Fleeing Islamists Torch Priceless Documents at Timbuktu Library

Ahmed Baba Institute Library in Timbuktu before it was torched by Islamists. (BuildLiveGreen)

Islamists torched the Ahmed Baba Institute in Timbuktu this week before fleeing the city. The library includes 30,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography.
The Daily Mail reported:

Islamist extremists have set fire to a library containing historic manuscripts as they fled French and Malian forces closing in on Timbuktu.

Without firing a shot, 1,000 French soldiers backed by 200 Malian troops descended on the ancient desert city, as they tried to cut off the escape of al Qaeda-linked fighters.

But before they could be rounded up, the ragtag rebels scattered into the desert, torching homes, mosques and libraries, including the city’s £16-million Ahmed Baba Institute, home to some 30,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography.

It comes as Prime Minister David Cameron assured French president Francois Hollande that Britain is ‘keen’ to help Paris with its military operation to oust the marauding militants.

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  • ★FALCON★

    I guess I should care, but I don’t. Let the whole Middle East burn. Let them all kill each other.

  • Sean

    I agree. Burn baby burn .

  • jb

    The French are acting like cowboys and they have not gotten the 31 or so UN approvals necessary. They are killing freedom fighters andf innocent people. they are acting unilaterally.

  • cavt

    Yeah–it’s probably all Islamic history and info. If these idiots want to destroy their own culture, more power to them.

  • Crazy

    Rand Paul and others should had said to SOS Clinton, I do not believe you, that you did not read any of the many cables from embassador Stevens. Would you be willing to take a lie detector test to prove that and answer other questions also ? Such as, why was embassador Stevens in Bengahzi, and did you give the call to stand down, do you know who did, did you help manufacture the cover story for Susan Rice that an on line video was the cause for the attack and last where we’re you on the night/day of this violent attack that you did not respond quickly enough in the seven hours to send help to save their lives ? Just some questions that need to be asked and honestly answered. Since we are unable to get these answers volunteerily then may we suggest court ordered and poly graphed. This is how it should have played out, gone down. I hope someone takes this through the courts and legally forces the hands of this group to give up the goods. They must be wired, that is the only way the truth will be told. They know no truth other then their own and that is to cover and protect at all cost, even if it cost human life.

  • dabbo

    It serves them right for building a library all the way out in Timbuktu……

    They should have put it in East Jabib.

  • Exile1981

    Many of those documents detail early civilization from way before the founding of islam. They destroyed them because they conflict with islam. We should care because the loss of that data removes it from the human existence and because saving it would piss off the Islamists and the leftists. They both want to re-write history.

  • wtd

    If the image of the library provided in this post, depicting half empty and fully empty shelves is any indication of the quantity of material . . .they didn’t have much to burn.

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    O tempora! O mores!

    There’s the Marxist belief that progress, consistent progress, is the natural order. Then there’s the understanding that just because we’ve had progress since recovering from the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire, that doesn’t mean history can’t repeat itself.

    To wit, a republic becomes a strong-man/cult of personality government, it falls, Dark Ages follow.

    Obviously, I’m the product of an education too heavy on Dead White European Males. And I’m nervous.

  • bg


    via the pillaging, destruction and rewriting of any and all preexisting
    cultural, scientific, geographical and religious knowledge is how Islam
    lays claim to having been the source of all intelligence on planet Earth..

    that is what your great grandchildren will be learning, if not what your
    grandchildren are being indoctrinated to at the present time, including
    Arabic, from preschool on up, eh, they’ve already infiltrated quite easily,
    as a matter of fact, so easily that Islamist Politicians are audacious and
    bold enough to publicly dictate what the construct of US schools should consist of..


  • bg


    uhm, Islamists are here, they have been infiltrating every aspect of our
    government and institutions for 3 decades at the very least.. so let me
    ask you, after the ME burns, which country do you think will be next on
    their list, then the next, etc, as they come closer and closer to reaching
    their shared Marxist ideology (by any other name Progressive) global
    domination quest??


  • billsv

    This is not the first library of significance they burned. A really backward, ignorant, savage group.
    Google better hurry up and digitize all libraries before these poeople burn more.

  • RedBeard

    These Islamist thugs make the instigators of the Dark Ages look like amateurs.

    But hey, don’t worry. We got over the last crash of civilization after only a thousand years.

  • JDR-Taq

    #10 Beth

    No, just too heavy on truth.

    You’d be much more, ah, blissful, were you a decade younger.

  • JDR-Taq


    …or Born Again.

    That also mitigates the nervousness caused by a lack of sufficient ignorance for total bliss.

    Christ is a total win in that regard.

  • bg


    billsv #13 January 28, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    re: [digitize all libraries]

    seems we all tend to forget about the 2 things they ace
    at, strategy and resolve, ergo, they have that covered..


  • Lim Lynn

    Ahmed Baba Institute Library in Timbuktu. Isn’t Jihad Islamist militants love to do destructive acts but they don’t dare to burn their Quran?

  • P. Aaron

    Sure can’t prove their ‘genius’ now. The islamo-whacks have looted, burned and turned their own culture into dust.

    Screw them!

  • Lim Lynn

    Timbuktu identified real Hebrew people.