If it is to provide its citizens with the greatest possible liberty, a government must have certain features. First, since ‘constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it … it is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power’ . This is achieved through the separation of the executive, legislative, and judicial powers of government… [to prevent any one] from acting tyrannically.”


    Personally, Proceedings should have been made long ago.

  • But Hussein bin Obama IS lazy. It isn’t ‘intolerant’ to point that out.

  • Patty

    Abusing his power as president and Colin Powell seems to believe that Obama’s views are just fine for him. Problem is they live in a house where their ideas are not those in which our founding fathers fought for and when freedoms are being taken away we will then be the opposite of what this nation was built on.

    Are we just the guinea pigs playing out some fallacy that Obama has made up in his head. And the Civil Rights thing is evident when he is having a Civil Rights Activist swearing him in next week. He has build up some rather dangerous ideas about freedom when that freedom takes away from the rest of us.

  • Alec J

    Isnt it obvious? Colin Powell only still calls himself a Republican so he gets attention. If he were to switch parties (which is will do eventually when the novelty wears off) he wouldnt command the interest he does now.

    EWWW! Black Republican calls the GOP racist. If he was called what he is, another Democrat phony, he would just be another one to add to the list.

    Its about ego, attention, and i believe lack of character.

    Listen to Mark Levin tell the story of how Powell stood by and watched an innocent man take the fall for something he didnt do and you will start to see that Colin Powell is nothing more than a political opportunist and self centered hack.

    He sure loves the treatment the media gives GOP turncoats though…..what a jerk.

  • JimmyO

    Here’s a remix video of the Powell interview with Carney’s shuck and jive comment and the ABC interview with Obama saying he’s lazy added into it.

  • Alec J

    Oh, and who is Powell accusing of this racism? I never seem to see it anywhere but directed at black conservatives from liberals.

    Powell is human garbage in my book. The kind of gutless turd who makes broad accusations with an ounce of proof doesnt deserve any respect what so ever. At this point, i couldnt give a crap what great things he did in the past. Its all been overshadowed by his utter lack of character.

    I wouldnt take his word on the weather if he was looking out the window.

  • Patty

    Obama wants his legacy to read: He fought for Civil Rights, problem is those days are over and Republicans fought more for Civil Rights then Obama could or ever fight for.

    I believe Obama and Powell are living in the past. Every man and every woman, all colors, races and creeds are free. Obama and Powell just haven’t received that message, yet.

    Sad when some on the left have to keep bringing up the race card to get their point across. They do this constantly and it just makes them look small and inconsequential.

    And sadder is Powell who is one of those “so called” republicans who keeps bashing the party and keeps poisoning the water with more of the same. Obama must love this guy because Powell is perpetuating Obama messaging. Obama gets a kick when others have fallen into the debts of hate in which Obama has and less not forget some of his horrible attacks on Congress and the republican party. Anger isn’t becoming on anyone, least of all a President and someone who served a nation and now, his true colors are coming out.

  • Patty

    depths, correction

  • dw dude

    where was that comment before the election? nearly every black democrat is a closet racist…and many in the government are Marxist. just because you served in the military doesn’t grant you sainthood.

  • Patty

    State of the Republican party? The party is fine, the problem is leadership and courage to call out what is wrong and the path in which Obama is taking. The leash on everything was taken off when Obama was elected. Call it fear from Congress or the just didn’t have the majority to do anything.

    But if they stand up they are considered by Obama as blockers to his agenda. Obama has never really communicated with patience and intelligence because his agenda is his motivation and no one and no other party will deter him.

  • Obamao

    Shuckin’ and jivin’

    Ever notice how it is ‘racist’ for a white to use black slang.

  • bg



    January 13, 2013

    Controversial ‘Parent Trigger’ School Reform Prevails in California

    [Parent trigger gives parents the right to enact massive overhauls
    of public schools. They can petition the school board to hire and fire
    teachers and administrative staff, change the curriculum, and hand
    over leadership of the school to a charter company.]


  • dw dude

    he’s been jimmy carterized…

  • Patty

    #53 January 13, 2013 at 2:32 pm
    dw dude commented:

    Great Comment because once Obama was elected and now re-elected their true colors, no pun intended, but is it? came out. And what an ugly picture and what an Ugly America.

  • Patty

    #56 January 13, 2013 at 2:33 pm
    bg commented:

    Wow, and Ca.

  • So sick of hearing from this guy

  • DecentAmerican

    #39 racist liberal Patrick…..uh, and yet you forget about the Dem founded KKK, the Dem Jim Crow laws, the Dems filibustering the Civil Rights act.

    Oh, and the Dems calling Cain a monkey and “house negro”, the Dems wanting to lynch Ckarence Thomas. And what about all the liberal racism toward Powell when he was SOS?

    And these are all actual acts of true racism, unlike the imaginary ones that Powell claims.

    Nice try liberal racist moron, but the DEMOKKKRATS have ownership of the hate and racism.

    The truth hurts, Y’all. Just sayin.

  • donh

    When he was general known for pushing DADT policy to help gays keep standing in the military….Lives his life as a closet something other than what he poses to be in public name…..Uses strange anatomical vision of ” dark veins ” to describe feelings of racial offenses…..I think Colon Bowel has replaced Reggie Love as Obama’s ” body man “

  • man_in_tx

    Hey, I thought “black is beautiful.” So, what is wrong with “dark vein,” then? /sarc

    On a serious note: Colin Powell was “made” by Republicans. Reagan, Bush I & Bush II each put him in prestigious positions (which helped him make his fourth star).

    So, he gladly took all the bennies from these white Republicans. Now he turns on them.

    Oh, and as I recall, under Clinton, he was not particularly outspoken about maintaining the ban on service in the military by (openly admitted) homosexuals.

    All that says something — but not something good — about his character, in my book.

    Powell was happy to take his affirmative-action promotions and then turn around and bite the hands that fed him.

    Sad, really. Not a bad man. A sad man.

  • Berzrkr50

    This man needs to switch parties ASAP. There is absolutely nothing conservative about him and lately he’s become downright racist, voting black for the sake of black and nothing else. Away with you scumbag!

  • Patty

    Republicans want less government in citizens’ lives

    Another message Powell hasn’t received yet. And the Debt think about what Colin Powell doesn’t see. Going on 17 trillion and Obama has outspent all other presidents.

    Pres. Obama Rack Up More Debt Than All Presidents From Washington to Reagan

    think about this: This is a National Security Risk. And Powell was part of the military. What has to have gotten into him. The older you get you should be getting smarter instead of more stupid.

  • Patty

    #61 January 13, 2013 at 2:36 pm
    DecentAmerican commented:

    Comments like he made are just weeds and I try to pull them out. Scrolling past their stupidity.

  • sarah2016

    Palin correctly said Obama was “shuck & jiving” w/ respect to Benghazi where Powel’s military bretheren were left behind to fend for themselves even though US rescue teams were readily available. What’s the military code General Powel to save Americans first & not condone a Commander-in-chief who watches them die in real time & does nothing, except to provide our Islamists enemies w/ US weapons. No ,no conflict of interest here, no hint of betrayal as long as Powel & the Left can demonize Palin, the only incorruptable, courageous politician left who actually represents we-the-people & cares about American exceptionalism, a strong military & the constitution.

    Incidently, Palin addressed the “shuck & drive” comment in two post on her Facebook page…worth a look.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Um, truth hurts y’all?

    It might if it were true…

  • Ray

    People parade Colon around like he is some political sage. Never ran for office. Never elected to anything. His promotions were strictly affirmative action related. Also a way,way overrated military leader. Yet we are made to belive he is right their with MacArthur,Patton,Eisenhower.

  • buffy

    I don’t have to even watch this video. I have had African Americans for employees for years. I’ve never in 30 years of business been able to trust any of them. There are two categories that they fall in to. Those who want to strive and progress and become successful just like any white employee I have does. There there are those who play on the sympathies of anyone around. They keep the company in an uproar at all times. They have to have attention. They are like children. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to intervene to soothe feelings. That is Colin Powell. He has to have attention. He lives for it. I’ve seen his tactics thousands of times. Ever noticed how no one who served with him has come forth to support him? Nope. He probably pulled these same tactics while climbing the Pentagon ladder. He used his race to get where he was after Nam and got so high up no one challenged him. He’s the product of the Clinton Pentagon and he’s still riding on that.

  • billntwrk


  • bg


    DecentAmerican #61 January 13, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    re: Clarence Thomas

    [This is the level of contempt and disdain Dowd and her liberal racist
    nemathelminth kind have for blacks – especially black men who dare
    rise above based on meritocracy. Their fear is that a black man – who
    rises to Justice Thomas’ position without benefit of liberal handouts
    and /or decries affirmative action – will truly be free and self
    determining. That very thought worries the closet racist.

    Dowd’s reference to Justice Thomas “relying on his id” is poisonous,
    cozened speech. “Id” refers to the source of psychic energy derived
    from instinctual needs and drives. Her use of same is nothing short
    of coded, specious hate speech alluding to the most base and
    reprobate physical urges ascribed to black men (usually just before
    or shortly after they hung them in the Jim Crow days, but I digress).

    This is the insidious treachery of the liberal racist. They obfuscate,
    making an art form of obloquy. In a society where black children
    view excelling academically as being white, liberals like Dowd – if
    they truthfully cared – would extol the accomplishments of a Justice

    I am weary of the institutionalized racism, the pitting of blacks against
    blacks and the academic arrogance of the Sandra Day O’Connors,
    Maureen Dowds, et al.

    The black community doesn’t need affirmative action – it, in large part,
    needs a jolt to the system. Black youth must be reminded of the adage
    those of my generation heard from infancy: “You have to work harder
    than the next man to get ahead.” Today, I realize “the next man” my
    grandmother was referring to were racist liberals, who would block our
    path to self sufficiency.

    Dowd’s vitriolic diatribe directed at Justice Thomas unambiguously
    proves the point of the institutionalized racism by liberals. Dowd’s
    fomentation is born out of her belief that Justice Thomas got where
    he is today because of his color. She shows that the very thing
    liberals hail, they secretly despise.

    White liberal racists like Dowd encourage and support the vilification of
    blacks who would dare stand for meritocracy. They quietly encourage
    the savage attacks on conservative, independent-minded blacks by the
    likes of Harry Belafonte, Julian Bond and Jesse Jackson, to name but a

    much more at links, in connecting links, and threads comments..


  • bg


    billntwrk #71 January 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Colin Powell is no Uncle Tom, his arse, perhaps..


  • Lightwave

    Yet another victim of the mental insanity that is liberalism. Remember, the logical endpoint of all liberalism is fascism, period…where the state controls all aspects of your life.

    All liberals are fascists, the only question is “to what degree.”

    Colin Blow Powell here is no different.

  • bg


    buffy #70 January 13, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    re: [I’ve never in 30 years of business been able to trust any of them.
    There are two categories that they fall in to. Those who want to strive
    and progress and become successful just like any white employee I
    have does. etc]

    racist, miss-written, or you don’t trust your white employees either??


  • bg


    hey COLIN, how many non RICH OLD WHITE MEN has the
    Prez called upon to fill high positions since re-selection??


  • BurmaShave

    Colin Powell Says GOP “Has Dark Vein of Intolerance”


    After all, anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist, right, Colin?

  • Ray

    Caspar Weinberger’s biggest mistake.

  • bg


    hah, forget DADT..

    Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

    more at links, in connecting links & threads.. 😡


  • volk

    Powell is more white than he is black. Look at the picture of him and Obama at the top of the page. This is sad but very true, many, many times when you listen to a person that has one white parent and one black parent they seem to be very angry at the white race. They accuse the white race of so much bullsh*t and they spread so much hate. The Rev Wright and Obama are perfect examples. It is something to think about.

  • bg


    volk #80 January 13, 2013 at 4:55 pm


    hey, just as Islamists are towards infidel Muslims.. we know blacks are
    racist toward their own race, never mind the collective against whites..
    if they knew the truth about both Islamic and and African Slavers we’d
    have quite a friend in the black race indeed.. but they do not, and the
    RACISTS amongst them would rather they die than be enlightened..

    meantime, albeit i’m not particularly a fan of everything about this
    man, i will most assuredly abide by the following statement of his:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
    nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin,
    but by the content of their character.”
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    At one time, I thought this guy was the total package. Leadership, charisma, conservative principles. Transcending race. A true American. I actually heard him speak once and was in total awe.

    Sadly, his true colors come through (and that is not a racist comment). He is nothing more than another Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

    He threw away a promising career to be just another race-baiter.

  • bg


    Sorry to Live in Illinois #82 January 13, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    yes, totally agree..

    if i’m recalling correctly, many people, including members in
    both parties, wanted CP to run for the presidency, but he
    turned it down due to his wife’s illness (or something like


    what we realistically need is another Ike, and imho, Allen
    West would be ideal about now, as he is, above all else,
    a true Red White & Blue American!!


  • BruceC

    I lost all respect for Powell when it was found out that he knew for months that Richard Armitage was the leaker in Plamegate. He knew for all that time and allowed others to take the fall. He allowed the Bush Presidency to be smeared. He allowed Scooter Libby to be prosecuted. I hold him in as much contempt (if not more) than I do Fitzgerald. (spits)

  • Joanne

    Powell is a racist and a traitor. He’s seen enough to know when a communist sits in the Whitehouse, and he likes it. Traitor, traitor.

  • William Tecumseh Sherman

    Thanks to Colin Powell for telling the truth… the Republican party is the party of racist garbage. I love how you all believe your little pop guns would stop the US government… LOL! We’d blow you back to the stone age with Apache helos and drones, not to mention tanks, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, etc. My biggest historical regret is that General Sherman didn’t torch the entire South. The reason the GOP is what it is today is the loser mentality of those crackers in Dixie that got beat and had to give up their slaves. Still butthurt after all these years. They cling to guns and religion to compensate for their own peckerwood self-loathing. Why don’t you try to secede again? We’d either get the pleasure of kicking your asses again or get rid of you so you can start your won Somalia-like republic. We all laugh at you, do you know that? Losers, paranoiacs, nuts, parasites. The scum of the Earth.

  • BruceC

    #86 January 13, 2013 at 5:29 pm
    William Tecumseh Sherman commented:

    I think it’s cute when the lefties think that the Military would side with them.

  • bg


    re: #81 January 13, 2013 at 5:10 pm bg

    btw, quite a few whites are oblivious to the truth as well..

    ergo, when it comes to racism, it’s
    an equal opportunity issues.. /s/

    ps: when it comes to racism, Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein
    Obama is about the most ill informed person i know of, and he holds
    just about the the highest position on planet Earth..

    God is #1 no matter who’s #2, and Mr. I Wanna
    Be The King of Kings would be wise not to forget


  • bg


    #86 January 13, 2013 at 5:29 pm
    William Tecumseh Sherman 🙄

    just click & scroll or scroll & click..


  • Rose

    Colon Powell has always been a Liberal.

    He has also, by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf’s testimony about him during Desert Shield on international TV always been a man who never turned in a plan of action that would accomplish the stated goal of the mission – but was given promotion in spite of that due to his great faculty for helping the facilitation of the plan, and encouraging the team doing it.

    Powell doesn’t encourage the Republican Team he is “supposedly” a member of – NEVER HAS!

    He does encourage those who are THE PARTY OF the individual political philosophies that he did let slip in the years between his retirement and George Bush Jr picking him for the State Dept – which Rush Limbaugh and others reported from the back pages of tiny announcements of Powell’s few political events which he was careful to make sure had no microphones and cameras, as he expressed one or two Liberal views to CLOSED meetings.

    So we know by these things that Powell HAS NEVER BEEN CONSERVATIVE OR REPUBLICAN.

    He is LIBERAL, and so therefore we know what he his – we know by whom he CONSISTENTLY ENCOURAGES.

    All these “CONSERVATIVES” insisting he is a great leader and perfect for Republican positions, including President – they are either too stupid to be allowed to vote, or they are also mole rats, as well.

    If my remark about Powell supporters offends some of you, please know it was absolutely and totally INTENDED.

    The line is drawn. Go home to your fearless leader, and make finalizing plans. I ain’t playing nice on the streets of the neighborhood with you any more. I’m not buying from your store, or offering you a nice seat in the assemblies. I’m slamming every door in your face.

    I’m not going to pretend that your help in assaulting our Constitution is “your right to your own opinion”.

    You have A RIGHT to your own opinion, BUT WHEN “YOUR OPINION” CROSSES THE LINE OF TREASON, I don’t have to support you any more at all. I will support your right to move to a nation to which you are fully prepared to be Patriotic.
    I will NOT support the STUPIDITY that you have a “CIVIL RIGHT TO TREASON”. You do NOT.

    Treason in America is ACTIVITY using force to accomplish CHANGE CONTRARY TO THE CONSTITUTION, even if it is “only” bureaucratic force.


    The means inside the Constitution FOR CHANGE are ACHIEVABLE – BUT RIGHTLY REQUIRES A SUPER MAJORITY. THINK about it – anything LESS is DICTATORSHIP.

    It doesn’t matter if it is a judge ruling on a lawsuit that changes SOCIAL STRUCTURE – NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL PROCESS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE FORCED AGAINST THE MAJORITY SENSE OF THE COMMUNITY, or by Presidential executive orders, or by lowly Bureaucratic “policy” — any more than it matters if a small army representing a small minority, such as the KKK or the NAACP, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Mexican Street Gangs – those are not Constitutional bosses of WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Rock

    So are Mr. Powell’s hands in his lap because that tingle up his leg has become an embarrassment? It would appear Mr. Powell has turned from a red blooded American to a red blooded Commie for no other reason than skin color.

  • Hugh

    One really has to wonder what is wrong with this man. He turns out to be quite the malleable person. I think we all know why “Republican” Colin Powell voted for radical “progressive” BO. What a complete and utter disappointment this man has turned out to be. His views are very muddled and don’t seem to square with what he says his values are. I would say that his character is the one in question and that he has the “dark vein” of intolerance.

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  • Tricky Dick

    You have to realize that if Powell doesn’t make comments that go against the mainstream Republican way of thinking he becomes irrelevant and would never be in the news ever again. Typical attention whore!

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  • Flintstone F.

    Maybe I’m wrong but Powell and Obama really don’t like the fact that they are half black and have bent over backward to embrace their black heritage in an attempt to understand the struggle of their race. They resent being seen as black which they equate with being inadequate. They struggle with their self image (which in Obama’s case is a cluster F of psychotic problems) as they try unnecessarily and continually to prove to the world that they’re black and they really love it.

    Powell’s personal affliction is with the wet dream of being picked by the One to be in his cabinet. So just like Linus sits in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin, Powell will continue to lick Obama’s boots (what the hell did I just say?).

    Similar to people who have never lived around black people bending over backward to excuse any and all behavior to the point they believe blacks are incapable of racism. Usually, they keep their distance from blacks while “defending” them because they’re afraid of them and think they’re second rate human beings. Blacks need help because in their view, they’re inherently flawed.

    They all cry the false alarm of racism, but truly they are just a little ashamed of black people. They’re liberals that’s all. It’s the reason they can’t get on board with the words of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and instead give us things like affirmative action.

    Leftists, all of them.

    Someday we will have a black president. But so far all we got was Bill Clinton and a two time commie fraud.

  • Ray

    Sherman was a war criminal.

  • Oh, yeah, well then King O is a “dark stain” on our nation! There, I’ve said it! Your move, General.

    OT Jackie Chan told a Chinese show we are the most corrupt nation in the world! The nerve, and to think I actually wanted to see “The Tuxedo”!

    What’s Mandarin for “Sir, your brain is the size of a turtle’s egg?”
    I am serious, how do you say it?

  • bg


    l.barney #98 January 13, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    re: [Sir, your brain is the size of a turtle’s egg]

    in Chinese via Google Language tool:



  • Thanks bg, and it’s true! If this “actor” can trash talk my country, then his brain IS the size of a turtle’s egg. To call someone a “turtle” in China means they’re stupid and or “don’t get it”. I don’t know why the turtle is a sign of stupidity though. I do know, from what I have read, it is a huge insult!

  • Candy

    Beware of the high yellas they used to say down South. They don’t know who they are and where they belong. Note Jarrett, Holder and his buddies in Chicago (even Sharpton with his perm). And most of those who claim to speak for blacks, whether Hollywood whores, press, etc. (see Whoopie Goldberg, Toure, Samuel Jackson, others), they are married, some several times to ‘anything but black’. Real self-esteem issues going on here.

    I guess you could lump Rev. Wright and others in there. They fight so hard for the poor and are one of them… while living in white gated communities where the buses and el can’t reach.

    I haven’t seen one go back to Africa. So what’s their solution?

    Yet those who achieve without handouts (see Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Condi, West, etc.), are ‘sellouts’.

    What usually doesn’t get reported (except by Charles on Fox Finance), is that many of the kids shot in urban streets are honor and grade A students. They are jealous if someone succeeds and are not down with gang-banging, breaking into homes and robbing those who ‘earned’ what they have.

    Have you heard the paragons of virtue extolling shiftless black men and women to take responsibility for their lives and actions; To take care of their children, it’s not the states job?

    It must have killed Colin Powell when Bush put him on… Who forced him to say yes and to change parties?

    The problem is they know they haven’t ‘earned’ it.

  • BlameGame

    It is sad to see so many Americans in denial. Calling those who disagree with them racist, sexist, etc.. instead of giving rational reasons for supporting good policy. Why is unemployment so high? Why are so many Americans of all races out of work? Nothing but name calling, and passing blame, instead of providing solutions to the nation’s problems.

  • bg


    l.barney #100 January 13, 2013 at 7:43 pm



  • AmericaWILL

    Colin Powell, you are a true disappointment.

  • BubbaHotep

    I served under this man. He is and was a desk jockey. No more – no less. Relegated to his trailer when inclement weather set in for fear of the elements.
    There is no umbrella large enough to shelter this man from history and his own fear of reality.

  • dingodad

    Ah yes, from America’s esteemed affirmative action Army general comes this weighty pronouncement. Gag. Is this supposed to be some insight into the real Republican doctrine? No, just more liberal swill.

  • Dingodad

    The Affirmative Action Gen. speaks. I am in awe. Why, this a deep dark vein of truth ! Gag.

  • BarbaraS

    Colin Powell is just like the rest of the blacks. Elect one of them no matter whether he destroys the country of not. He’s a brotha. I lost respect for Powell in the Valerie Plame case and it is lost forever. Powell is a liar and a traitor to his party and the guy who appointed him SOS.

  • BarbaraS

    He was and I guess still is an infiltrator from the left.

  • He is product of affirmative action, and is proof that affirmative action is another government failure.

  • midusdew

    dark vein of ignorance is you powell.

  • bg


    D Roamer #110 January 13, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    oh please..

    that’s so effing stale..

    find another excuse to express your racism..

    btw, there many Blacks who are also against AA, go figure..


  • bg


    BarbaraS #108 January 13, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    re: [Colin Powell is just like the rest of the blacks.]

    that’s such an ignorant statement.. 🙁



  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Thanks to Colin Powell for telling the truth…

    If he told you that rat poison was candy, would you eat some?

  • Lim Lynn

    I rather say to Jackie Chan using this piece of conversation.

  • Lim Lynn

    A piece of advice to Jackie Chan.

  • Lim Lynn

    Error mistake made earlier. Sorry.

  • CommieJuice

    What a POS liberal racist this overrated, under performing a-hole is!

    What has he ever done for America? What has he ever done for anyone period? Can anyone tell me his great accomplishments? He is as much of a Republicans as David Brooks.

    A site I never went to has his stance on things. Out of 20 points of interest he scores 17 as a liberal, 3 as a conservative with some of those issues he takes the side of both. He is to the left of Scott Brown who is truly a pathetic Rino. At least Scott Brown didn’t endorse or vote for 0bama 2x because of his race.

    – Supports abortion
    – Supports more regulation on almost everything
    – Supports gun control
    – Supports global warming
    – Supports bigger government
    – Supports socialist health care in America
    – Supports America funding health care for the world
    – Supports wind/solar/fake energy (bashes oil)
    – Supports welfare (contradicts himself) Welfare good, work good.. can’t have it both ways
    – Supports illegal immigrants – touts “just as important as the Mayflower’s descendants”

    – Voted for every democrat to hold office as POTUS since Kennedy

    Again, what has this man ever done for America? What is his great accomplishment? He’s been around for decades. Name 3 things he has done for a better America in that time…

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  • Lim Lynn

    Is there more red tapes almost everything? That’s interesting about Colin Powell.

  • Chris W.

    Mr. Powell, you are an intellectually dishonest racist.

  • CheriBeri

    Powell was a Republican when it was expedient for him to be. He never was and still is not a Republican who values limited government, capitalism, and a free society. The proof is that he supports a President that values none of these things and has no true respect for our armed forces. Powell like McChrystal, Petraeus, Clark, has fallen under his own spell. They have forgotten our fighting forces and politics trumps the American People.

  • There was a time several years back when I had hoped Colin Powell would run for President. How could I have been so wrong? Obama would be an incompetent no matter what color he is. If he would just show one example of morals or values, he might seem human. I never had any idea that black people were so racist. To vote for a man just because of skin color is racist. I have many black friends who are against most of the things Obama promotes, but they still voted for him. Racist is the only word to describe them. I don’t know what it will take to make them realize his agenda. I sometimes think God is giving us one more chance and we’re blowing it. Conservatives have set back long enough without taking any kind of action to prevent our country from being destroyed from the inside. Please raise your voices to your senators and representatives and anyone who will listen before it’s too late. God Bless America.

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  • owl

    I hate when a few make remarks about a person’s skin color. Obama is not a bad president because he is black, he is a horrible president because he does not like America.

    Collin Powell never turned into such a teeny tiny little nasty snot because he is black, he is kin to Obama. Black? No. Thin skin and all about him. Such a nasty nasty little man. Backstabber. He stabbed Bush in the back with his sidekick Armitage.

    #84 I agree. Spit. When I say his name, I spit like I do when I say Kerry. Just something that is below LOW about back stabbers. Look who he is giving these words of wisdom. Yep. The person that was on the plane? He should feel right at home with Andrea, Gregory and Matthews.

    #113…..Love West but I always wanted to vote for Thomas Sowell.

  • CommieJuice

    There is no need to preface your comment about his race. Say what you mean!

  • Patty

    Colin Powell Went From American Hero To This In 126,144,000 Seconds

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