And, here we thought he didn’t have a capitalist bone in his body?
Team Obama opened an online store to sell junk for the inauguration.

The proceeds will help pay for all the parties.
The AP reported:

President Barack Obama’s inaugural team is opening an online and brick-and-mortar store to sell souvenirs including a commemorative poster by famed artist Chuck Close.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee launched the online store Thursday. A retail store a few blocks from the White House was scheduled to open Jan. 11. The goods, ranging from $2.50 rulers to $30 champagne flutes to a $7,500 medallion set, also will be sold at some Washington hotels around the Jan. 21 inauguration.

Close, a long-time Obama supporter, designed the $100 poster in the pixelated photorealistic style he is famous for. Only 2,013 are available.




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  1. All of that stuff is as worthless as he is.

  2. Where’s the money go to? The next democratic candidate?

  3. Well, I think they might be used for target practice.

  4. That was my thought Patty …

  5. Well, it is a whole lot of junk. Need to make some use out of it. But first it will have to be given away because no one but liberals would buy it. Just like they have bought what Obama is dishing out. No pun intended.

  6. He didn’t build that!

  7. Attn: Hoft and Co.

    Obama isn’t a Marxist. He is a fascist.

  8. A little something about Chuckie:

    Even if your motives are not bad, I still do not want my work trivialized. I must fight you because if I know of your project, and do nothing to exercise my legal rights, that will put me in a position where I can’t fight the next, even more egregious usage of my copyrighted image and use of my name. It may be an amusing project and many people might like it, but it is MY art that is trivialized, MY career you are jeopardizing, MY legacy, which I have to think about for my children, and MY livelihood. I must fight to protect it. I hope you will realize the harm you are doing me and my work that you claim you admire and voluntarily shut down the site so as to avoid a law-suit.

  9. More insignificant nonsense about nothing. Hey lookie here: John boner got reelected to speaker of the house. You folks never fail to be on the wrong side of the issues.

  10. Wow. 100 bucks for a photo with ‘da messiah. What a bargain.

  11. God, this feels like living in a banana Republic! Dictators do this, and I guess our King O can’t see the irony of those O toys!


  12. I might spend a couple of bucks to get obama’s picture on toilet paper.

  13. #14 January 3, 2013 at 12:50 pm
    l.barney commented:

    Same here!

  14. Nice to meet you, Patty. Fight on!

  15. Good place to spend your tax cuts, libs.

  16. That Chuck Close guy looks a lot like Obama.

  17. That Chuck Close poster is pretty expensive for a dart board.

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