Eternal flame in city of Volgograd (Picasa)

An Egyptian man was arrested after pi$$ing into the eternal flame in Volgograd, Russia on New Year’s Eve. The man blamed it on drinking Russian absinthe with champagne.

In Russia’s Volgograd, a criminal case was filed against an Egyptian, who urinated on the Eternal Flame and beat an accidental eyewitness on New Year’s Eve, The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper wrote with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the midst of New Year holidays, a drunk 29-year-old man was walking with friends in the center of Volgograd. He climbed up onto the pedestal and relieved himself in the Eternal Flame in the Valley of Heroes. A man was passing by at that moment, who made a remark to the foreign visitor. The Egyptian assaulted and beat the man. Other witnesses of the incident called the police, who arrested the malefactor.

“Having sobered up, he expressed remorse and explained that he was celebrating the New Year drinking absinthe with champagne and was thus not aware of what he was doing,” officials said.

The Egyptian man was sentenced to ten days of administrative arrest, and was released on January 10th. Law-enforcement authorities of the Volgograd region have opened a criminal case against the Egyptian citizen on two counts – “Desecrating the deceased and burial places” and “Intentional infliction of bodily harm.” Under these charges, the foreign citizen may face a fine of up to 40 thousand rubles ($1,300), mandatory corrective work, or up to three months in prison.

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  1. Get about 20 Russian soldiers, give them all way too much Vodka, and turn them loose on the man.

    None of them will be responsible for beating the man unconscious.

  2. Egyptian man?

    Lets speak with honesty here, a MUSLIM,

  3. Keep in mind, this town is Stalingrad to WWII vets. The moron is lucky he’s alive.

  4. Bull-hit.Muzzies do not consume alcohol.

  5. But did he urinate in the direction of Mecca? We just gotta know!

  6. “absinthe with champagne” — he probably has liver damage in the bargain.

  7. “Bull-hit.Muzzies do not consume alcohol.”

    Of course they do. They just lie about it. They should have shot him in the head. All muslims should be shot in the head.

  8. Off with his pecker and be done with it!!

  9. Assuming the suspect was indeed drunk, it doesn’t reflect well on the locals that the people in the vicinity, presumably all sober, were unable to administer a beatdown to the guy.

  10. Muslim do drink alcohol if they fall into temptation and nobody prohibit the sale of alcohol. Normally, they would be punished by their Shariah law.

  11. This shows the piss poor state of ‘journalism’

    Not once is the reason for the eternal flame explained. Volgograd is better known as Stalingrad.

    Do these people have even a basic knowledge of the world they live in? my god, no wonder they’re totally clueless idiots who see no danger in agreeing with everything King Obama wants. They’d give him full dictatorial powers if they could


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