French Mag Charlie Hebdo Releases New Mohammad Cartoon Book

Last year French magazine Charlie Hebdo included a cartoon of Mohammad on its cover.

The caption reads: “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter!”
Within a week the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo were firebombed.

This week Charlie Hebdo published what it’s website calls a “halal” comic book on the life of Islamic prophet Mohammad.

On the cover of the book Mohammad walks with his camel. (Business Insider)

The AFP reported:

A French magazine, which sparked international protests and saw its offices firebombed after it printed cartoons mocking Mohammed, on Wednesday published a “halal” cartoon biography of Islam’s founder.

The editor of Charlie Hebdo weekly insists that “The Life of Mohammed”, whose cover shows a goofy-looking prophet leading a camel through the desert, is an educational work prepared by a Franco-Tunisian sociologist.

“It is a biography authorised by Islam since it was edited by Muslims,” said Stephane Charbonnier, who was also the illustrator of the book which comes complete with academic footnotes.

“I don’t think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate,” said Charbonnier, whose magazine has repeatedly enraged some Muslims with satirical depictions of the prophet, including showing him naked.

He said the idea for the comic book came to him in 2006 when a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons of Mohammed, later republished by Charlie Hebdo, that sparked angry protests across the Muslim world.

“Before having a laugh about a character, it’s better to know him. As much as we know about the life of Jesus, we know nothing about Mohammed,” he told AFP last week.

He said the book was “perfectly halal”, a joking reference to meat that is deemed fit for Muslims to consume.

Despite Charbonnier’s insistence that the book is well-intentioned and inoffensive, the depiction of the prophet in any visual form is deemed sacrilegious by many Muslims.

Also likely to cause offence are the drawings of naked men wearing turbans on its first page and later depictions of naked female breasts and exposed female genitalia.

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  • BigRed

    What could go wrong? I’m sure these people will understand.

  • Adi

    Of course gang-raping an US ambassador in open street or brainwashing 6 y.o. boys into suicide bombers is perfectly “halal”.

  • Gloria Gilson

    “I don’t think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate,” said Charbonnier.

    Nothing inappropriate in a comic book about Big Mo? Are you kidding? Riot countdown control is now in pre-set mode,

  • donh

    Its coming…another round of ANGRY Islamic mobs massing outside our embassy gates…bounty already being offered for the head of our Yemen Ambassador….now another ” OFFENSIVE and DISGUSTING “cartoon hits the media the same day.

    ” The future does not belong to people who insult Mohammed ” and this will ramp up a reading of the Muslim street riot act as a show of force for the New Verld disOder.

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  • Patty

    So, not a video but a harmless cartoon. Now, let’s see what Rice, Obama and Hillary have to say.


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Gotta hand it to these guys, they got guts. That’s more than can be said for a certain particular political party here in the U.S…

  • bigkahuna

    On the cover…leading his camel to water…before humping it !

  • Patty


    Arabs Brutally Attack US Yeshiva Student in Italy
    A gang of Arabs brutally attacked an American yeshiva student visiting with his family in Venice, Italy. Jewish community: This is rare.

  • Patty


    Put this is slightly on the same topic.

    Boy, 6, suspended over finger gun

    SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 2 (UPI) — A Maryland 6-year-old was suspended from school for forming the shape of a gun with his hands and saying “pow,” a lawyer for his family said.

    Robin Ficker said a boy, a student at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, was given a one-day suspension from school with a conference planned for when students returned from winter break for the pretend shooting a week after 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., The (Springfield, Va.) Washington Examiner reported Wednesday.

    “What they’re doing is looking at the worst possible interpretation of a young, naive 6-year-old,” Ficker said. “This is a little child who can’t form the intent to do anything like that.”

    Assistant Principal Renee Garraway sent a letter to the boy’s parents saying the child had been warned.

    “Your son … was involved in a serious incident,” Garraway wrote. “(He) threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken to earlier today about a similar incident.”

    Ficker said the school has not told the parents what the “similar incident” entailed.

    “It just shows the overreaction,” the lawyer said.

    He said the school should have discussed the issue with the parents before handing down the suspension.

    “They could have called the mother in. They didn’t do that. They just said, ‘You’re suspended,'” he said. “Five years from now, when someone in to Montgomery County looks at his permanent record, they’re going to see that he threatened to shoot another student.”

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  • bigkahuna

    How long till the religion of pieces gets thier turbines in a bunch ? Oh wait thats all the time.. The religion of the perpetually offended and perverted

  • Joanne

    Mohammed is above reproach. The truth is muslims know Mohammed was as rotten as they come, but they don’t want us talking about it because it means they must all be a bunch of coconuts following a man who raped and slaughtered whomever. Of course, muslims justify Mohammed’s actions because he raped and killed non-muslims and that is A-okay with them. Must be crazy to think that killing non-muslims and muslims you don’t like is a right sanctified because some dweeb said it was okay. Gee a brainwashed mind really wouldn’t know a fact it didn’t like.

  • Mad Hatter

    Let the riots start in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • American Patriot

    Since no one has ever been allowed to draw mo-ham-hed, I didn’t think we knew what he looked like. I guess in the muslim world though, if someone draws a cartoonish image with a turban on its head and calls it mo-ham-hed, then that’s a reason for death and violence.

    What if an artist drew the same image and put a star-spangled top hat on its head instead, is that supposed to offend me, and cause me to kill? Bunch of filthy, illiterate savages.

  • bobdog

    ….and the punishment for depicting the Prophet in any form, as usual, is, of course, death.

    What did you expect? Two Our Fathers and a Hail Mary?

  • JDubya

    And to think we called the French pussies…

    Viva La Cartoon!

  • bg
  • Navy Seal

    Hey there Big Girl, how are ya? Me just fine, still me & nothing’s gonna change that!!! Talk to ya later bg……