FOX News Host Mocks Al Gore’s Failed TV Venture Current TV – “Which Nobody’s Ever Heard Of” (Video)

FOX News host Megyn Kelly mocked Al Gore’s failed TV venture.

“So Current TV, which nobody has ever heard of, most of our viewers never heard of this thing. It’s in 40 million households. Only 42,000 are watching it on a given night. That’s not good. Just FYI from being in the cable world I can tell you.”

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  • Gary Ogletree

    In a fair world that would get our darlin girl an Emmy.

  • Sam Stone

    I LOVE that woman!

  • cavt

    Megyn is always good–and tough.

  • Brian

    failed? he just sold a crappy product and made $100,000,000…while the network itself failed, the Qatar government just gave that man more money to help support his push of more failed green energy mandates and other small take overs of our liberties…

    on the surface we see it as failed, underneath he just got more fuel for his fire…and that never works out well for any of us…

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  • jack ryan

    Gore you sorry SOB. You sell it to Aljazeera instead of Glenn Beck. And then you bank the proceeds before 12/31 to avoid taxes. Do the country a favor and totally disappear. Traitor.

  • King

    Don’t worry. The Jew-hating, America-hating, pro-jihadi AlJazeera network will have plenty of viewers. Growing the next generation of homegrown terrorists. Wonderful.

  • I’ve seen a few things like a show about sex tourists who go and marry Thai girls. The girls return to England thinking they’ll live like Princess Kate, only to find themselves (sometimes) the only Asian women in a little country village of 20 people. The fact that they let Aljazeera own them instead of Glen Beck, speaks volumes about their priorities!

    Muslim lovers, no good will come from this!

  • FMB42

    Nothing Gore does, or doesn’t do, is worth the time of day.

    Oh well, guess they gotta fill the time slots with something…anything…

    Meanwhile, the GOP has expertly managed to take the “party” into nothingness due to their decades long failure to address both voter fraud and illegal immigrants (who, among other things, all too often fraudulently vote for nothing but Democrats. Then they is the GOP’s uncanny ability to cave in to the liberals.

    Currently the “GOP” = “Give Out to the President.”

    Soon the “GOP” will = “Getting Out of Politics”

    After that the “GOP” will stand for “Gone Old Party.”

    Some people will cling to this “liberal party dressed in conservative clothing” until the very end.

    I pretty much gave up on the GOP 20 years ago (when they could/should have done things that would have done much to avoid this Dem take-over of the country.

    Now it’s too late.

  • myohmy

    How Al Jazeera and AOL can be so stupid to buy a news online Huffington Post or Current TV that nobody read or watch?

  • bg
  • Sasja

    Al Gore is crying all the way to the bank. Since the deal wasn’t finalized until yesterday, he will probably have to pay a little more in taxes; but with his wealth, it should only be a little annoying, like a pin prick.

    Now that the powers that be in DC have decided to tax those who have been, and would have been, providing private sector jobs, the wealthy such as Gates, Biden, Obama, Gore, Pelosi, Buffet, Hollywood, Kerry (or actually his wife), et al will keep their wealth and be able to add to it without any tax burden. Barry is already saying the “rich” still isn’t coughing up enough dough while he and his chums who are actually “the rich” get off scott free and the dopes who buy into this nonsense can enjoy their poverty.

  • Sasja

    My “isn’t” s/b “aren’t”

  • I applaud Al Gore for the lack of popularity of his whatever… Hip postmodern conservatives are called neoconservatives, because they represent pop-culture; after the Counterculture graduated the drug class.

  • Jerry C

    @ #4 Brian is correct.

    It’s money laundering, plain & simple. Aljazeera has no interest in the failed company. al gore will use the money to further muslim interests at the expense of America. Burn in hell, al. Burn in hell.

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  • Patty

    mock? the truth.

  • YourMaster

    now al jazeera can promote in america homegrown jihad, sex with camels and 6 yr old children, communism, and sharia law, and beheadings if wives, daughters, jews and infidels …so that people get indoctrinated and sharia can eventually replace the constitution.

  • Rose

    So Algore’s purchase of a TV channel was just a STRAW MAN for AL QAEDA, all along! And nobody thinks they need to ACKNOWLEDGE this garbage out loud.