‘FACTOR’ PREVIEW: Bill O’Reilly Confronts Colin Powell on His Outrageous Attacks on Republicans (Video)

Tonight Bill O’Reilly confronts Colin Powell on his disgusting attacks on the Republican Party.
Powell says he doesn’t have a problem with asking for an ID to vote(?) But just last week he said Republicans had a “dark vein of intolerance” for supporting such voter ID laws.
Powell’s obviously confused.

FOX Nation has the preview.
powell oreilly

The full interview is tonight. It ought to be good.

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  • cavt

    Do not care for people who say they are on your side and then stab you in the back. Name one constructive thing Powell has actually done to help resolve the problems he constantly harps about. Talk is cheap, actions are hard.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’ll let you guys watch it.

    I have no interest whatsoever in devoting any attention at all to Republican phonies.

  • dmacleo

    you ever serve in one of his commands in the 80’s?
    he was a racist pile of crap then too.
    lot of NCO’s could not stand him. the only officers that praised him were dependent on him for their evals.

  • Valerie

    Bill O’Reilly would do a great service if he pins Colin Powell down on the sources of his information.

    The question “Who told you?” is always pertinent. I think a LOT of Republicans fall for it when some lying Democrat in the media lies about what another Republican (or someone the Democrat wants to claim is a Republican) said.

    The bit about “Obama is a Muslim” is a case in point. I recall how that started. Somebody pointed out that BO’s father was a Muslim, and that under Muslim law, that makes BO a Muslim, and if BO is a Christian (by choice, as a we do in America), then BO is a Muslim apostate, and subject to being murdered by other Muslims.

    When I first saw that, I just shrugged, because I am familiar with the Jewish notion of what it means to be a Jew (hint: it has nothing to do with YOUR religion, and everything to do with your MOTHER’s), as well as what Muslims themselves have had to say. There were plenty of people online in Muslim forums who had maintained that, if your father is a Muslim, so are you. Period. As an American, I don’t have to agree with that line of thinking to recognize that it exists.

    The Washington Post article on the topic made it sound like a bunch of f’n, wild-eyed crazies were running around spouting baseless conspiracy theories. Now, the sources of the wilder ideas were not identified, but I did detect a reference or two that I associated with the Larouche crowd — sometime Democrats, as I recall. My reaction was that I was deeply unimpressed with the Washington Post’s failure to research the topic.

    If Colin Powell read and relied on the Washington Post, no wonder he is mal-informed.

  • BlueStateRepub

    Hitler’s Brown Shirts paid a heavy price for their loyalty.

    But even this paled in comparison to what the Hitler Youth paid.

    Oh well, you know what they say about those who fail to learn from history…

    Don’t forget Mao’s Red Guard. Slaughtered like sheep when they became a liability to Mao.

  • CheriBeri

    I lost all respect for him when he let Scooter Libby get roasted over the coals over the whole stupid Plame incident. Powell knew that it was his deputy Armitage who revealed her identity to the press.

    Since then his republican mask has fallen off and he is finally revealed as the liberal he has always been.

  • Chris W.

    Good. Powell is a dunce and a racist lapdog for Obama. I hope O’Reilly lets him have it, and why not? Powell is just a private citizen these days. No reason to kiss his phony behind anymore.

  • lincoln’s widow

    “Ted Baxter said??? Well then, what’s Mary’s take on the subject?”

    Harhar. These folks are always on the wrong side of history and will let themselves be marginalized by those who would happily fleece them for the privilege.

  • shadow

    Apparently Shadow suffers greatly when his ox is being gored.

    So the “true believers” are evicting another “RINO.” How does that translate into my ox being gored?

  • Hy Feiber

    Colin Powellestinian!!!!

  • Hy Feiber

    I’ll never forget when ol Colin masqueraded as a Presidential contender while in the midst of his grand book-selling tour. Remember?? What a two-bit Phony. Classless. A political chameleon depending upon who’s in Power!

    Here he was, a military man, supporting the Boy Prince, who voted against providing support for our troops in Iraq, while a US Senator!!! It gets No Worse then that, my fellow Americans!

    Benedict Arnold Powell!!

  • owl

    #32 “Benedict Arnold Powell!!”

    And that is all anyone needs to know about Powell. Powell kept his mouth shut and let the Poop Scoopers smear everyone in the Bush administration. Kept them under that thing called Fritz when it was HIS office that did the dirty on Plame.

    i just call him a bigoted back stabber.

  • JoanneNJ

    Just watched the O’reilly interview with Powell. As usual Bill was too soft. Why didn’t he ask him to be honest and say the reason he supported and voted for the O man is because he is black. I think that’s pretty obvious since he voted republican and pretended to be a Republican all the previous years. Why did he change just now, first in 2008 and again in 2012. Duh…guess he thinks we are all stupid! He certainly could not have supported him because of the outstanding job he did for the last 4 years. And if that is the reason who cares, just be honest.

  • Maurice

    I feel it was fair and good answers for his position as being a liberal..

  • Karen Cross

    Mr. O’Reilly, I want to remind you that Collin Powell called Social Security AN ENTITLEMENT. Dear Sir, I have paid into MY ENTITLEMENT FOR THIRTY PLUS YEARS! YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIM ON THAT. I am so tired of the media and that includes Fox also. You all want your day in an interview (Obama last year and you failed us) and then don’t support a thing……… God help our country.

  • JoanneNJ

    To Karen Cross

    Your post was excellent, my sentiments exactly. I am a proud conservative but I am also tired of the media, including Fox News. First of all they are speaking to the wrong people. The people they should be speaking to don’t watch Fox news and the people that do are already aware of all this stuff. All Fox news does is report all this negative information like a bomb, we listen and get upset and then it gets dropped and you never hear another word!!! Huh, what is that all about. I think it’s time that Fox news leads the fight and actually does something about all the negative news they report. That would be a refreshing change. No one holds obama’s feet to the fire and he gets a pass from every news outlet in the country, including Fox.

  • bg


    oh but it does get worse, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. :-(