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“Father of The Year” Bill Clinton Checks out Kelly Clarkson’s Backside





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  1. Clarkston is interested in Obama? Wow. I could careless what nasty Clinton does anymore. He is a creepy old man.

  2. one can be a great father and still have an appetite for the ladies…they are not mutually exclusive.

  3. #3

    Cheating womanizer is more like it.


  4. The “Father of The Year” wants to father a child with Kelly Clarkson.

  5. BJ Clinton–enough said–

  6. Hey el polacko,

    Do you have any daughter? Daddies of daughters teach their daughters that men are dawgs when they chase skirts! Maybe that is not obvious if you haven’t raised three daughters!

  7. What amazing me is that Obama asked he be the centerpiece of his campaign. And I don’t understand what gets into a cheats brain that tells him, “I can go out in public and embarrass myself even more.

    I believe it was the beginning of the end of morality when Clinton had his affair in OUR OVAL OFFICE. That and no instructional parenting that was worth a dare.

  8. him not he

  9. But now I understand that liars, cheats and elitist with their heads up their ___s seem to running America. And when ALL leaders are refusing to take on this immorality and destruction of America then they ALL have been bought and are selling us all down the river.

  10. Chelsea must be so proud!

  11. Clarkson is a pretty hard-core Texas cowgirl. I’d be surprised if she was into Bubba.

  12. where’s hillary? is she there? probably back home munching on some rug…

  13. That’s our Bill — All man!

  14. Who cares about Bill Clinton. We have a Benghazi update report.

  15. I do not like him either, but most of these comments are way out of line and they sound like things the libs say about conservatives. I really thought we were better than that!

  16. Regarding Clinton. .once a perv – – Always a perv!

    Clintons. .Obamas . . low lifes. . for sure

  17. Well, at least he’s consistent. We always know what to expect from Slick Willy.

  18. Obama should be impeached for this.

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